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Negative Reviews of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

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Ah...Paco Rabanne. Actually a great, well put-together fragrance, but not my cup of tea...why? When Paco was in it's heyday (mid to late 70's) so was I! 'Disco' every Saturday night in the hopes of impressing the girls! You were NOT allowed entry to any local club (not called clubs then, but rather Disco..did I mention that?) unless you bathed in Paco Rabanne. At least half a bottle was standard fare. This left such an annoying and nauseating impression on me that this juice makes me run in the opposite direction when I smell it! It's akin to being run over by a Rolls Royce...does it make RR a bad car? No...simply bad memories! Now where are my platform shoes......????
29th December, 2014
Ok Props for this old school masculine for coming out in the 70's sadly it should of stayed there. To be fair I am referring to the current formula and not vintage. I have never smelt the vintage but this new formula to me is flat, weak, and no character. Seems the longevity is ok but that's about it. This doesn't show me anything new or anything I haven't come across before. In fact the dry down to this reminds of Charlie for women cause my mema wears that and when it settled on my skin that's what it reminded me of. I will pass on this.
10th March, 2013
This thing is potent, I had to scrub it off twice with rubbing alcohol. Smells like public washroom air freshener. Definitely not a good association there.
07th November, 2011
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I like to respect classics, but this one smells like a 1$ bar soap, really.
in the dry down it is slightly more complex but alas it sits way too close to the skin by then.
07th October, 2011
It smells like a cheap pine tree shaped air freshener for your car. Not how I wish to smell.
28th March, 2011
absolutely Horrible!unless you want to smell like an old man, i think is not the best choice!
28th July, 2010
this is awfull.. found on sale at kmart did blind buy, never again.
30th April, 2010
Oh no, this is lavender and rose suffocation, the intensity from the first spray is immense. Females will definitely be sent packing when you become the lavender monster with this. Or macho-shrub guy. Heavy and horrible, any subtler nicer notes that may be infinitesimally present are drowned like no other. I definitely prefer the retro music to the retro frags thanks

and of course, in true oldie-frag style it lasts for (approx) 83845565648 hours
23rd March, 2010
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United States
Began using because it's the closest approximation I've been able to find to the now-defunct classic Andron. While the scent is excellent and clearly male, the real problem lies in extremely poor longevity and projection. After the first hour there is no indication you were ever wearing it at all. I have had to frequently reapply in order to enjoy.
Update: I recently purchased another bottle and, much like many of the great 80s scents, it has been reformulated and is now truly awful. Either my bottle was bad or they have stripped the likable ingredients out of it. Be careful and sample this before buying.
03rd June, 2009 (last edited: 26th November, 2013)
I'm not impressed. After reading the reviews here, I decided to buy a vial. For whatever reason, I too found that it smells like a generic bar of soap.
13th March, 2009
About Paco Rabanne edt, new bottle anno 2009: Initial blast feels dense and synthetic. Qualitative drydown begins differently depending on factors which seem almost random.

On the upside: 1. You can get it cheap on the net. 2. The bottle is stylish, especially in the coloring, in real life. 3. The drydown is quite modern, soft spoken and close to the skin. So you can apply a fair bit if you feel a sniff frenzy coming on.

On the downside: 1. Longevity is mediocre. 2 Projection is poor. 3. The drydown manages a delicate fan of aromatic honey tobacco blended with freshness from lavender and greens now and then; but it feels so unpredictable. Twisting and turning. Paco is like a decent (but not really stunning) piece of architecture which is constantly being rebullt while spending much of the time in a state of deconstructed rubble.
11th February, 2009
I bought a big bottle based on all the rave review here. It is not bad but nothing extraordinary. Very clean smell, so much so it smells EXACTLY like a common bar of soap or laundry detergent! No complexity, no change what so ever. Very disappointed.
02nd January, 2009
smells very much like a shaving cream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th December, 2008
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One of the popular fragrances, along with Polo, Boss, Drakkar Noir and Armani in my school years the 80's.

Not a bad smell per se, but Paco smells pretty similar to a toilet freshener, not a nice association.
Out of the fragrances mentioned Armani is the one I like the best, the more subtle one.
07th June, 2007
This is an herbal mess. A sharp herbal mess with earthy accents. Somewhere in the mess there is a soapy accord, which just makes the whole thing seem like an even bigger mess. I feel weird giving the only negative review, but earthy, herbal, and soapy all together really doesn’t sit well with me.
21st September, 2005
Excellent bottle no doubt. Calandre by Rabanne is another great bottle with neat metal details. However this is one of the few powerhouse fragrances that I absolutely cannot stand. It reminds me of Aramis in it's thick herbal quality. If there was only some more sweetness added to the dense soapiness it could become great, but it's just to dry and cloying. Like an inpenetrable garden of sickly dry kitchen herbs.

For a nice one in this very same, mossy category, go for Gucci Nobile instead.
10th August, 2005