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Love this! On my 4th bottle maybe? Might need counselling when they discontinue it! Smells for a long enough time. Gets compliments from women all the time. Might not be good for summer 'cause it is a sugary scent. I like it best in winter, just due to how I associate the scents(sweet, vanilla, sugar). Swear it smells like baby powder too.
11th July, 2015
Wow this fragrance is great! I got a bottle from my father when I graduated high school and recently picked up another one about a month ago and that smell brought me back! Definitely a casual winter sent
27th May, 2015

I am not a big fan of Givenchy but PI is another story.a rich spicy,vanilla oriental with strong woods for the romantic moments in your almond and vanilla are feminine ingredients so this is not absoloutely masculine simply unisex.Sensuous,Delicious,Vanillic,Magnetic,Woody, Sensual,Soft yet Spicy in a Classic Way.

The vanilla is abosloutely most dominant note that perfectly blend with almond,tonka bean,benzoin and cedar for a gorgeous balance of sensuality and maturity.this scent nighttime,winter,business casual dress,sophisticated, flirty demeanour.when you wear it,you are always getteing complimentsmostly from women and they ask you what are you wearing cause they want to buy it for their husband or boyfriend.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

24th May, 2015 (last edited: 01st January, 2016)
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A true 90's scent that is still relevant to this day. I remember 1st smelling this scent when I was a young kid around 10. I remember getting some samples of this at wal-mart of all places. Forgot about this scent for a long time and rediscovered it when I seen it on sale.

Notes from my amateur nose

Sickle Vanilla
Fine wood

Great longevity, between 6-8 hours.

Projection is Great but you MUST keep this to 2-Spray max, anymore than that and this can get over-whelming.

Def get alot of compliments from women while wearing Pi. Can be worn all seasons but I find it really shines in the fall & winter seasons. Will always keep this in my top 10 go to colognes. A true 90's classic mens cologne
27th November, 2014
Unique Gourmand

The first thing that came to my mind upon smelling the sprayer was, 'caramel', and since I'm not too fond for sweet scents, I almost instantly turn down the offer of this one, but my friend said that I better give it a shot first - nothing can go wrong by testing it first anyway; so he brought me a bottle of his Pi - handsome bottle, could be a nice addition in anyone's wardrobe.

My first impression is - this fragrance have great projection and staying power, please note... the opening doesn't excite me at all - it's just a blast of rosemary and sweet citrus with hint of almond and vanilla in the background - only for a few minutes. Soon enough the vanilla, almond, benzoin, bit of woods and caramel (all sweets in this world, in short) start to take over the lead and makes this fragrance into one sweet fragrance that we possibly never smell it before - or after; simply a masterpiece. Super sexy and draws a lot of compliments, especially from women (does that tickle you, boy?) but I found that most people found this, 'old fashioned' and refused to wear this; simply because a men need something smoky, leathery, rubbery to be called a man, refusing to acknowledge that there's another world out there that do radiate sexiness - world of Pi

score : a solid ?????

Pros: almost all aspects
Cons: hard to wear in humid weather; increasingly rare"

20th October, 2013
I wrote this off as just a heavy sickly sweet coconut mess when I tried it a year or so ago.
I've changed my mind after trying it again. I think its a good blend, better than average for this kind of gourmand and I can imagine it being good as a cold weather comfort scent as Voodoodanny suggested.
14th May, 2013
great contents and originality. drfinately masculine. very distinctive citrus/vanilla based frag that lasts a great while. one of the better designer orientals on the market..
04th April, 2013
Givenchy PI was my signature scent for over an year when it was launched. It's delicious, for sure. It's a well balanced vanilla composition that's not cloying. It's actually warm and comforting. Well, i guess it's time to buy it again. Thumbs up!
04th January, 2013
Soft, warm vanilla and almond. Very sweet, rich and eminently gourmand. I like this stuff a little more each time I smell it. It's my go to comfort scent for the cold weather.
03rd January, 2013
A sweet and sensual fragrance. Very intimate which makes it intriguing. Completely timeless.
For sophisticated and elegant gentlemen.
27th November, 2012
Nice Vanilla based fragrance. Starts off a bit powdery but is a lot smoother on the dry down.

