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I got Patrick for the LA Spring weather after hearing a number of Basenoters say how much they liked it, and I'm glad I did:

I've worn it at least 7 times in the past 3 weeks. It's definitely got that "clean green" vibe going for it. There are some noticebly darker, earthier, oakmoss notes going on underneath the grassy green ferny notes, however I would call it more of a light green scent than a heavy one.

Which reminds me: Patrick definitely has Oakmoss on its official list of ingredients -- so I'm guessing Fragrances of Ireland is a small company and might not be subject to the oakmoss restrictions that have affected the big fragrance corporations. Anyway it definitely has Oakmoss in it.

I find its Soapy notes to be *very* prominent -- but I enjoy them.
That might be because I remember the smell of Irish Spring soap from my youth so well: it's as distinctive as a Crayon. Patrick's soapy smell is a lot like a better, more natural, less overpowering version of Irish Spring.

So -- for me anyway -- that note gives Patrick a "fresh out of the shower" soapy smell combined with the nice clean green earthy notes.

I'm not sure it lasts very long on my skin (it's hard for me to judge that) but it lasts a long time on my clothes, I can say that much for it.

Patrick probably isn't going to blow anyone away -- I was slightly disappointed with it at first because so many people spoke so highly of it and my initial reaction was "well I like it but I don't really love it".

And there are fragrances out there that I do love from the first sniff (such as Vintage by Varvatos, the original Polo, Terre d'Hermes to name a few).

But this is a good quality cologne that smells and performs better for me than most others I've tried. To put it another way, when my finances improve and I can afford to spend more on expensive fragrances, and I sell, swap, or give away the blind-buys that didn't work out so well...

Patrick won't be one of them. It's a keeper for me.

4/5 (very good)

Bonus: the box is really well made and attractive, so Patrick just might make a nice and affordable gift for your favorite Irish person!

I got my bottle for just $40 from Celtic Croft Dot Com llc through Amazon Prime and it arrived in just 2 days (Amazon is amazing like that).
21st May, 2018
I get a little Paco Rabanne mixed with a little Kouros in a modernized Chez Bond sort of way...first few minutes I could have believed this was a Kouros flanker...classic barber shop vibe...aromatic and refreshing...greenery with a citrus tang ...soapy and mossy...a handy fragrance to have in your arsenal...putting this on will transform you into a gentleman...
10th April, 2018
Classic smelling in a nice way, the smell of know-how, citrusy - not too dissimilar to an Eau de Cologne - with the warmth of other notes adding depth and complexity. Easy to wear. Nice from the first spray.
03rd December, 2017
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Having received a sample of "Patrick" from a fellow BNer, I was taken back by this classic green fougere. Basenotes has opened my eyes to plenty of scents over the years and Patrick has filled yet another void.

From the description and other reviews, I compared this one to Castle Forbes 1445 which is in fact very similar to Patrick. However, Patrick is more wearable, projects better and lasts longer. Sort of strange give its price point, but it goes to show that a good perfume doesn't have to cost the earth.

The pine and "green" moss notes fit the description perfectly. It's an ideal scent to wear on wet or murky days which are just all too common in the British Isles.

Here's to "Patrick" and Ireland!
18th October, 2017
Stardate 20170502;

Clean, soapy and inexpensive. Nothing to dislike here. Has an aromatic Fougere structure but light touches.
Does smell a bit like Irish Spring as drseid pointed out.
Drydown is good.
For the price a thumbs up.
02nd May, 2017
Patrick is a wonderful fragrance for a rainy day, which shouldn't be surprising, as it's made on the rainy isle of Ireland. They know what goes well with the smell of damp air and green growing things. Seriously, this fragrance smells wonderful on a breezy, rainy day like it was today. It wafts up in the breeze with a slight soapy aspect, but with a foody one as well. Patrick smells of cinnamon and nutmeg with a slight milky quality. I read a review of Serge Lutens Arabie that said it smelled like horchata, but honestly, Patrick has more of that vibe to my nose than Arabie does. Arabie smells of dirty spices, while Patrick has more of the sweet dessert spice least to me. This is a great scent that's very wearable and is a great value for the money. I recommend this fine fragrance to anyone who likes to smell fresh, and slightly...just ever so slightly...tasty as well. :-) Two thumbs up for Patrick!
25th April, 2017
Out of the dozens of classic "clean" fougères I tried over the years, Patrick is - to this day - the absolute winner of the category for me. Others are more complex, more refined or more praised, but when it comes to comfort, I think this is the ultimate grail. It's subjective, I know, but it works for me. As other reviewers said, the structure of Patrick is fairly simple, but not simplistic; it's basically a soapy fern scent, so there's a ton of sparkling crisp greenness laced with a fresh breeze of soap, all supported by a sort of nondescript mossy-earthy feel. It smells natural (sort of), deep enough to let you appreciate the notes, yet not too powerful - actually the contrary, this is a rather distinguished and discreet fragrance (contrary to many vintage examples of this same category, which may contain thicker and more natural ingredients, but mostly smelling way too rougher and bolder than Patrick).

