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Neutral Reviews of Pasha by Cartier

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United Kingdom
A very pleasant smell... perhaps a tiny dated.
A bought it very recently to try as it was relatively cheap
Longevity and projection is low to average for me (I bought from a warehouse so I wonder if it was a fake(?) or old stock)
06th January, 2018
This stuff smells like a hairy man driving on a hot day in a convertible after eating spicy middle-eastern food. It does it's own thing very well, but I'm not sure when I'd want to smell like that.
15th December, 2017
Genre: Fougère

Has Pasha been reformulated? The stuff I’ve been wearing for the past few hours smells nothing like the suave, sophisticated fougère of the earlier reviews. The sour citrus and aromatic top notes are unspeakably hideous, like a grapefruit steeped in urine for a week. I attribute the effect to an ill-judged dose of clary sage and wait for it to pass. It doesn’t.

A crude assortment of spices represents improvement only so far as it provides a diversion from the ugly citrus. Soapy lavender, sweet resins, and geranium fill out a conventional fougère structure, but if the intent is to juxtapose the elegant and animalic à la Jules or Lauder for Men, Pasha fails miserably. Its spices and citrus fit together awkwardly and its proportions badly want balance. Among bold, animalic fougères, even Kouros smells impeccably tailored by comparison.

To smell this kind off thing done very well, take a sniff of Amouage Ciel for Men. Ciel weaves a similarly “pissy” animalic note through a much more subtle and refined spicy-fruity fougère structure, then decorates it all with a buoyant floral motif that’s almost too pretty for a masculine scent. The result? Ciel sings like Sinatra while Pasha grunts and belches.

If you like the idea of a bold, spicy, yet sophisticated fougère with an animalic edge and don’t want to shell out for Amouage, hunt down the underappreciated Lauder for Men. It’s more conventionally “masculine” than Ciel, but it handily trumps Pasha in craft and quality. If the animalic aspect is too much for you, Azzaro pour Homme or Tuscany Uomo offer high quality olfactory experiences without the raunchy undertone.
23rd June, 2014
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It is a nice fragrance but not great with good sillage and average longevity.
It is a typical spicy/menthol fragrance, nothing is particular about it. It is for mature age group opens with great spicy/menthol notes to me that is a bright opening but dries down very quickly to almost nothing. there is no evolution of notes felt to me.
I give it 6 out of 10
05th August, 2011
very sophisticated!
The mint note soothes down the spicy accord, which makes is wearable during the day as well. I like it!
12th December, 2010
I get the spice very clearly with this one, from top to bottom. I'm still unsure what I smell in the top notes (the combination is a bit overwhelming), but the dry down is very fast and the bottom notes are intense. I would describe this as a very linear scent. Contrary to the other reviews, this one comes across as very warm to me. Almost like a still-burning pile of coals sprinkled with Indian oil. The first time I smelled it (on paper), I loved it, but on my skin, it's just too bold and not mysterious at all. In fact, every time I smelled it, I got a rush of light-headedness and almost passed out! The strongest notes, for me, are the sandalwood & patchouli, but they are not elegantly used as in some other fragrances. As I sit here and sniff my arm, I am still getting a light-headed rush every time. It feels like every sniff pops a blood vessel in my brain.

I would put this one alongside YSL's Kuoros in the way too in-your-face-spicy category (and Kuoros is even more in-your-face than this one). Even though I love eastern scents, this one smells a bit like a common bottle of essential oil from India.

I'm giving this a neutral rating because I'm saving my thumbs-downs for the "fake-sophistication" fragrances that I smell on preps after I run them down with my car.
01st April, 2010
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United States
classy ,mature,masculine,and spicy fresh. not overpowering. well made. slightly old school
22nd February, 2009 (last edited: 30th July, 2009)
For a more mature crowd. Mint and l;avender. An herbal aromatic. Nice but not for me.
29th June, 2008
No. Absolutely not. This is nearing vile and trying to be like Dunhill Edition but falling down terribly. Smells like a horse stable, I just don't get the mint. I would wear this if I received a free bottle but wouldn't waste my money. I'd get Laura Biagotti Roma instead.
19th October, 2007
moon_fish Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Just The Great jewelry-like bottle!!!
Scent itself is like a KGB agent - i.e. SHADY GREY. You would be pleased by him, all round, no sharp edges, nothing personal to remember - but you could not remind his face after 8 hours.
Yes, it`s polite and smooth floral gentleman cologne, and it fits grey suits perfectly. But not Hedy Slimane type - too designer! - it should remain something in the middle and easily become a crowd...
Typical face of former Soviet Union - but now it`s very unusual too see and smell it on the streets...
24th November, 2005
The mint and mandarin make it very fresh and citrusy, but the moss, thyme and lavender definitley give it the dominant flavor of an old fashioned gentleman's type fragrance; an interesting combination indeed, but much too suit and tie for my tastes.
21st November, 2003