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as some reviews stated already, pleasures is very overpowering ! i just can't realize why they came up with the intense version !
09th May, 2013
When this one first came out i was kindly surprised by lauder and quite addicted to the scent: fresh and quirky, totally summer feel and pleasant with a signature; sounds like it's a CK product but it's not, i always has the feel it tries to be something between eternity and escape from CK.
When i purchased it lately to remember the essence i felt there was something quite urinal in there, while testing after shave balm conclusing it's not a bad scent and reasonably liked it back daze.
05th May, 2013
This is a pale offering that very nearly reached great heights but lost footing shortly before the peak. The airy, mossy atmosphere exuded by Pleasures is accompanied by a peppery, semi-sweet tang and smoothed out by a dry sage-like accord, all of which would be exceptional were it not for an irritating metallic aroma they create. This effect is akin to the sickly metal- soap that ruins fragrances like FCUK Men for many, and it certainly prevents Pleasures from being wearable for me. Moreover, its performance is underwhelming. I am a little bothered; this could have been really good.
09th May, 2012
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An energizing, fruity and airy fougere with a plain synthetic temperament.
I smell grapefruit, ginger, pepper and smoky sandalwood. There are some ozonic notes exuded in the air and some smokey bitterness balancing the chemical sweetness of nectarine. The slightly fizzy effect is  made by the combination of ginger, pepper and lavender. Pleasures for man is declaratedly plastic but carelessly pleasant.
25th June, 2011 (last edited: 02nd July, 2011)
I simply cannot derive the slightest satisfaction from this. It has a powdery sourness that I do not care for - a blend of foundation and putrifying fruit. Add a little calone, and voila!

It's continued popularity is depressing.

15th April, 2011
I think Lauder's Pleasures for Men is the best FRESH scent from the 90's, which let's face it, was the FRESH decade. Cool Water was the touchstone for this family and some other notables are Polo Sport, Aqua di Gio, Eternity, CK One, Issey for Men and Azarro Chrome. They all sort of smell like one another. Let's call it the "fresh aldehyde" that runs through them all, including Pleasures. They all are blaringly synthetic, so I suppose the top prizes go to those that are most able not to smell like cleaning products. Pleasures has a bit of that classic Coppertone Suntan lotion thing happening, which might be why I like it. Because I really could live without this fresh family of fragrances. I'll take a good, citrusy, classic cologne any day over one of these. Hermes Eau Orange Vert for that's fresh without being fake. The saving grace of Pleasures is that it has the faintest whisper of spice throughout the entrie composition. The "red ginger"? It's so faint you can barely detect it; but it keeps the fragrance from being just purely sweet, like Polo Sport.
My boyfriend likes Pleasures, and it's the only fresh frag I like to smell coming off, it's grown on me. I buy a gift set every couple of years and he gets the EDT and I take the after shave. It's light and, uhm, fresh. Fresh! Yeah, that's it...FRESH! Perfect for the summer.
15th April, 2011
Pleasures for Men smells exactly like any another generic Cool Water clone, or if you prefer like a cheaper (a lot cheaper) version of Creed's Erolfa. Should be better named as "Pleasures For Nobody".

PFM actually smells ok but this is a very crowded territory and it's completely undistinguishable from other billions of perfumes of the same cathegory / family.
13th April, 2011 (last edited: 15th April, 2011)
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United States
Especially in light of the quality of other Lauder fragrances and their Aramis subsidiary (Lauder For Men, Havana, Aramis) this one is a disappointment. I'd call it a poor man's Eternity For Men, except it costs as much as Calvin Klein's bestseller.

It fades so quickly that it is hard to address the notes. Sweet and synthetic like CK Eternity - it must be the "Sky Air Accord" that predominates and makes it smell like...not much. I don't need a fragrance to be hyper-masculine (I enjoy Fleur Du Male, Mitsouko, Jean Nate, among others) but if it isn't it should at least be artful. Light-sillage, close to the vest scents also are fine when the stuff on simmer is of top quality (see Bulgari Man, Derby or Monsieur De Givenchy for reference). Pleasures does not qualify. For $32, one should smell a bit better than a Hot Dog On A Stick lemonade.
08th October, 2010
I bought this one right when it hit the shelves in 1997. I don't know how it happened, but I think the clerk just suggested it to me because it was new, and my sister's girlfriends liked I figured I better buy it.