Think of being on a fall holiday in the mountains and spending a day out in the woods, then coming home, having a relaxing bath and going out again for a quick stroll before dinner. That's Patrick, that calm, sunset-like feel of balsamic cleanliness, the artificial soapy notes blending with the smell of earth, leaves and cold branches. I know that hundreds of scents feature these notes, and yet I never found such a perfect balance of vibrancy and quiet haziness, creating a feel of deep comfort I basically never experienced with any other fragrance. Out of the many masterpieces I know and the few fragrances I "love" more than this, to this day Patrick is the only scent I can wear for several days in a row without getting tired of it. It's not particularly creative, doesn't scream "art" or utter quality, but it feels "home" in the purest and most irresistible way. Best "cheapo" ever made for me.

01st February, 2017
This fragrance opens clean, green and fresh with a lemon zest. It reminds me of a lot of different scents having a hint of each. It has the green feel of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, the slight soapiness of Irish Spring Soap, a dash of citrus from Original Vetiver and the lemon zest of Original Lacoste scent.

It does evoke the green countryside in the Spring after a light shower. As time goes by a earthy Patchouli can be smelled mixed in with the green freshness. This is followed by a lot of woods making the scent smell earthy and woody. The feeling at this stage moves from the green pastures to the green earthy woodland.

To sum up a very clean and fresh green and earthy woody scent that is a bargain. It is a very good quality fragrance that is one of the most affordable you can buy.
01st December, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I could go into great detail on individual notes with Patrick, but the bottom line is this smells nearly identical to Irish Spring soap. For those not familiar with the very popular brand, it is very green provided by gobs of fern at its heart with a mossy, musky base using vetiver and patchouli to provide a dirty undertone to the complete package. Patrick is very minimalist and extremely "masculine" smelling. Projection and longevity are both excellent.

Patrick is probably going to be a bit of a "love it or hate it" kind of scent as your loving it depends greatly on whether you enjoy Irish Spring soap. I grew up using the stuff and always liked the scent so I guess I am in the "love it" camp. That said, Patrick is just a tad disappointing because if I wanted to smell like Irish Spring I would use the soap at an even lower cost than the relatively inexpensive $26 a 100ml bottle price of Patrick. On the flip side, if you are looking for a good compliment to the soap and want that scent reinforced for the whole day, then look no further as this is about as close as you will ever find. Patrick earns a "good" 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 and is recommended at its relatively low price point.
13th August, 2012
really huge here in Italy yonks ago, heavy marketing everywhere but it was the epitome of being cheesy and predictable!
02nd July, 2012
I love angular fougères. I've written that so many times on basenotes it feels like a mantra. If anyone is still producing encyclopedias in hard-bound book form (do they still exist?) the entry for fougère should have a scratch-and-sniff of Patrick. Others here on Basenotes have described it better than I can, so I'll just say that it's remarkably concise yet expressive. It so perfectly captures the soapiness, that defining attribute of the best fougères. It is exuberant yet simple, soapy yet earthy. These dualities make it not just interesting, but conversational.

The coumarin/lavender/musk balance is flawless, but Patrick, for all its simplicity and directness makes me marvel at the slow sleight of hand that takes place. The hay-like, singing fougère moves from barbershop about 2 paces into the realm of the green chypre. Spectacular transition! The coumarin, initially so closely held to the lavender and musk, joins hands with the moss, and turns around to look at you with a laughing smile.

