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2 big thumbs up...I love citrus and I love Kouros...this is the best of both worlds...opens with a blast of animalic/spicy/aromatic orange in your face...yes,it does have an antiquated vibe, but it matters not to me...I couldn't care less if a fragrance smells old when it smells this good and brings me olfactory pleasure...i picture the room and sheets smelling like this after a hot and passionate menage a trois between Kouros/New York/Habit Rouge...
just don't understand why the good stuff gets vaulted and discontinued...
06th February, 2018
Vintage Kouros' progenitor for sure. Smells like a men's public the best possible way. The difference between OS and vintage Kouros though is that vintage Kouros lasts FOREVER as it were, whereas OS spares you the misery by quickly becoming a skin scent in the typical Creed manner, as if trying to be a gentleman about it.

A must by for Kouros lovers.

19th November, 2016
A discontinued gem of the Creed line, Orange Spice is, as its name suggests, an orange-dominant scent with slightly spicy elements. It's far more orange than spicy, and there are woody elements as well--some cedar, if I had to guess, since it's relatively soft in the dry down.

I wouldn't argue that Orange Spice is an overly complicated scent, but it's a great mix---the correct proportion of orange, which I can find overwhelming in orange-intensive fragrances (i.e. Millesime Imperial, Arancia di Capri). I could see this working year-round and dressed up or down, as well.

In short, its advertisement is fair, as the scent is essentially a longer-lasting citrus scent. Medium projection for an EDP (or EDT, as this is an older Creed scent), but very good longevity. Not one of Creed's absolute best but it's a fun orange versatile scent.

7 out of 10
22nd January, 2016
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revtil Show all reviews
United States
I absolutely love the retro vibe Orange Spice gives off and enjoy the fact that it seems so different to any other Creed. When you smell this fragrance you can definitely tell it was from another era. Beware though, this fragrance has two personalities depending on when you wear it. In the summer I get a very dirty, animalic, and intense opening. It reminds me of civet layered over a synthetic orange. It's powerful and takes ages to dry down into a warm, spicy, ambergris. I think it's a bit overwhelming for warmer weather, but if you do decide to wear it, make sure and use minimal sprays (1-2)

OS is a very different beast in colder weather, and luckily I live in Seattle, so I can enjoy this for several months out of the year. I still get a bit of the animalic accord when spraying, but it's really about the beautiful citrus and neroli here. In the winter it reminds of it's offspring, Neroli Sauvage, but with way more projection and power. NS barely lasts 15 minutes on my skin, whereas Orange Spice lasts a full 8 hours, or even more. It dries down to masculine fruity and soapy accord.
16th December, 2015
I love it;apparently bought the last bottle of it at Holt's (Canada)last year. RIP
24th July, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Skanky orange, rather along the lines of Cologne Bigarade or Miller Harris Cuir d'Oranger. More aggressively animalic than the first, but not as sharp as the latter, Orange Spice will appeal to anyone who likes the olfactory oxymoron of a “dirty citrus.” I do, but this a scent to test carefully and repeatedly. It’s surprisingly offbeat for this house, and a nice reminder of what Creed could do “back in the day.”
22nd June, 2014
very original take on citrus.. a bit soay in the drydown, really nice

13th April, 2014
This is another throwback to when men's fragrance was actually masculine. A mans citrus from start to finish. The neroli heart note is butched up by spices to give this a classic masculine appeal. I've personally seen creeds client list, and it just shows you can't judge a book by its cover. I thought any fragrance worn by the king of pop would smell like bubblegum and strawberry soda, not a rugged, refined scent fit for a mans man..
12th March, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A beautiful dirty-spicy orange top notes lasts for about an hour, and is followed by a clove and civet impression, with the drydown being dominated by ambergris - as in some other members of the Creed family. Silage is good as is longevity - over four hours on my skin. A conservative fragrance with a nice twist, safe but interesting. I do not get much urine cake in the scent.
20th April, 2012
Since Pierre Bourdon, createur of Cool Water, was involved (deeply, I assume) in the development of Green Irish Tweed, I find it highly likely that as the nose behind Kouros, he played a similar role in the all-too-similar Orange Spice. He did a great job on both. But where GIT pointed forward to the age of Acquatics this product of the 1980s harks back to old-fashioned gentlemen's barbershop days, with Victorian potpourri and Elizabethan pomanders of orange and clove lurking beyond, in the misty haze of olfactory history. Yes, the smell of neroli and spice-tinged soap (n.b. Roger & Gallet's Extra-Vieille) and shaving products produces quite a nostalgic atmosphere that will either be judged with warm fondness or modernist disgust. I personally enjoy it phenomenally with an arch-conservative English suit.
28th February, 2012
MOONB Show all reviews
United States
Gorgeous stuff.