I only wore it for a couple years, but I definitely went through several bottles.

I've met countless females who simply LOVE this stuff. I tried to relive the experience and picked up a bottle off eBay for a good price. Pleasures seems to be one of the few scents that smells best in the bottle, or right after you spray it on.

I rarely enjoy the top notes, but I still do like this one. The thing is, I found out that I cannot last long wearing this stuff. It simply overwhelms me after a while. I guess it all just molds into this soft little scent that makes me want to run.

In the end, I sold that bottle, and will never bother to use Pleasures again. Funny thing is I have a friend who has a bottle of this stuff on his bathroom counter and it is his only cologne. I pity him!
16th September, 2010
NOTE TO PLEASURES LOVERS: After owning a bottle of Pleasures for a few years, the initial spray takes on a weird metallic smell. Don't throw it away! Go ahead and wear it. It takes on its original "pleasant" fragrance after about 20 minutes of wear. Always get compliments on this one. A good office scent as it is light, clean, and fades a bit by the end of the day.
19th May, 2010
Somewhere between Eternity and Cool Water, there are quite a few of these early aquatics out there. Nothing spectacular, and smells curiously similar to Chemistry by Clinique. No coincidence than Estee Lauder owns Clinique launched 3 years earlier. Interestingly no negative reviews for Chemistry.
28th February, 2010
It might probably won't rival its pour femme counterpart but I think its quite an olfactory delight....And yes I agree it might not go down the halls of history as one of the greats but its pretty good....slightly above average.
26th January, 2010
Got this one as a present. Very flowery and metro-sexual fragrance that is not unpleasant. A slight hint of muskiness in the base stops it from being an outright feminine fragrance. However, I can’t recommend this as its longevity and sillage are feeble. Also the bottle design is cheap & boring.
16th September, 2009
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Smells good at the start yes, but too "pleasant" for my taste and does not last AT ALL on my skin. Still a noob but this smells synthetic all the way. After hanging out here at BN, I've come to realize there are better alternatives out there, especially with the price I paid for it. Not a bad scent for beginners as it won't offend anyone.
15th September, 2009
cloying, synthetic and overpowering cocktail that is a chick repellent

this stuff will give u a headache if u go overboard and its really a weird smelling perfume, i could see an old lady wearing this but no men
29th August, 2009
The Nectarine note is nice, but it needs more herbal and spice notes and a robust sandalwood base, as well as some better citrus to flank the Nectarine accord. If any perfumers are out there, use this nectarine accord in a more masculine fragrance.
24th June, 2009
Smells like cheap detergent or like an old man's very cheap body spray. Synthetic smelling, dated, a true waste of money: you could do far better with your money if you threw them in the ocean. I really avoid this putrid scent. If I can call it a scent. It should be called " Disgust", "Groce" or "Vomit".
28th March, 2009
Cool Water's cloying, annoying kid brother.
(Oh, and he's wearing a corsage.)

24th March, 2009
This is a scent my little sisters boyfriend wore sometime ago and, as he is aware of my interest in fragrances, he once handed me a bottle; asked me to spray it on my hand and give my opinion on it.

I remember saying something stupid like: “Hmm….this is really nice. “


If I would have been honest, I would’ve probably said something like : “WTF man!! You spent 35euros for this!! Can’t you see how pointless it smells? With that money you could have got a hundred times better and compelling juices. Do you really want to smell like some generic and cheap female fragrance?? Do you?!? Do you?!!? Do yoooouuu!!!!???? Goddammit man, I know cheap hair-sprays which smell better than this! Pleasures my a*s!”