I get about 6-8 hours on this with my skin, probably slightly above average projection.

Full marks for the bottle as well, one of the best in my collection.
27th November, 2012
Nice vanilla scent. Projection and Longevity are very good! Don't spray too much because this can be cloying. More geared towards a Fall and Winter scent.
31st October, 2012
A great vanilla based fragrance with so pleasant smell and god damn beautiful and unique bottle.
Start semi sweet with the main note of this fragrance, vanilla and some spicy or something like burned sugar vibe. maybe that's because of the almond note.
The sweetness isn't too much, but it's there.
In the mid the burned sugar vibe is almost gone and we have sweet vanilla surrounded with some woodsy notes but the woodsy notes are so weak in the background.
This is the place where some guys may hate it because it has almost feminine vibe which I agree but it's not completely feminine.
There is no floral notes but the simple sweet scent remind you of women fragrances.
In the base we have creamy vanilla with coconut vibe which is really pleasant and sensual but it also could be linear and boring for some folks out there, but for me it's the best part of this fragrance which is so SEXY!!
Yeah, I know, there is no coconut note in the note break down but it does have that coconut vibe! at least to my nose :)
Good projection and great longevity.
03rd August, 2012
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A gorgeous, smooth long lasting oriental vanilla. Great for Christmas time. The almond comes through well. If you like orientals - this is beautiful.
11th March, 2012
If you like Vanilla / Creamy and smooth dry downs - get this. It may not be the best fragrance i a gourmand style 'caramel / sweet' category, but it delivers on longevity, delivers on vanilla (the benzoin crystals) and it opens (similiar to Aquolina's Blue Sugar) - with a fruity (the citrus note, I guess) - burst, more tangerine than citrus to my nose... I love scents such as Le Male (Yes I know it's done to death), Joop Homme, D&G's the One and A*Men - this is another fragrance in that area. If that sounds like your thing, then you will LOVE this.
24th January, 2012
Those reporting a "synthetic vanilla," I'm afraid I don't get that impression at all. There's benzoin, which provides a similar feeling, but no vanilla. As for 'synthetic' perhaps we're associating the smell of pine needles with pine-sol cleaning products? I went out today and pinched some needles off a tree and it was a clean, crips, aromatic almost biting smell. This frag is great!
10th November, 2011
Very sweet.
Hit off the top with vanilla, and you can detect some of the citrus notes in the background, but that's all I get at the top. Then dries down to more of that vanilla smell. Stays pretty much the same.

I recommend trying some of this.
28th August, 2011
Boozy vanilla and spice oriental concoction, aged the way liquors age: its sweetness is a smoky sweetness. Benzoin works perfectly here, adding incense character to the fragrance, but it's a 'liquid incense' as opposed to 'dry incense'.
Thick aromatic liquid, this is what it is. It creates a thick dreamy layer over your own persona though; then you'll certainly have to deal with it, move within it, speak through it. Better than Jaipur. Groundbreaking.
27th December, 2010
I have to agree, this is verry verry verry sweet. Only in the opening though. When the almond sets in it becomes so much more. It's pretty much the same after that so a verry linear fragrance, I do like it though.
15th December, 2010
very,very sweet, alot of vanilla should find it cloying ......but damn there's something about this (in small doses) that I love just love.
17th October, 2010
I will always love this fragrance. Normally I dislike sweet fragrances as they either become too cloying or feminine smelling but this stuff is great!
14th August, 2010
This is the cologne i only bring out for times when i am in desperate need to impress people. this is the best. most alluring. girls absolutely droool over this
05th August, 2010
I am in love with this stuff, this is my first true gourmand. Sprayed it on a card at the store and had to buy a bottle. As of now 4/14/10 this is probably my favorite cologne. It is a very nice Vanilla smell and seems pretty linear throughout the scent life. I get from 6-9 hours every time I wear it. To top things off the bottle is the BEST bottle I have come across. Definately a buy for me.
15th April, 2010
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United States
I remember when I purchased this back in 2000. Kooky bottle, amber juice. Sampled and liked it in the store. Later, I decided it wasn't my taste and I put it away. Over the years, I've taken it out now and then to try and though I haven't ever had a bad reaction, it never curled my toes so back it went and there it sat.

