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Love this! On my 4th bottle maybe? Might need counselling when they discontinue it! Smells for a long enough time. Gets compliments from women all the time. Might not be good for summer 'cause it is a sugary scent. I like it best in winter, just due to how I associate the scents(sweet, vanilla, sugar). Swear it smells like baby powder too.
11th July, 2015
Tried this for 3 days now with samples and shop sprays. Here are my (amateur) thoughts:
A sweet, warm, delicious and sexy smell, I liked it. Reminds me of sleepily snuggling up to someone and breathing in the scent of warm skin. The effect is so sensuous I think I'd prefer to smell it on someone else. I detect vanilla and almonds, other things too I can't name yet, but definitely something edible. My partner said I smell like cake :). I think that's good..... I'm having a weird experience with the longevity: after spraying it seems to fade quickly, but then returns! And weirdly the scent that returns is very similar to the start. To my mind it would smell great on men and women. In the end I bought it, still like it very much, but by the time it arrived I realised it wasn't me. Much as I'd like to be, I'm not a sweet, warm and delicious kind of guy. So I've given it away. Therefore a "neutral" thumb for me :)
25th June, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Pi is so aptly named--not because of the mathematical figure (no idea where that is meant to come into this) but because it is as sweet and rich and gourmand as a piece of pie. Yes, there are woods and herbs to balance the huge dose of sweet vanilla but for me, it still smells too gourmand for my taste. I love to smell (good) foods, but not to smell of them. I may have missed something, but Givenchy strikes me as a house known for green chypre florals unlike Guerlain, say, which is known for its masterful handling of sweet gourmands. All that said, Pi does smell really good--and surprisingly masculine--if sweet gourmands are your thing.
02nd June, 2015
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Wow this fragrance is great! I got a bottle from my father when I graduated high school and recently picked up another one about a month ago and that smell brought me back! Definitely a casual winter sent
27th May, 2015

My Givenchy opening nice.quite a sweet and savoury scent.the fragrance is classic but is style very romantic and cute.

I like to use it but only for romantic moments because in a romantic entourage of everything PI create harmony!yes women like this scent and you know got to be good when ladies love a mans cologne so much.

To heavy warm weather but perfect for cold nights.The bottle is nice and longevity is average on my skin.

24th May, 2015
This is an ode to "cloyingness;" just the thought of spraying it on your arm gives me a headache! If you're into nausea-inducing concoctions contaning tons of vanilla, sugar, and other sweet horrendous substances, this is your way to go.
14th April, 2015
A true 90's scent that is still relevant to this day. I remember 1st smelling this scent when I was a young kid around 10. I remember getting some samples of this at wal-mart of all places. Forgot about this scent for a long time and rediscovered it when I seen it on sale.

Notes from my amateur nose

Sickle Vanilla
Fine wood

Great longevity, between 6-8 hours.

Projection is Great but you MUST keep this to 2-Spray max, anymore than that and this can get over-whelming.

Def get alot of compliments from women while wearing Pi. Can be worn all seasons but I find it really shines in the fall & winter seasons. Will always keep this in my top 10 go to colognes. A true 90's classic mens cologne
27th November, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Pi may well represent the nadir of sickeningly sweet masculine gourmand orientals. Even if you despise A*Men, Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, Rochas Man, and their ilk, you have to credit them with a degree of intricacy – sometimes to excess – in their structures. Not so Pi. It’s just unrelentingly sweet artificial vanilla extract and talcum powder, in a combination that manages by some perverse miracle to be at once bland and grating. I suppose there must be art in that, but surely it’s art too diabolical to pursue further. Especially disappointing coming from Givenchy, which could once be relied upon to deliver scents like Monsieur de Givenchy, Vetyver, and Insensé.
23rd June, 2014
I used to love Pi, it smelled like a rich caramel with a little bit of woods in the background and would pop in with a vanilla / macadamia nut rush when my body temperature rose. Not a summer scent but great for warmer fall winter and spring days. However, since the 2012 reformulation this is absolute trash. It smells like maple syrup mixed with vodka I can't stand it. Recent sold off my reformulated bottle and am scouring that one auction site to find an older bottle. "When great scents go bad" could be an interesting blog here on basenotes.
24th December, 2013
Unique Gourmand

The first thing that came to my mind upon smelling the sprayer was, 'caramel', and since I'm not too fond for sweet scents, I almost instantly turn down the offer of this one, but my friend said that I better give it a shot first - nothing can go wrong by testing it first anyway; so he brought me a bottle of his Pi - handsome bottle, could be a nice addition in anyone's wardrobe.

My first impression is - this fragrance have great projection and staying power, please note... the opening doesn't excite me at all - it's just a blast of rosemary and sweet citrus with hint of almond and vanilla in the background - only for a few minutes. Soon enough the vanilla, almond, benzoin, bit of woods and caramel (all sweets in this world, in short) start to take over the lead and makes this fragrance into one sweet fragrance that we possibly never smell it before - or after; simply a masterpiece. Super sexy and draws a lot of compliments, especially from women (does that tickle you, boy?) but I found that most people found this, 'old fashioned' and refused to wear this; simply because a men need something smoky, leathery, rubbery to be called a man, refusing to acknowledge that there's another world out there that do radiate sexiness - world of Pi

score : a solid ?????

Pros: almost all aspects
Cons: hard to wear in humid weather; increasingly rare"

20th October, 2013
review by stefly321

I find this has an almond/marzipan sort of aroma. Not really my thing anymore. It only gets cloying if its over applied. Just 2/3 sprays on the chest would suffice. Anymore and it becomes offensive!