Hmm…Sometimes it is good to lie a bit, I guess.
15th February, 2009
True, this scent is not going to set the world on fire but the beauty of it is in it's simplicty. Airy, sweet and uncomplicated it's the perfect scent for those days I need a bit of a pick-me-up. It's probably one of the most inoffensive scents I've ever tried. Highly recommended.
23rd November, 2008
Boring! Synthetic smelling and very unoriginal. Smells girly and in all honesty,
pretty cheap. If you want a fragrance that's afraid to make a statement then this one's for you. For real fresh scents give me Chanel Platinum or Kiton anyday!
19th November, 2008
Wouldn't wear this filth if paid. Smells like citrus in the last stages of decomposistion; for the life of me I cannot figure out why women love this garbage. I'll stick w/ Intuition or Lauder for men when it comes to Estee Lauder scents.
11th August, 2008
Feels like the likes of Kenzo pour Homme or other "sporty and blue" fragrances but not the same. I think this is a nice compliment to Pleasures for Women. Though it could be a supplement because a few of the women said they liked it better than the Women's version. A nice airy floral that's a little feminine.
14th June, 2008
Sometimes you just want to smell good ... not crazy, not challenging, not esoteric, just good. Hello, Pleasures! Though some might call him boring, he's just a basic t-shirt and jeans scent. No, he's not going to change the world, he might not even save the day, but he smells good enough to keep around.
28th May, 2008
I thought this fragrance smells like grape. Fresh and crispy.
20th January, 2008
I've been checking out the fresher side of men's fragrances of late. It could be the not-so-stiff competition, it could be personal skin chemistry...hell, I admit it could be my nose, which is far less refined than I had imagined. Among the fresh/clean crop, this is decidedly good. Still not quite great mind you, but with enough substance to set it subtly apart from the pack it seems to run with.

My only real complaint is the laundry detergent/fabric softener note that usually turns me off to many in this bunch is still present, though it's mercifully dialed way down and fades even further over the drydown, where it sweetens ever so slightly as an almost potpourri-like blend of woods, spices and dried fruit develops, with a translucent haze of floral notes, ozone and laundromat notes.

And make no mistake, it's floral alright. I would brand it unisex only on reflection, though my first impulse would be to market it to women.

I hesitate to call it a masterpiece, but among its kind it is well done, possessing an innocence and utter lack of sex appeal about it that renders it oddly endearing from a route less taken in the olfactory labyrinth.

Plus (confession time) my Dad wears it from time to time. Mostly emotional but tempered by pragmatism, as of now make this a 6.5/10.
29th December, 2007
The pyramid at the Lauder site is more complete, so I give it here:

Top Notes: Citrus Effervescence, Nectarine, Sky Air Accord
Middle Notes: Pimento, Coriander Seed, Red Ginger
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Iridescent Ebony, Deep Forest Moss

I find Pleasures for Men to be rather unremarkable. I do detect nectarine in the opening, but otherwise this is utterly dominated by the ‘sky air accord’, which I take to imply synthetic and clean smelling. Ho hum. I struggle to find the other notes, though I did detect ginger and moss. Inoffensive, but nothing special.
12th April, 2007
pleasures for women was quite nice and very succesfull-so understandable to launch pleasures for men but pleasures is again one of the great deceptions.Estee Lauder has developped such great scents as JHL or Lauder for men and do not forget all those great scents for women but this is definitely not anymore her signature-cheap smell, uninteresting,ordinary vulgar-the same as intuition,l´homme by yves saint laurent etc.hey le´ts make money and launch bad stinking water with flavour and the people will buy it... this perfume smells as all the others of that time-boss,lacoste,canali,kiton etc.but there is so much missing-if you really are interested in a good scent look at the older ones of dior,guerlain!,caron etc.but leave your fingers away from this really cheap stuff like pleasures-definitely a nightmare and no pleasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01st March, 2007
Reminicant of days strolling the almafi coastline, this captures that fresh floral breeze with perfection.
28th February, 2007
Fresh and flowery. A bit more on the motrosexual side. Estee Lauder did a good job on making flowery fragrance for men.
22nd December, 2006