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Negative Reviews of Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

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really huge here in Italy yonks ago, heavy marketing everywhere but it was the epitome of being cheesy and predictable!
02nd July, 2012
Being part Irish, I really wanted to like this and proudly wear my new discovery. Right up until I actually smelled it.

If this is what Ireland smells like, then the country must be one big barnyard.

Patrick doesn't smell to me like the ocean, or fresh mountain air, or even minty Green Irish Tweed. Instead it reeks of mud and manure and the loud, sweaty men who work in it.

Nice packaging is truly wasted on this fragrance, one of the worst I've ever encountered. Was Patrick turned down as a scent for industrial drain cleaner first?
26th December, 2009 (last edited: 27th February, 2010)