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Positive Reviews of Pomellato Uomo by Sirpea

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Brilliant classic fougere surprisingly modern still nowadays. Discontinued, i was lucky to find out an old blue-dark bottle on a bathroom shelve (nearby one of my friends' house) and secretly tested immediately it on my skin. I was bewilderd by a compelling dark musky/floral/patchouli with a touch of earthiness in the mossy, ambery and cedary background (great reminiscence about Gucci Nobile and Enrico Coveri Pour Homme). The initial metallic vibe is produced by the interaction of citrus, sharp floral notes and aromatic herbs. The soothing musk is the starring note to me and is combined with some floral notes as (i suppose) violets, iris, geranium and jasmine. I catch a more than vague resemblance with Narciso Rodriguez For Him but Pomellato Uomo is more complex, spicy, citrusy and botanic. Some green notes take part to the ceremony, may be a touch of mint, artemisia, juniper berries and lavender among the others. The juice is obscure and slightly spicy-orangy with a mossy/ambery and musky/woody dry down. I detect some vetiver in the base and probably a touch of leather (in this phase Coveri Pour Homme, Gucci Nobile and partially Givenchy Xeryus jump on mind for several of their characteristics). Really distinguished and masculine. Perfect for a night out in suit.
08th October, 2012 (last edited: 01st March, 2015)