Orange Spice opens with a civet-laden drop kick to the face, much like the original Kouros, yet darker and richer-smelling. The civet is potent but recedes after a few minutes, revealing a very naturalistic representation of orange zest and clove. Hints of neroli and ambergris waft along after an hour or so, and extend the lifespan of the scent far beyond what I had imagined was possible for a Creed EDT. Nine hours later I still get clear whiffs of it off my shirt and chest. The orange and clove are all that remain, but they're beautifully done here. I imagine Orange Spice will be discontinued within the year, and it saddens me that this fragrance hasn't garnered more positive press, but at least Kouros will stick around. I'll remember this Creed every time I wear the famous YSL scent, and dream of better days that have long passed.
15th February, 2012
Orange Spice is indeed a good fragrance. It starts out with a extremely dated aroma (which doesn't mean it is awful!) as expected, with a corpulent and synthetic orange note which makes me remember of Kouros Fraicheur, specially because after this strong opening that persists for about 5 minutes, spices kicks in with a pungent clove note taking the whole fragrance, but here the clove isn't a pure one, instead it is combined with
that citric chord from the beginning giving another depth to this Creed.

Anyway, a long lasting fragrance that smells refined!
06th November, 2011
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
I agree that Orange Spice is the older, more mild-mannered sibling of Kouros. OS opens with a blast of smooth yet somewhat synthetic mandarin type orange and is followed by neroli, aromatic spices like clove and cinammon, possibly civet, and dries down to the typical sweet-salty Creed ambergris accord. Longevity and sillage are good though I am used to traditional colognes. Great product from Creed's yesteryear. This is the ambiance of the Elizabethan era--the mixture of citrus, spice, and animalic accords before the Farina made the light citrus and floral cologne popular.
28th November, 2010
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Jack Show all reviews
United States
Little like kuros, just smoother. I think its very good.
07th May, 2010 (last edited: 17th May, 2010)
Fabulous. Of the Creed fragrances I have tried, this is my favorite. I bought it for the orange note, but honestly can’t detect much orange. Darn. However, the good news is the other notes which render OS as a spicy, soapy masculine cologne with good sillage and unbelievable longevity. Creed is known for high-quality formulations and this one is no exception. Expensive to an excess but if you’re bold enough to pony up the cash, I think you’ll like this one. I can’t think of many other colognes which compare, but Safari (Ralph Lauren) comes to mind as a weaker, less interesting – and cheaper – alternative. Orange Spice is fairly strong, so I recommend moderation until you see how it performs on your own skin. For me, about 3-4 spritzes is enough. Thumbs up.
26th March, 2010
I like this one, to me it smells similar to Royal English Leather which i love a lot . I still think REL is better but this one is not bad at all.
23rd March, 2010 (last edited: 01st April, 2010)
A gentleman in the latter part of his life sits confidently in the lobby of a fine hotel. His suit and tie are elegant and his shirt is crisp. His posture is proud, despite the passing of the years, and his eyes are piercing. The attractive young women who pass by acknowledge his gaze good-naturedly, recognising that this man would have swept them off of their feet in his day. He is waiting for his grandson, who, as ever, is late.

Into the lobby walks a strikingly masculine young man with proud posture and piercing eyes, like the old man.

“Kouros, my boy,” the old man growls, “late again?”

“Sorry Grand Father,” the young man smiles, “I was lost in something captivating.”

“No matter my boy,” the old man chuckles, “there will be plenty of time for that after we catch up.”

The two men embrace, and then walk to the dining room lost in their bond of blood and time.

Creed Orange Spice is the progenitor of YSL’s Kouros. This is not to say that it is an old man’s fragrance, but, rather, that Orange Spice is the past from which Kouros emerged.

Orange Spice is softer and smoother than Kouros, but no less elegant or striking.

The orange, clove, and animalic note are in similar balance to Kouros, but somewhat less intense than Kouros.

