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Neutral Reviews of Orange Spice by Creed

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This is another old fashioned scent from Creed. This scent reminded me specifically of a soapy cleaning solution with citrus added to it. Notes of orange, neroli, and bergamot create the citrusy feel which is accompanied by the presence of spices. Combined, the notes create a spicy, clean, citrusy fragrance. As other of stated there is definite similarities to Kouros. Some differences that I noticed is that Orange Spice is much more tamed, less animalistic, and smoother. Doesn't smell offensive at all but it's not something I would want to wear.
22nd February, 2015
The bergamot is very strong here from the get go and melds well with the orange. The neroli adds a floral dimension to the orange and bergamot. The spices keep the fragrance from being too boring and sweet. I found this more pleasant than Neroli Sauvage (because it's not headache inducing) but if you can stand lots of neroli you may find Neroli Sauvage as flashier and more exciting. YMMV. The sillage and longevity is typical of other Creeds. If you love the smell of orange candy then this is for you. This fragrance would be good in hot weather.
23rd November, 2014
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United States
I'm all for animalic notes but I just don't like this composition for some reason. Is it that I need note separation when the animalic notes are strong? Whatever the case may be, this is indeed a smoother, lighter Kouros, so if you really dislike Kouros I don't see why you would like this. An example of a really animalic fragrance that I like is vintage Tabu. OS doesn't have much dynamism nor balance, and is what I call a "man sweat frag," meaning that it seems to be designed to smell like certain people think a man should smell like, rather than being made for a fragrance aficionado. Of course, at the time, thee was no such thing, so you can't fault the perfumer for doing this, but it has an air freshener quality that way, though of course air fresheners don't have animalic notes. Anyway, the longevity and projection/"sillage" are fine, so I'll give this a neutral only because it doesn't appeal to my aesthetic.
06th March, 2011
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I was hoping for more out of this one. This smells like a bathroom, and I mean that with the utmost respect. When I say bathroom, I should clarify and say that it smells like a clean bathroom which has plenty of air fresheners in it. I do smell the orange, and the spice, but this one doesn't lite my fire. If you think you like this then try Royal Delight, which is much more classy, has a slight spice, but smoothes out everything with a little vanilla.
02nd August, 2008
At first I thought "wow, oranges!" then I thought, "um, did someone Kouros in my sample?" but after that I thought, "there's no civet". Lasted a whole night on me; a constant barrage of it. It gave me a sense of confidence but, very very oddly enough, I don't like the scent.
01st August, 2008
soapy clean, definitely not orange though. Not bad.
04th August, 2005