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Neutral Reviews of Or Black by Pascal Morabito

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I came, I read, I blind-bought. After much testing, I have to say - I don't really get it.

You can forgive the burnt rubber / plasticine accord if it settles down to something more recognisably perfumey. On my skin, though, Or Black never goes through those gears. It's a little like spending a night in the woods without proper camping equipment. This is savage stuff. On paper, it dries down to something quite nice in the space of about three days, but that's not really a prospect for skin use.

It's been educational, though. I've figured out that personally, the idea is to smell good, or at least feel as though I smell good. Edginess can come later. Rive Gauche carries me as far in this direction as I need.

Other notes: available direct from France with a very affordable price tag. I like the colour of the juice - deep herbal green - but I find the bottle poor, with a loose cap.
16th August, 2017 (last edited: 21st August, 2017)
For a while, I found myself appreciating this scent – and that surprised me, since I really have no fondness for leather scents, or quirky avante-garde techno scents (which this seems like to me). Yet, for a while I was pleasantly tolerating this. It starts off with an interesting sage and aromatic herb note. It seemed like some sage soaps I own. The leather note emerged quickly, and at that point it was OK. Dark brown notes appeared, which reminded me of rubber and dark chocolate. Still, I could appreciate it, and I these are not my usual notes at all. As long as these elements remained dry and translucent, I was OK with the scent. But then they got dense, sweet and stronger. The rubber-leather chord got to be too much for me. I’ll only give this a neutral; others who like these notes may enjoy this scent.
08th March, 2010
A very vintage ambery leather scent - one among the few left hardcore-leathers like Knize 10 or Derby. A little bit more leathery than Derby but less than K10.
OB starts with a strong leathery-amber note. But it’s not as “black” as K10 due to the warm balsamic (benzoin, tonka) base, which gives OB ease and comfort and keeps it close to the skin. It’s quiet and almost creamy in comparison to the more “aggressive” Derby or K10. Some would call it dated - I would call it mature. It has a good sillage, which is not too offensive but always present. Staying power is very good too.

It’s a very well balanced warm leather scent with no unpleasant surprise. I can’t detect any development during the day, so it’s quite linear for me. Among the hardcore leathers I would definitely favour OB.
(rating 6/10)
04th October, 2009
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I like this very formal scent but can't say I'm crazy about it, nor would I re-buy. To my nose, it's a dark, smooth leather mixed with olive oils.
17th April, 2007
A visit to the library? The strange, reserved, clean smell of the pages of old volumes bound in soft calf leather?
20th January, 2007