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Negative Reviews of Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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This was one of my very first loves way back in the 90's when I started my perfume journey and knew nothing about perfumes. Recently I had picked up a Sanofi mini to relive the dream and now to my nose, this is a naeuseatingly strong vanilla to the maximum synth bomb. The opening 30 minutes is incredibly textured and full bodied until it very quickly morphs into a one note wonder of straight up, nuclear strong synthesized vanilla for endless hours. Seriously, vanilla should be the very first voted note, not black currant. I cannot believe how synthetic and plasticky this smells now. I decanted this into an atomizer, applied 4 good sprays and it was making me feel sick to my stomach, so much so that I had to reshower and even then I could still smell it. The sillage on this is relentless. I'm sorry to all of the lovers of this but Opium Pour Homme totally turns my stomach inside out. This is a very poorly constructed scent that has absolutely zero to do with the original Opium Pour Femme.
25th March, 2018
Opium Pour Homme is, by far, the most cloying and "aggressive" male fragrance I've ever smelled!

I admit there's great quality in the making of this scent and, of course, the ingredients that make part of it are high level ones; the point is that, unlike Jaïpur Homme, Opium Pour Homme is completely disbalanced and somewhat chaotic. When I got my new bottle last year (I blind-bought it based on reviews, I'd read), I thought it wasn't quite my thing, but still I decided to give it a few more tries; two weeks later, nonetheless, I couldn't stand smelling it, even from the bottle capped, as it made me dizzy and gave me headaches, so, I offered it for was just too much!

I once said that I'd give a try to Opium Pour Homme again because your tastes change over time--let's see what happens. Meantime, DO MAKE SURE you try this fragrance before you purchase a full bottle!!!
28th June, 2015 (last edited: 18th April, 2016)
Somewhat disappointing

I tried really hard to like this fragrance but in all honestly I can't say that I do.

I know that patchouli is not listed among the basenotes but patchouli or something like it is there in massive quantities on the bottom. There's a bitter earthy basenote that overpowers everything else and the longer you wear this the worse it gets.

Opium Pour Homme is not terrible but I find it hard to imagine an occasion where it would be a good choice. It's too powerful for the office, too trashy for formal wear, too rich and sweet for everything else.

Pros: Rich, distinctive
Cons: Overpowering, cloying drydown"

23rd August, 2013
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There's longevity - and then there's YSL Opium.

Your coffin will still be smelling of this.

1 All taste is personal.
2. Smell is probably the most subjective of all five senses.
3. Try before you buy. (On paper first, then skin.)
10th October, 2012
Flowery harsh synthetic spice mess, too sweet. If you want something a little more sophisticated and masculine, give the original Opium a try. Yes, the pour Femme one.
07th July, 2012 (last edited: 31st July, 2012)
Didn't smell too bad on paper but as soon as this touched my skin it exploded into this soapy sweetness. I can't stand that huge sweet note that persists through it. I can smell something nice underneath but it's hard to detect under all that other nonsense.
It calms down a bit but it's just too much.
30th May, 2012
Synthetic mess. And that's on a good warm night, when the berries are pronounced. In colder weather exceptionally nasty vanilla dominates. I used to like it. But after trying some Serge Lutens's can't stand Opium anymore. Nice name do.
29th December, 2011 (last edited: 10th March, 2013)
This is one of the only scents the YSL house have made that i didn't like. It's loud, clumsy, cloying (not in terms of sweetnes; in spices) and plainly smells bad. Way too spicy and loud.
Projects; yes.
Holds; yes.
Does it smell good? Hell no.

04th January, 2011
I personally did not understand this at the time of it's launch and still burn with "the question"...

Why 18 long years from the women's Opium launched in 1977 would you launch Opium for men? Opium a legend name in the fragrance world that both it's scent and marketing set the horizon for the 80's and beyond for women's fragrances. It is like Chanel deciding to launch No5 for men???

The men's scent is an awful product of its time and lacks the creativity of the women's which forged new territory. This men's version is very fresh and heavy on the male vanilla trend of the mid 90's brought on by the success of Le Male and A*Men.

There is no spice or incense of orient or even a shred of mystery in this scent - it's just overly sweet vanilla and cedar. Yes even the bottle is so sadly uninspired like a rush to market. I can see how this scent was one of the biggest flops for YSL Beautie and pulled from the USA market.

12th September, 2010
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United States
I love Orientals. Not this one.
It’s nauseating, choking, cloying and very disturbing on my skin. I’ve only sampled the EDT version, but considering the effect it had on me, I will not be posting a review of the EDP version.
Usually I give fragrances a second chance. This one-no way.
The scent is so irritating, after few hours I couldn’t wait to get it off my skin. I never thought I can possibly be disgusted by vanilla.
From the reviews below I can tell longevity must be pretty good. For me it’s just another horrifying fact.
My idea about wearing a fragrance is not to stink like a Las Vegas pimp. Sometimes too much can be WAY too much.
17th October, 2009 (last edited: 22nd December, 2010)
a sickly sweet pungent smell like estee lauder products not my style

