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Negative Reviews of Pasha by Cartier

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The gentle opening was rather interesting but the drydown reminds me too much of Chanel Allure pour Homme, one I really dont like..

It often happens in life that we have to pay for someone else's do fragrances sometimes..
06th June, 2011
A nice minty/spicy opening quickly morphs into a big, fat, bland soapy fougere accord that just sits there, blasting its dull obnoxiousness like a broken early 90s foghorn.
24th January, 2011 (last edited: 21st March, 2011)
O my....... I was not pleased at all when I smelled this mess! It was strong, and over bearing! And I did not care for the dry down either. This is more suited for an older person. 40+
13th December, 2009
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United States
I hate fragrances like this: they're often referred to as "classic British masculines" and have a blaring sweet-floral-musk combinatiion that you could just picture some stuffed-shirt dandy wearing. It reminds me of all those awful loud masculine fragrances by Floris. Although I can't say it smells cheap, it just smells way too old-fashioned, and not in a good way (I'm a huge fan of classic fragrances). Smells almost exactly like Safari for Men, which is an awful fougere fragrance, but louder.
07th March, 2009
I used to like this scent. I will say it is a crowd pleaser, but after trying a number of other scents - I came back to this one and was sorely disappointed. It is very soapy (not in a good way) with a not-too well put together melange of generic masculine cologne smells that seems both understated by too much and harsh at the same time! Very nondescript, but not in a good way - and old fashioned style of fragrance without the structure and elegance that makes the vintage juice shine! Alas, to grow away from something you really loved is tragic!
14th January, 2008 (last edited: 09th May, 2008)
This does smell a lot like Tsar. I like Tsar a little better -it's spicier and a little sweeter - but they're both fairly loathsome. If you enjoy lavender with herbs you'll like both. If not, you won't. I don't. To my nose it's very feminine and decrepit. The longevity is good, at least (although whether that's a positive depends on your point of view).
25th October, 2006
Pasha is an overdose of green notes. I don't find it balanced enough + it's extremely close to something else, can't remember what. It does smell kind of exclusive, as often is the case with this brand. But there is something off putting with the strong herbal dryness. Check out Jazz or Tsar instead, both in the same genre and superior IMHO.
11th January, 2006