Another spectacular, underestimated fragrance I discovered in the "Unsung Treasures" forum. Sensationally inexpensive, potent, long-lasting and easy to wear as an everyday fragrance.
08th September, 2011 (last edited: 11th September, 2011)
An excellent, classic fougere. Smells very natural, and comforting to me. No bells and whistles. Just a great, elegant and timeless fern.
10th August, 2011
To start, I do not perceive anything manure-esque in this fragrance, as has been described. It is bright, green, and I find it particularly humid. While I would consider this a fragrance best worn in spring, there is something "heated" about it, and could just as easily be suitable on a cool autumn day. This is currently the most masculine smelling scent in my collection, which also includes Fahrenheit. It would be easy to overdo this fragrance as well, and I find that a single spray will accomplish everything you need it to. Killer projection and great longevity, but be advised this is certainly a mature scent. I do however think a younger man (late twenties to thirties) with the right grooming and presentation could pull this off, when applied very sparingly.

As for what the ladies think of it, I heard it endearingly described as "grandfatherly."

At around $35, it's definitely worth a blind buy.
12th July, 2011
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Not much I can add to all the wonderful reviews it's already received so I'll keep it very short. It starts out quietly and mellows beautifully as clean, green, and refreshing. My hubby and I both enjoy wearing it, though sometimes I layer it with a dab of something floral or slightly sweet and citrus-y. :)
08th June, 2011
I've been wearing this all day and to my nose it is very,very similar to Kouros in the drydown. But lighter than Kouros...
In fact , O'Kouros would be more apt since the peat moss is evident also.
The citrus mentioned is short lived as the hay, peatmoss and civet take over.
Very nice, very masculine.
Patrick...have you met your Greek brother Kouros?
08th April, 2011
MOONB Show all reviews
United States
Having read MysteryBuff's review, I'm actually wondering (in ways previously thought unimaginable) whether or not it's possible for a small, inexpensive niche house like Fragrances of Ireland to suffer from knock-offs and counterfeiting; how anyone could possibly smell this and consider it one of their "worsts" is completely beyond me. Patrick is a peculiar scent to be sure, but giving it just a little time reveals the thought and care that went into its construction. The scent is a hybridization of the typical traditional masculine eau de cologne and eau de toilette. Its top notes consist almost entirely of bitter orange and lemon, with a dash of lime and ozonic brine for weight and depth. Though the sharpness of the citrus settles in ten seconds, its zesty essence pervades the remainder of Patrick's evolution. An incredibly green accord, comprised of vetiver, clover, and hay, envelopes the zest and creates a wild earthiness that is utterly delightful. Hints of sea air and smoked peat (a partially-decayed turf that is pressed and used in lieu of firewood) pervade the atmosphere, until the earth steps back and the transparent salt air presides over the drydown. I get a good five hours out of Patrick, and it is more resilient than its opening had me believe. There is no major sillage, and it is more of a skin scent, but Patrick's presence is admirable in its subtlety. Miles better than the watery Inis, this fragrance can easily take a man through a workday. What makes it desirable over other eau de colognes is how presciently the nose behind Patrick managed to capture the effect of standing in a damp 150 year-old thatched cottage, tucked away somewhere amidst the coastal hills of Donegal, with the Irish sea air blowing through the door and mingling with the smells of dried manure and peat smoke. Perhaps this experience must be had firsthand to fully appreciate the concept behind Patrick, but that shouldn't exclude anyone who wants to smell good and green from enjoying it.
22nd February, 2011
A total surprise, this one.
A five-star fougere in the style of Paco Rabanne's original scent for men. But this is somehow both more refined and more modern. It's almost as if Amouage has done their take on the classic fougere.
It's very soapy and has a tinge of sweetness that rounds out the drydown. It lasts for days.
I really cannot recommend this one enough, and I cannot think of a better scent for you guys right now.
23rd January, 2011
Yeah, this is good stuff. I will say that that upon application I get the fecal blast of a barnyard (may just be a one-off bottle?) reminiscent of swine, mud and fermented hay, but this rapidly and amazingly settles down into something exquisite, and indeed I too am reminded of Worth pour Homme, and in my opinion better. Great juice here, very masculine and in it's own way somewhat subtle but evoking a sense of a well-grounded cologne. Probably not for those under 30, but still very nice.
07th October, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Add Patrick to the list of all-time great fougeres, right next to Wild Fern and Worth Pour Homme.