If you enjoy Kouros you will enjoy Orange Spice, and if Kouros is a bit too much for you Orange Spice will be perfect.

02nd October, 2009
This is excellent. Quite easily one of the best in the CREED lineup. There is a slight similarity to Kouros, which exists solely on a superficial level, for about a split-second. Very masculine; smells like bath soap from the first half of the 20th century, and exudes 'class'. The 'orange/citrus' note may only be evident upon knowing what to look (smell) for. OS has adequate projection, and astronomical longevity. I consider this to be one of the CREED perfumes worth the pricetag. I rate this: 9.5/10.
17th August, 2009
My first thoughts were "Kouros, is that you? Why were you rolling around in an orange field?" But once you spray them on each arm for a careful juxtaposition it's very easy to tell where these scents are different.

Kouros opens dirtier due to the heavier civet and the oakmoss, the clove adds some spice to it.

Orange Spice lacks the harsh opening and has a far more subdued clove note, it can smell a bit like Kouros, but there's a very noticeable mandarin and orange note that stick with you the whole time and compliment the must and civet (?) quite nicely. The orange note is not as raw as say, FM's Bigarrade Concentree, which smells like orange peels, it's almost like that smell of fresh orange juice, it's quite noticable and it flirts with you and adds a nice balance to the scent. Upon the drydown it becomes much warmer and starts to blossom, bringing out the "dirty" notes, but the oranges never leave you.

I don't particuarly like citrus scents, but this is one like none other.....and I love it
16th January, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not quite as dirty as Cuir D'Oranger, but getting there. Great longevity and sillage with a lovely musky drydown. Bottle worthy for sure -- don't miss out.
18th November, 2008
The similarities between this and Kouros are quite striking, both have that animalic civet sexiness, though I feel there is more of a civet presence here. I can't wear Kouros myself because of that strange harsh chemical/soapy note that has been mentioned before that adds an intolerable harshness, though I quite like it when I catch it in a stranger's sillage. That note is absent here, and OS has a chiffon like lightness that is always easy to wear. True, this is much simpler than Kouros, but that is in itself not a bad thing as sometimes you don't feel like wearing a fragrance that talks too much. This is like a light civet/orange gauzy veil. Divine...
10th April, 2008
Hamp Show all reviews
United States
Excellent! Warm, inviting and comforting. Although there is a definite similarity to Kouros, I think Orange Spice is the better of the two. Refreshing and romantic.
18th December, 2007 (last edited: 02nd February, 2011)
Well, the first 30 seconds literally smell like a gorilla who exists on a diet of nothing but rotting citrus peels just defecated. Blame this on the use of Civet.

But after that, it really opens up for the better, into a wonderfully "potpurri-like" combination of Orange and Clove, just like a Pomander. The orange peel oil doesn't last long, but the clove lasts well, and it's a shame this combo couldn't live longer, as this stage is my favorite of Orange Spice, happens about 5-10 minutes into it.

Under this wonderfully fresh/warm/comforting scent, comes a very fresh, yet heavy and durable, long-lasting musk/soap scent that smells like it was obviously the inspiration for YSL's Kouros, only here it's just so much more gentile and polite, and MUCH SOAPIER. Far less "public urinal", and far more "bleached hotel bathroom". The presence or clove and something which resembles the inner white portion of the orange peel (pith) still sticks with the scent til the end, and that is often the next day.

This drydown, which is great for when one wants a fresh/heavy scent in cooler/colder weather, smells part like a freshly sanitized bathroom, but also quite alot like a neroli/lavender/clove soap. So let's say whereas Kouros utilizes this "sanitary" note in smelling like a public restroom. Orange Spice utilizes it and manages to smell like a freshly bleached white bathroom, in where multiple people are bathing with the aforementioned neroli/lavender/clove milled soap, and the scent of this soap is rich in the air mixing with the sanitary/bleach note. Perhaps there is a little Orange Peel/Lavender bud/Clove potpourri in this bathroom as well. But it is still distinctly "bathroom" lol.

