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Neutral Reviews of Quorum by Antonio Puig

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Another quality product from Puig. Quorum clearly deserves its fine reputation.

I don't enjoy the strong incense vibe. Otherwise; very nicely blended, powerful, long lasting and easy on the wallet. Puig is a go to house for high value products, for sure.
03rd March, 2017 (last edited: 30th January, 2018)
Yikes! Smacks of nostalgic loud 80's men colognes. Has a typical mossy, spicy start that mellows out to an average, shimmering woody vibe that doesn't last too long (at least not on me).

Can be obtained at super-bargain prices for the adventurous types. Wear with caution!
18th December, 2016
Macho Scent on Steroids

I have a hard time describing this one. Not having yet developed a "nose" for fragrance, I don't yet have the vocabulary to describe all of the nuances.

Let me tell you this: Quorum is very macho--almost aggressively so. It smells like a cross between a fancy, obscenely expensive Cuban cigar, and leather, with a spice note or two thrown in for measure.

Someone connected this scent with boardrooms and old men. If so, the men wouldn't be the genteel type, raised in good homes, becoming bank trustees.

The Quorum boardroom consists of loud, aggressive Eastern European movie executives, who smoke cigars in the boardroom, have a long-suffering secretary named Hilda whose hair is in a bun, and whose assistants have hairy arms and yell into the phone.

Or,alternately, the first time you get a whiff of this fragrance, you might think,"Mr. T just walked into the room."

Do I like it? I have mixed feelings. The top notes and middle notes are vulgar if somewhat brief, but the base notes are pleasant and long-lasting, in my humble opinion.

It gets superior votes for longevity and sillage. You definitely don't get a wimpy floral that fades in two hours. At today's pricing, you do get your money's worth on this one.

Pros: Very masculine, robust
Cons: Superior longevity, sillage"

04th September, 2013
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Hey, what have they done to Quorum lately? I bought a bottle a few weeks ago (OK it was at TJ Maxx) and it is NOTHING like it used to be. It goes on powdery and fades to nothing in a matter of minutes. It has been neutered! Back in the 80s you really had to use caution and restraint with this stuff because it was so STRONG. I never really liked it that much then but women just ATE IT UP! I guess it still smells like itself but it no longer has any balls and is not worth the $15 I paid for it. Shame.
01st October, 2012 (last edited: 04th October, 2012)
I have a deep hatred for this fragrance.

That being said, I wear it to meetings and events when I feel that innate need inside of me to offend someone without saying any actual words or using non-verbals. Quorum is offensive and obscene. It screams obnoxiousness and grabs attention wherever it goes. It has a purpose though, and regardless of my hatred of it - I can't seem to cease wearing it.

Quorum is like that friend who only calls twice a year to brag about something he bought (while you are 100% certain he is one measly late credit card payment from bankruptcy). It's annoying, but for some reason you look forward to the call.

Quorum is like the Atomic Fire Island chicken's not fit for human consumption, so you buy ONE as a joke for the guy who says "nothing is too spicy for me".
One spray, and it's an inside joke. Two sprays, and your friends will start planning an intervention.

There are a ton of notes listed, and honestly, looking at the pyramid makes me ill. Yet, somehow I still take a deep breath every Thursday morning and pump 6 massive squirts onto my to work with the windows down...and wait for the sillage trail to offend people. For that reason, I give it a neutral. Once a week, it's golden - every other day, it's as close to the garbage can as I can get it.
11th July, 2012
My wife's opinion: "Smelling that on you makes me feel sick."

Mine: it starts out smooth enough and reminds me of Lauder for men but I could already tell it was going to be too mature. As the dry down progresses I'm reminded of the original Polo which makes me cringe. By the end of the evening the juice had settled down to a very subdued tobacco and leather scent that left me feeling indifferent and thankful that I got a cheap deal on this one.

Smart looking bottle but the contents leavemuch to be desired: not the worst thing I've ever worn but definitely dated and far from orignal in smell.
23rd March, 2012
man114 Show all reviews
United States
A dark forest is what I picture. A weird conglomeration of spices and green. Seems to have cinnamon which isn't listed here.

When I wear it I feel like an 80s bar hopper. Smells like it would mix well with cigarette smoke and such you would find in a bar.

I don't find it to be a powerhouse. It isn't overpowering. It does fade out in its current formulation without much fuss within the period of a standard workday to a skin scent. Older formula seems a bit more crisp. Unlike other reformulations like Polo and Halston here either is acceptable.

I think this would be too brash for most regular wear. I personally don't care what I wear to those aiming to be proper it might seem to strong.
04th October, 2011
quorum is an evergreen spanish fragrance, though it has become very very common but still it has got its grace and charm. to me its very very mature spicy fragrance not for my age group. it's an inexpensive too!
i give it 5.5 out of 10
05th August, 2011
I don't know what to think about Quorum. Silage and longevity are ridiculously powerful. In the past I've wondered if this was the poor man's Polo but I don't think that moniker fits. Polo is far more mysteriously complex. Quorum is an explosion of green, leather and tobacco. For what it set out to be it accomplished those goals faultlessly.

Even with one spray to my neck I wonder if it's too much. I've sat in church and worried that it's distracting to worshipers seated around me. Quorum doesn't do subtle...and I can appreciate that. I'm just not sure what it's trying to say though it screams loudly enough.
28th March, 2011
Dark and soapy with a musty leathery heart. This scent was not as bad as I thought it was going to be I was expecting a beast of a scent. To my nose it was pleasent but as time went on I just felt the scent was a bit oppressive.