26th July, 2013
Feminine vanilla

Amber and feminine vanilla. Loud, heavy, sickly sweet. Not a fan of this.

25th June, 2013
I wrote this off as just a heavy sickly sweet coconut mess when I tried it a year or so ago.
I've changed my mind after trying it again. I think its a good blend, better than average for this kind of gourmand and I can imagine it being good as a cold weather comfort scent as Voodoodanny suggested.
14th May, 2013
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great contents and originality. drfinately masculine. very distinctive citrus/vanilla based frag that lasts a great while. one of the better designer orientals on the market..
04th April, 2013
Pi – Givenchy

I actually enjoyed the beginning very much. It gives me a light clean sweetness with amber, almond and slight vanilla-woodiness. However, as the time goes on, the amber-almond-vanilla accord gets more and more intense and Pi just gets sweet and sweeter.

Two hours in all I get is this dense sweetness, smells like a great vanilla almond shampoo.

If you have a sweet tooth and want to try something that isn't cotton candy sweet or gourmand sweet, get a sample of Pi. For me this is just too much, might be something for a freezing winters.
29th March, 2013
eh... way too sweet and sugary. I like sweet fragrances in general but then the burnt sugar with the honey added on top of the vanilla makes it way too much. I think if was tone down a little I may enjoy it more but all the sugar sweet gives me a sweet tooth everytime I wear it. Not horrible but no thumbs up for me. Test before you buy unless you know you LOVE all things sweet.
28th March, 2013
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
Like everyone else is saying, it's a vanilla based fragrance. I think it smells great but honestly doesn't bring much to the table. I also got very poor longevity.
17th January, 2013
Givenchy PI was my signature scent for over an year when it was launched. It's delicious, for sure. It's a well balanced vanilla composition that's not cloying. It's actually warm and comforting. Well, i guess it's time to buy it again. Thumbs up!
04th January, 2013
Soft, warm vanilla and almond. Very sweet, rich and eminently gourmand. I like this stuff a little more each time I smell it. It's my go to comfort scent for the cold weather.
03rd January, 2013
Pi tries to be different from other men's perfumes and ends up smelling like any cheap cologne mixed with a teenage girls' vanilla fragrance.
28th November, 2012
Quartz Show all reviews
United States
Absolutely sickeningly sweet. Horrible stuff. I don't know what I was thinking when I made this purchase.
27th November, 2012
A sweet and sensual fragrance. Very intimate which makes it intriguing. Completely timeless.
For sophisticated and elegant gentlemen.
27th November, 2012
Nice Vanilla based fragrance. Starts off a bit powdery but is a lot smoother on the dry down.

I get about 6-8 hours on this with my skin, probably slightly above average projection.

Full marks for the bottle as well, one of the best in my collection.
27th November, 2012
Nice vanilla scent. Projection and Longevity are very good! Don't spray too much because this can be cloying. More geared towards a Fall and Winter scent.
31st October, 2012
A great vanilla based fragrance with so pleasant smell and god damn beautiful and unique bottle.
Start semi sweet with the main note of this fragrance, vanilla and some spicy or something like burned sugar vibe. maybe that's because of the almond note.
The sweetness isn't too much, but it's there.
In the mid the burned sugar vibe is almost gone and we have sweet vanilla surrounded with some woodsy notes but the woodsy notes are so weak in the background.
This is the place where some guys may hate it because it has almost feminine vibe which I agree but it's not completely feminine.
There is no floral notes but the simple sweet scent remind you of women fragrances.
In the base we have creamy vanilla with coconut vibe which is really pleasant and sensual but it also could be linear and boring for some folks out there, but for me it's the best part of this fragrance which is so SEXY!!
Yeah, I know, there is no coconut note in the note break down but it does have that coconut vibe! at least to my nose :)
Good projection and great longevity.
03rd August, 2012
This stuff is a joke! Baby power and women's makeup. Are they serious???
02nd July, 2012
A gorgeous, smooth long lasting oriental vanilla. Great for Christmas time. The almond comes through well. If you like orientals - this is beautiful.
11th March, 2012
On me, Pi and One million by Paco Rabanne had the same disastrous effect. All the ingredients for a nice warm spicy amber-based fragrance were there but they turned really bad once they touched my skin. Pi has many notes I like in an EDT:

Top: Basil, rosemary, tarragon, mandarin
Middle: Neroli, geranium, lily of the valley, anise
Base: Vanilla, tonka, cedar, benzoin, almond, yellow sugar

The only note I really don't care for is anise but it is not what really disturbed me. The vanilla-tonka-benzoin base (all notes I adore) is much too loud and heavy. I had an instant headache as soon as I sprayed Pi on my wrist. I had to run to the men's room to wash it off. This happened to me over 10 years ago and I still feel a little nauseous whenever I smell Pi.
18th February, 2012
I got this from my sister as a gift and it was very disappointing :(. Powdery chemical sweetness. Longevity? 8 sprays and 2-3 hours later nothing left o_0, I found the bottom pretty quickly lol!!! Thumbs waaaay down...

13th February, 2012
rso6e Show all reviews
United States
Pi is an 'okay' fragrance...almost too boring to be pleasant. It opens with a soft herbal note, which for a few moments turns into a sharp and unpleasant leather smell. No idea what is causing the leather smell since it's not listed as a note. Thankfully this only lasts a few minutes before Pi becomes a light, somewhat sweet floral. The drydown is very sweet and faintly powdery. It's not warm, just vanilla sweet and rather flat. Nothing in this fragrance really stands out. Moderate silage and longevity.
29th January, 2012