when i smelled it it was a sweet strong mess of notes that completely clashed and did not have anything remotely appealing to them but perhaps its just my skin chemistry
25th September, 2009
I liked this the first time I smelled it on a coworker. On me, however, it smelled musty and cloying. It gave me a headache and I washed it off immediately. Nauseating. A major disappointment.
20th June, 2009
Oh dear. I imagine this is what Norman Bates would wear, while playing with dead things in the attic.
17th May, 2009
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Hey....who did this? Somebody spat their mouthwash in this bottle of Opium! But's a vaporizer spray. I don't have the most distinguished nose, but I know just enough to say that this stuff sucks! The only two notes that scream at you are vanilla and Colgate. The scent is way too sweet, the silage and longevity way too long. I won't dog those that like this stuff...I can only ask WHY?
18th March, 2009
About as subtle as an air-horn. Goes on strong and gnaws at you like nails on a chalkboard. A lot of people like this - I don't. It seems as though I can't tolerate this or the women's version. Sorry, Opium.
21st January, 2009 (last edited: 13th December, 2010)
i did not like it at all ..... i think it smells like you have been eaten so spices that your sweating smells so ....
16th December, 2008
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United States
Very similar to a cheap bottle of Brut a relative owns (and I sampled). Sort of a cross between root beer and and minty toothpaste, possibly with some spices mixed in. Horrible stuff. It may be that on my skin, some fragrances don't seem to "progress," such as Kouros. They just get stuck in a stage that is nauseating. In any case, for vanilla, I suggest Ignition by Lomani (or Jaipur EDP if you don't mind forking over a lot more money). For an oriental that is spicy but well-blended, contains nice rosewood, a little amber, a little sweetness, and is not nauseating (unless you spray too much, of course) I suggest Carven Homme. If you want pungent spices and cedar, go with Cuba Red. The ultimate oriental for men is Witness by Bogart, though. There are just too many better choices that Opium.
16th June, 2008
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United Kingdom
It's horrible -- wouldn't even use it as a room spray. Comes on really harsh and synthetic with a sort of sour spice aroma, then settles into vanilla, but still the sourness persists. I suppose you could call it edgy or difficult and I'm all for that sometimes -- but it's just plain unpleasant. Could be used if dropped in hot water and inhaled when you have a cold.

From a House that brought us Live Jazz and M7 Fresh, it's hard to fathom.
02nd April, 2008 (last edited: 15th April, 2008)
I've always loved the original Opium,and even though it's for women, I've always thought there was something very sexually "male" about it. But I was too chicken-s*** to wear it. When it was announced that Yves was bringing out "Opium for Men" I was truly excited.
At last I could get my Opium mojo on and not feel like a girly-man. I even bought it blind from one of those department store bill envelope offers (without the benefit of a test strip). That's how much I wanted it. I just knew it was going to be a MANLY version of the original. And I just knew it was going to be great!
As I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new purchase through the mail, I was driving along in my car one day when a bus pulled up next to me. I turned and who was pouting out at me from the ad on the side of the bus but a naked and coy Rupert Everett. Eccch!
And OHMIGOD he's pushing opium--I mean Opium for Men. Now I was worried. This was not a good omen. I mean, who could be more insincere and full of themselves than him. Who could be more of a girlyman? This did not bode well for the cologne.
My Opium for Men finally arrived and now, with some reservation, I opened the box. I smelled the juice. "Gee," I thought, "This doesn't smell anything like the original." It wasn't bad though. I decided to give it a go. And at first I really liked it. But as the minutes progressed into hours and the hours turned into an evening, I began to hate it. I mean, I could tell what they were going for but...Gadzooks it was sweet! And nothing to temper that sweetness. I used to work next to a candy factory and you could tell what they were making on certain days because the smell would envelope the neighborhood like an atomic cloud. Opium for Men smelled like the candy factory was making Toffifay or one of those other candies that old people love (even though they usually pour them into a candy dish and then never touch them for a couple of years until they have to chisel the candy out and throw it away...but I digress).
Suffice to say, my Dad, who was 3000 miles away at the time, got an entire 3.3 ounce bottle of cologne for his birthday. And I bought a mini of Opium for Women and started wearing it around the house. Maybe someday this girlyman will grow a pair and take it outside.
04th December, 2006
Not strong but too classy and old-school.But anyway it is much fresher than the feminine edition.Even though i like fresh vanilla, this one is truly disapppointing.
12th November, 2006
The great thing about this is that it really lasts all day. Even after a shower, there's still a hint of the vanilla on your skin. The bad thing is that it's an utterly disgusting stench, and I can't get rid it!

It smells really interesting in the bottle, and when you spray it on, there are all kinds of crazy spices in the air for a few seconds. Then as it settles, it's just this sickeningly sweet nastiness that haunts you and makes you feel like a drag queen all day long. At least it does on my skin. After an hour or more, when it really fades it becomes tolerable and even nice - a more "manly" and mysterious kind of aroma, but otherwise it's just very feminine.

It's a very good idea, very badly executed. I'm sure there's some other fragrance out there that is strong and spicy and wild like this, but in a good way...

Also I wasn't impressed with all the sodium benzoate and other preservatives and chemicals listed in the ingredients. Those things accumulate in your body if you wear cologne every day, and it's particularly bad if you put it on after shaving when it gets quickly into your blood.
01st August, 2006
The initial blast is like a mix between, let's see... a mix between rootbeer and pine needles. Don't worry, it does get a little better as it dries down. Well, sometimes. The drydown is quite inconsistent to me. Sometimes I dig the dirty yet sweety oriental nature of this frag, and sometimes I wonder if it really makes sense to smell like I've hidden spice bags in all of my pockets. The latter feeling tends to win out because of an really annoying citrus note that stands out and provides a clashing bitterness. Overall not horrible, I just don't think it is that great either. This is definately not a safe blind buy! Based on the opinions on this site, the EPD sounds MUCH better, perhaps lacking the annoying citrus note. I'd like to try that out sometime and see if it delivers where this one falls short
25th February, 2006