Don't expect an aromatic bad boy like Kouros or Azzaro Pour Homme here. This is gentlemanly fragrance style - low-key, restrained, refined and elegant. Patrick is dry, transparent, quiet, and perfectly balanced, no mean feat for a perfumer.

It combines a subtle soapiness with the smell of nature - the back of the box talks about how forests, the sea, and open fields inspired the creation of Patrick, and I can certainly smell those influences here. It has a very subtle earthy character that pervades the scent throughout its duration, and this is the quality that drives the fragrance forward and makes it such a joy to wear. It is earthy but never smells dirty or crude. Rather it is uplifting and soothing. I feel like I'm taking in a breath of clean, fresh ocean air every time I catch a whiff of it on myself.

Discreet and understated, Patrick is in the same league as Guerlain's Vetiver, Monsieur de Givenchy and Equipage as the epitome of masculine elegance. A timeless classic if there ever was one.

27th September, 2010 (last edited: 15th November, 2010)
Not bad at all! A nice chypre, that starts off cool, fresh, and soapy... and then dries into a very warm, slightly sweet, and enjoyable base of peppery oakmoss and faint patchouli. Longevity and sillage are impressive on this one, for sure.

A spray on the wrist and a spray on the chest will last all day and into the evening for me! I actually sprung for a bottle. The price was quite reasonable.

The only concern is that the musky notes tend to make it smell a little "mature" ... this may not fly for a younger crowd. The box and the bottle are gorgeous. The idea and concept behind it is also endearing.

02nd February, 2010 (last edited: 02nd March, 2010)
Being part Irish, I really wanted to like this and proudly wear my new discovery. Right up until I actually smelled it.

If this is what Ireland smells like, then the country must be one big barnyard.

Patrick doesn't smell to me like the ocean, or fresh mountain air, or even minty Green Irish Tweed. Instead it reeks of mud and manure and the loud, sweaty men who work in it.

Nice packaging is truly wasted on this fragrance, one of the worst I've ever encountered. Was Patrick turned down as a scent for industrial drain cleaner first?
26th December, 2009 (last edited: 27th February, 2010)
I bought my bottle from an Irish store in Virginia. I saw a tester and had to spray it. I was immediately reminded of English Fern by Penhaligon's but Patrick is less stuffy and more carefree. Fresh and clean and classic. Green notes of pine and dense fern, a heart of woods and the classic drydown of oakmoss with a touch of patchouli. Wonderful.
04th October, 2008
Mmmm . . . I like this one. Don't let Basenotes' incomplete pyramid put you off. There is definitely more going on in this frag than just musk and citrus. In fact, the citrus is very subdued. I catch notes of oakmoss and maybe patchouli with the musk. Just enough to give it a bit of a woody undertone.

If I had to use one word to describe St Patrick, it would be "round." I don't know why. This is just a deep full-bodied fragrance with no sharp edges, but keeps its masculinity because of an absence of any dominant floral notes.

Longevity is decent and sillage is more than decent. Nothing weak about this one, but not overpowering either. St. Patrick is labeled as a "cologne," but could easily be an EDT.
18th September, 2008
I love Patrick also. I get a little Irish Beach, The forest of St. Patrick up in Ulster --they manage to get a bit of the scent of the countryside in this one.
Fresh yet warm. Nice!
20th April, 2008
This is a superb fragrance! I bought it yesterday and am captivated by it. It is much like Worth pour Homme, one of my favorites. Patrick achieves a lovely balance between invigorating fresh notes and warm woody ones. The product blurb speaks of fern, pine, oakmoss and patchouli; and those are evident. I also get a beautiful slight salty tang that reminds me of the air at the beaches north of Dublin. To me, this is the perfect fragrance: it makes me feel very good, it is crisp enough for day wear and rich enough for evening wear. A classy, satisfying experience! (16 February 2007)
Above was one of my earlier reviews. I thought it worthwhile to revisit this scent. I still like it a lot. I can now detect lemon citrus in the opening, and spices (cloves and nutmeg) in the middle. The moss and patchouli give salty and minty notes. The patchouli is very well done – it contributes a smoky, tobacco-like note but does not dominate. The dry-down is excellent, spicy-fern in character. This is well worth seeking out.
16th February, 2007 (last edited: 19th February, 2010)