There are no bright notes to lighten the fragrance or bring a bit of sweetness it is a full on masculine scent with leather and tobacco done in a soapy way.
05th February, 2011
Quorum is one of the biggest powerhouses ever. I would say the majority of the buyers of Quorum are old school buyers who wore this stuff growing up, as with many powerhouse colognes from the 70's and 80's. Not recommended for a noob for sure. If you like Brut, you like Grey Flannel, maybe even Aspen, you'll like Quorum. This can be very in your face.

Updating my review with a different opinion on this, now after wearing Azzaro pH, and having a little more patience with some of these big time powerhouses. This stuff isn't all that bad, but it is what it is -- a big time chypre, old school, powerhouse. It's good at being that.
23rd March, 2010 (last edited: 04th May, 2010)
A contender fo best 'cheapie' award. For any newbie who is ready to take the plunge into powerhouse style macho frags, it is hard to fault the price point of Quorom. It is about as old scholl as you can get concerning cypres and fougeres.
16th March, 2010
There is nothing sweet, nor delicate about Quorum. It's a men's fragrance and it's wild. Very 80's and I cannot ignore the feeling it's meant for men over 40. The pine, citrus and spices mix is heavy and distinguishable. A good fragrance, long lasting, but not for me.
19th April, 2009
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Admittedly slightly dated eighties classic. It hasn’t kept time as well as many of its relatives.

It is multilayered but not very civilized; it smells harsh and almost spoiled. Like a green population of forest that has been without water for bit too long.

Fresh and warm pine needle note is fantastic, I really do enjoy it.

Quorum is extremely natural smelling scent but, sometimes the nature smells like it has already lost its strength to fight for its luscious and vital existence.

Wonderful bottle!!
03rd February, 2009
I can not really say anything about this other than the fact that is a BEAST. Whoa, this is some loud and obnoxious stuff. A somewhat typical patchouli, leather, tobacco and a powdery amber brooding all over the place in megalith proportions type scent - i.e. a pure 80's heaven scent! That being said, I must admit I like it alot, but only for certain occasions. I only wear it with dark turtleneck sweaters in the dead of winter, period. Even then it is a very difficult one to pull off, IMO. Most of the time if this very specific situation arises, I would rather wear the pre-80's Azzaro - it is not so bold and less powdery, but makes a similar statement.

Most certainly a one spray only concoction.
20th July, 2008
I used to wear Quorum when I was 19. I remember my manager told me "That scent doesn't suit you". Now I know why. Quorum is meant for the 40+ sophisticated crowd, not the under-25-still-partying type of man. There is no question, this scent is extremely assertive and dominant. It knocks you on the floor and orders you to stay down. Not simply because of how strong it is (one spray and you're good to go), but simply because of how masculine and dominant it is. The top notes are very spicy (perhaps a little TOO spicy), but it dries down into a beautiful tobacco scent. Don't be afraid of Quorum ... just ... be careful with it.
21st April, 2008
Took my mom shopping and she wanted to get my dad a cologne so we ended up at Perfumania at the mall and after smelling 20+ different scents she decided this was her favorite. It's a nice, masculine smell that doesn't have any weird, out of place notes like some can have. Some of the other reviews said it was "in your face" but I don't think that at all. My mom picked it over some more expensive ones like D&G for men and Polo Explorer, which I like, but she didn't care for that much.
So if you're looking for a nice, older man, but not "old guy" scent that's inexpensive this would be a good one to try.
13th January, 2008
nthny Show all reviews
United States
Ever since I smelled a young guy at a smoky Irish Pub wearing the most head tilting, interesting, mossy, earthy, smoky, spicy, coniferous fragrance, I've been trying to find it. It could have been Quorum. At first Quorum smells like ones' fingers after mashing pine needles and bark between them. It's really spicy (with cumin) and woody but in a way VERY natural and of the earth and starts off with a clean soap note. I found it at a discount store for $9 so I bought it if for no other reason than to simply study and understand it. Loud and refined, I think this more gentlemanly scent on a younger man could be a fascinating and effective contrast.
02nd August, 2007 (last edited: 26th April, 2008)
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Great price, packaging and longevity aside, Quorum is an unapologetically nasty, brutal, artificial, obnoxious, ill-mannered, no-nonsense take-no-prisoners macho brew - I can almost visualize it playing pool in some seedy bar with chums One Man Show and Jean Couturier 12 – but it is also quite complex and can be fun, although in a very limited range of situations. I like having a decant around for a spritz now and then just for the heck of it, but I doubt I'll ever wear it in good society. Wonder if it'll work better without that cumin note...
24th April, 2007
To say that this cologne is a punch in the face would be an understatement; straight out of the bottle it's an olfactory assault. The upside is that it will last forever. The downside is that you may not get it off. It's a surefire headache inducer with no questions asked. However, I give it a neutral because it is beyond manly in scent alone, just don't expect any sort of finesse whatsoever.
08th September, 2006
One one hand ;longer lasting than Agua Brava, tough centered around the same fougere, bay leaf and aquatic notes, one the other hand, the most vile notes of this one last. Excessively powdery, like a 40+, more precisely, a 40+ women's scent. Dated, unsophisticated, flat.
14th August, 2006
A classic from the '80, like Azzaro and Drakkar noir. Very strong, tobbacco is the predominant note. Like Agua Brava, can be overwhelming and suffocative in excess.
15th November, 2005