It isn't something I'll wear often outside of cool/cold weather, but I felt compelled to own this as it scratches an itch that many of my other scents simply do not, and does so with grace and class. A very enjoyable scent, which is head and shoulders above it's "too heavy/dirty/offensive" offspring.
12th December, 2007 (last edited: 05th September, 2010)
Warm and spicy half-brother to Kouros, yes. Not quite as animalic and oily, no, and obviously with a higher price tag. Still, the similarities can't be denied. A very nice Creed for the edt line, with superb longevity and sillage. Avoid, however, if you've always hated Kouros.
24th November, 2007
I thought that I would hate this one, but I kind of like it! I am not a fan of overly citusy scents, and from the name, that is just what i expected it to be. It is not though! It deffinately has orange in it, but Creed has somehow managed to balance it out very well with the use of spices, and Amber. Still not something i would wear, but definately worth a try.
05th June, 2007
I'd bought this blind based on others' comparisons to Kouros, and I doff my hat to you all; this was a spot-on recommendation.
While Kouros can have a much more bodily intensity to (which I usually adore. I guess other reviewers say it is civet?) OS remains clean, clear, and entirely classy all the time. OS has much more orange in it, and I would proffer that any fans of the YSL would LOVE OS as a variant. The same people who think that Kouros smells heavy on me adore the Creed. I myself adore them both.
Of the Creeds I've tried, this one stands out entirely. Even though it is not of the millesime intensity of ingredients, it still has awesome longevity; the development shifts from citrus to that Creed "underarmour" aroma after about 6-7 hours. Even at that time I can still pick out what I'm wearing and others still say that I smell good.
I'd wear this day or night, and while it is a relative newcomer to my collection, I don't think there are any seasonal constraints to it.
This has also heralded the beginnings of a bit of Creed collecting, for better or worse!
20th May, 2007
A very good Creed. In my search for a replacement for my beloved Dunhill 34, this one comes close, though different. I've bought it.
17th May, 2007
This is similar to kouros, it is true. It has fewer, more distinct notes than the BIG K, perhaps a little more natural smelling too.

Somebody who made urinal cakes had definitely smelled either or both before, but you can't blame the fragrances for that.

It stays pretty true to its name dominated by orange and spice, giving a happy, warming atmosphere. It stays pretty linear while chucking out good sillage. To me this is a cool weather scent and creates a coming in from the cold, cosy home feel.
23rd January, 2007
I think I have a new favorite Creed. Orange Spice is one of the least stuffy Creeds, and to my nose, one of the most interesting. It does start off (and continues for a while) smelling like Kouros. The differences to me are apparent though. Orange Spice has a definite orange note - sort of a like a dry orangey smell that reminds me of something I'd smell in potpourri. The clove is also apparent here and not so much in Kouros. (In fact the orange and clove combo makes this scent like a better, less oddball, brighter version of MPG's Secret Melange.) The synthetic soapy / cleaning agent smell that it shares with Kouros is more subtle here than in Kouros. In Kouros, that smell dominates and ultimately ruins the scent for me. Here, it is not quite as loud or pungent and blends well with the orange, clove, and musk. To me Kouros smells like a scent for a 13 year-old, while Orange Spice is the higher quality, more interesting of the two.

It is almost refreshing in its top and middle notes. Then, as it dries down, it takes on a much darker, almost oily, animalic quality reminiscent of the base of Balenciaga Portos, and to a lesser extent shares none of the herbal qualities with Yatagan, only this oily animalism. To continue the earlier comparison, I get no animalism at all in Kouros. Never have. Here, I get massive doses.

Orange Spice lasts forever on me, and especially on my shirt, where the orange note lingers all day. Like Kouros, it projects very well. It's a fun scent, a year-round scent, weird but very wearable: I wore it to a business meeting just yesterday. In fact, I'm addicted to it and have just purchased a bottle!

So my question is, if we here at Basenotes so often chide Creed for making scents that are derivative of other scents, why do we not give them due credit when they are the innovators? And why have we not named Kouros for what it is - a cheap Orange Spice knock-off? Between this scent and the equally off-beat and unstuffy Baie de Genievre, I have a newfound respect for Creed...well, at least the older ones!
27th July, 2006
Enjoy! Creed’s Orange Spice is a fun fragrance. It is bright and spicy and musky. Orangey—fake orangey— wonderfully synthetically orangey. This is an original that sets itself apart from the other Creeds as well as from other fragrances. Strong notes, no sublty, excellent projection, very good longevity, and fun. Yet given it rad nature, it stays Creedish in that it doesn’t really go over the top and it doesn’t settle down into cheap. What more could a person want than a Creed that can party?
05th May, 2006