Then a few days ago, I was fishing around in the back of the wardrobe and pulled it out. Oh, you! So I thought, "why not?" and took a few discreet spritzes before heading off to the office.

By the time I was half way there, sitting in a cloud of Pi in the middle of traffic, I was madly in love.

Funny how fragrance works like that. You never know when an otherwise forgettable cologne you had discounted as pedestrian or unremarkable, suddenly, unexpectedly blossoms and grabs your heart. It's eight hours later and the simple aromatic woody vanilla dry down is so beautiful, it is to weep.

So, stake in the ground: I am converted. Pi is a simple but stunning masterpiece, albeit, not one that is universally recognized or admired (as indicated by the split opinion in the reviews). Maybe it's past its time for most. After all, variants on the sugar gourmand have been done to death and most are headache-making after a while. Maybe this gem will be better understood and appreciated in the future. (If production stopped, it could become the next PPH with prices for existing stock soaring. Let's hope it isn't discontinued.) But for now, Pi gets five stars from me along with a new respect and an elevated position in the wardrobe.
13th April, 2010
One of the first fragrances I fell in love with. I have since tried many better constructed, less harsh-smelling fragrances, but I still get a lot of enjoyment from Pi.
Pi starts of with harsh, spicy citrus notes that quickly settle in. The sweetness of the Benzoin crystals soon kick in and you get a toasted marshmallow smell that lasts for quite a while.
I like the EDP much more than the EDT since it (EDP) is not as sweet, but has a much more woody/nutty vibe to it. I own both the EDT and EDP and often wear them together for a perfect sweet/woody mix. Sillage and longevity are outstanding.
16th November, 2009
I have had a few sample sprays occasionally when iv been passing the fragrance counter and i think it has a certain something about it that is sorta distinctive and the thing i like is that i can still smell it after an hour which is a big plus according to my reconing.
I can notice a bit of summat synthetic like same as when i wear Elephant, also i dont mind a good 1/2 dozen sprays on of A men Angel once in awhile maby once a week sorta.
11th November, 2009
the sillage on this scent is alright. the longevity on me is pretty long- ive gotten 6-8 hours. vanilla like. Its a very unique scent and verrry unique, artsy bottle if you're into that sort of stuff. try on the skin first.
25th October, 2009
the aromatic citrus at the top been done nicely & gives a very pleasant start.
staying power is good
23rd October, 2009
Spectacular ...
I feel the same power of Body Kouros without eucalyptus and incense, exactly what bothered me sometimes. Sweeter than Body, but very elegant at the same time.
The perfect mix between sweet and woods producing a wonderful smell.

I loved... Thumbs Up!
10th September, 2009
Sweet, good longevity. Definitley a cold weather scent. A bit synthetic, but girls tend to compliment this one a lot. From time to time this scent strikes a bit feminine, none the less not a mistake to have it.

Update: a very sugary concotion and I can't imagine wearing it unless it's very crisp and cold outside, with snow even better. This scent reminds me of snowy evening when everything is so calm. Remarkable scent that has a lot of haters, but also a lot of lovers. If A*men is chocolate/coffee god, no mistake that it's counterpart is Givechy Pi - benzoin-vanilla/sugary god.

Givenchy Pi doesn't change much from initial spraying till its end, at least that's the case with me. Longevity and projection are outstanding. When it comes to attire while wearing this scent, it shouldn't be too casual.
06th September, 2009 (last edited: 28th January, 2012)