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Negative Reviews of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

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Other reviewers have put this in the same category as Chanel PM. Blasphemy.

There is a public restroom where I work that the homeless frequent. PCPM reminds me of it.
28th October, 2017
One of the first scents I ever owned and I would say that back in the day it was very popular and I did enjoy it... Old school citrus opening with a classic 70's dry down.. I would say that now it is very dated and unless you are into the scent you should make sure you try before you buy.
14th June, 2016
THIS... this.... I was looking for something new, something I haven't tried yet, something... to round my order off to free shipping. So I stopped by my trusty Powerhouse group on here and went to the beginning of the SOTD post there, flipped through a bit, noticed that among the ones I haven't tried yet, Pierre Cardin came up a fair amount. Looked it up, it's drug store priced, why not.

Ya know how sometimes when you try a fragrance that's new to you, ya put it on, you're kinda like, "Eh. (shrugs)", but at some point later on in the drydown it becomes something magnificent? This one travels in the opposite direction. It starts of eh, then dies, then I applied one more spray to myself thinking, "Well just how bad could it get?", and now I regret having done so. About an hour later it became this cloying... ya know that "crazy girlfriend" meme that's been floating about in various versions? This becomes that girl, but not even a little attractive, wrapped firmly around your leg. Perhaps with more experience I would be able to describe scent-wise exactly why, but... without being particularly powdery, it's juuuuuust a bit too powdery, and without being particularly sweet, it's juuuuust a bit too sweet. There ARE some interesting things going on in there, but I can't give a thumbs up to something I find myself wishing to escape about an hour in. MIND YOU, having recently purchased this, I'm pretty sure it's the non-vintage juice, or at least not the original.
06th December, 2014
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Ok, Ok, Ok, I give this hairy chested macho guy some props for still being around for 40 years. I also give it props for having great longevity and projection. Sadly that's all it has going for it. Why would I want to be smelled a mile away from a scent I don't enjoy???? If you wear this fragrance then I commend you because you are one brave dude.
10th March, 2013
I'm not sure I can get into this myself. I found it for $5 at a local store and figured I couldn't go wrong. When I smell it, I flash back to family reunions and church basement pot-lucks. Reminds me of relatives I haven't seen in a long while. Instant thoughts are shaggy hairguts, cowboy boots, stale beer and Johnny Cash. It will sit in the drawer for now... maybe I'll be able to wear it some day, but I'm thinking not. Other colognes seem to win out.
10th April, 2012
This stuff is awful, 5 bucks drugstore colognes are better than this horrible concoction. I am a fan of 70's and 80's powerhouses but this unpleasant atrocity really offends me.
Smells cheap, and the worst part is that lasts and lasts, so you can't fault its longevity, but who wants to smell all day like this nauseating juice anyhow?
Big thumbs down
28th September, 2011
Chalk it up to my inexperience perhaps, but this scent comes off to me as really bitter lemon Pledge (yes, the spray you shine wood furniture and floorboards with). Very sharp, citrus-ey, and bitter. Offensively so.

I'll have to pass on using this one regularly, which is unfortunate, because I now have 4.2 oz of this stuff sitting in my closet.
11th October, 2010
I don't get it. I just don't get it. I should love it - lots of citrus, geranium and leather, hints of Eau Sauvage. But all I get is amber for about an hour and then it's gone. Like completely gone. I know I have a legit bottle, but I don't get any of the notes other reviews mention, the colour seems to be much darker than the stuff usually is, it's a splash not a spray and it doesn't smell to me like it's worth a lot more than it costs. It's too sweet, too fleeting and, price aside, too darn disappointing.
26th May, 2010
The unique bottle design launched this fragrance into the stratosphere with Pierre Cardin’s futuristic look on life. In an era that requires both prestige and value, Pierre Cardin is second to none.

I honestly don't see how this could be possible. Back about 10 yr ago a friend gave me a half bottle and it was putrid. It had to have been an old bottle or something cause its like the lemon, leather (sweaty leather sandals) and benzoin reformulated into something that smelled akin to kerosene mixed with diesel fuel (yes the stuff u put in tractors). I was a wee bit younger then. But that smell is still stuck in my membrane in the spot where all things rancid fester. Maybe one day I'll give it another sniff if I see it out somewhere and relive my horror.. Sorry guys, although I do like the smell of Old Spice
10th October, 2009 (last edited: 04th November, 2009)
Suspended somewhere between an antiseptic dental rinse and cloying low budget perfume lies the bewildering aroma of Pierre Cardin pour homme.
17th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
I've tried very hard to like this but I just can't get it out of my head that the topnotes are like talc and the drydown like Harpic. Sorry!
10th December, 2007