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Negative Reviews of Or Black by Pascal Morabito

2014 Formula
Whatever it may have been in the past, it's worth nothing like 5* now.
The top note on paper is repellantly harsh, and if you get as far as trying it on skin
you find a confused melange of cardboard, sweet melon, violet leaf, pepper and vinyl. Evidently these notes are meant to work together to create some dark dry leather effect, but they just don't bring it off.
What leatheriness there is soon degenerates into iso methyl ionone, which dominates into the drydown.
Another fragrance ruined.
24th December, 2014
To much, burns in the eys due to a penetrating sharp quality like liquorice, sweetened ammonia. Old fashioned, peculiar, but unfortunately not interesting. It may be a mans perfume, but it ain't appealing. No romantic adventures in sight. It is way out of it's time.
15th February, 2010