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Current formula is a castrated synthetic dreck. That, plus crap! Unrecognizable, imo. The Industry has gone from quality to quantity starting some 15-20 years ago.
Ooh, and don't forget the idiots association for ruining all fragrances (or IFRA)...
I'm glad I've got a big "damage control"-box of pure essential oils including the Mother of them all: oakmoss!
Pure, concentrated, undiluted, thick, beautiful steam-distilled oakmoss oil...
Choke on that, Mr. IFRA man.

Sorry for the whiplashing.

Vtg Quorum: 10/10
Current Quorum: 2/10
09th April, 2018
Antonio Puig as a design house had hummed along for years under the merits of it's classic 1940 Agua Lavanda, which was a staple unisex lavender cologne pure and simple. Aqua Brava for men came along in 1968 and definitely made it's mark early on as an aromatic fougère with a flair for Mediterranean herbs, essentially being Spain's answer to Speidel's British Sterling from 1964. Carlos Benaim of Ralph Lauren Polo (1978) fame and later Calvin Klein Eternity for Men (1989) worked on this Aqua Brava sequel alongside longtime Puig perfumer Rosendo Mateu, which had worked on Agua Brava, Brummel (1975, and also which initially had US distribution under Williams), then later Sybaris (1988). Max Gavarry, who assisted Mateu with Brummel and designed Z-14 for Halston in 1976 also helped with Quorum, which meant 3 fairly prominent masculine perfumers on one creation! It's happened before of course, and one would think this should lead to an amazing scent profile, but in most cases it leads to the old saying of "Too many cooks". Does that apply here? Well, almost. Quorum is a good early 80's masculine, and a solid winner for fans of the style, greatly remembered and carried on with flankers over the years, but it isn't revolutionary. Instead, it's a composite of values that would seem conventional by the 80's, but a competent one that sold like hot cakes.

Quorum is also ironically named, as the word means "minimum number of members needed to validate a governing body/session of said body", and since we have a whopping 3 perfumers on one fragrance, it makes the way the juice smells seem all the more amusing. What we end up with here is mostly a direct splicing of ideas taken from the then-most-recent masculines from each perfumer in question. In this instance, I'm referring to bits of Aqua Brava created by Mateu, Polo by Benaim, and Z-14 by Gavarry; I can't say for certain it's 100% the intent, but if it was, then "Quorum" is truly the perfect name. Artemisia, caraway, bergamot, and lemon open this, establishing the connection to Aqua Brava right away, but in place of that older scent's clove and bay, Quorum brings us a very Polo-like mid section of pine flanked with patchouli, cyclamen, jasmine, carnation, and sandalwood; it most often is compared to Polo more so than the others, and the pine is likely the cause. The final woodsy transitional accord in the heart to the mossy base passes us through the "Halston phase" of the chimera-like scent until we reach a finish that's very reminiscent of Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme (1978), with it's leather, amber, and oakmoss. Tobacco and olibdanum round out the scent to give it a crisper and drier finish than VC&APH's castoreum-fueled vibrato, but ultimately louder. 70's style with 80's projection, which alone might be a one-two knockout punch for the right guy.

Quorum is an interesting but superfluous experience for the guy who's smelled or owned all of the fragrances it references in it's pot luck construction, and the guy who smells Quorum first might feel like all of those others (with the exception of maybe Polo) are unnecessary if a bottle of this is already in hand. I personally think that peas and carrots are good whether mixed or separate, so I feel fine owning an 80's powerhouse that is a medly of late 60's and 70's greats, plus the very fragrances it combines as well, but in the name of pragmatism I declare this good albeit derivative for it's day. Puig must have opted out of playing the hyper-masculine game alongside Chanel, Bogart, and YSL at the time, playing it safe with this offering instead until the late-arriving Sybaris reared it's head 6 years down the road. Maybe Quorum's amalgamated nature and panel of perfumers involved was part of the sales pitch to retailers? Who knows. Perfectly dapper and adequate for fans of green, mossy, and leathery gentleman's chypres of the 70's style, despite it's 1982 launch. Business-friendly but otherwise unfashonable in the 21st century, Puig moved Quorum downmarket and it still continues to fly off Walmart and Target shelves to this day. Go figure.
23rd March, 2018
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United Kingdom
I owned it in the late eighties...
To me is a subtler version of green POLO at a fraction of the price... If you love POLO you will love this.
Not POLO sillage but beats it on longevity

Nowadays in the UK costs peanuts... so I will order one soon

08th January, 2018
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I like big moss and leathers. I like the idea you don't have to drop a benjiman or two to smell simply like what a simple manly man might care to smell like when wearing his joe-six-pack, dumb-reach cologne from day to day and throughout those days.

Differs to One Man Show by degree of soap and I don't have issues with soap. I once had a deep vintage but don't feel it necessary, however I'd definitely suggest going pre-IFRA 43 (i.e. moss restriction c.2010 or so) with these types if you can.

Awesome value. Not one to overthink.
03rd January, 2018
I have a flacon of this awesome stuff that's a pre-barcode and the batch code dates it to 1986. Quorum is phenomenal and nuclear strong, especially the lasting power of an achievable 24+ hours where by then it's a silky smooth oakmoss moderate skin scent. Smells better when dabbed then atomized although I do like to atomize it from time to time, it comes out deeper when dabbed and insane sillage when atomized. I always thought that I hated oakmoss until I smelled a proper vintage.

What I get from this is pine, patchouli, jasmine, tobacco and oakmoss and it smells superb from beginning to end. There is a funk aspect for about two hours in the heart notes that I can never quite place but it's definitely animalic, sightly poopy but not nearly anything that's off putting, hard to explain but it's there although I personally enjoy it. Quorum is a fantastic scent, excellent ingredients with very good note separation.

I can't speak for any reformulations because I don't waste my time with those IFRA abominations, in anything for that matter. Only vintage, always. Reformulations make me feel incredibly depressed, even viewing the packaging is saddening.
12th October, 2017
Not too bad. Quorum is patterned after the original Polo, or, seems to bean attempt to cover the same basic template, with more herbs mixed in. Quorum has a dirtier, mustier vibe than Polo does in my opinion. I don't mind Quorum. It's a great value for the price, and if applied lightly is enjoyable.
27th August, 2017
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United States
Antonio Puig’s Quorum is not the snarling powerhouse beast that I had always thought. I recently bought it—blind—and instantly recognized a soapy, woody/herbal manly scent that is very familiar, remarkably comforting and resolutely masculine. Instead of being loud, the way most powerhouses are characterized, it is assertive. Quorum has made up its mind, thrown back its broad shoulders and marches forward, asserting to all who come into its wake that this is a man’s fragrance. The bergamot, lemon and grapefruit in the top notes give it a passing post shower and shave freshness. The pine, sandalwood and patchouli in its heart notes are bolstered by the florals—jasmine, cyclamen and carnation—but so well blended that they do not announce themselves individually but simply round out the strong woods. There is cumin in the mix, with its usual sweaty note (all of this assertiveness can cause you to work up a sweat) but in this case is far in the background. Quorum really comes into its own in the base notes, where leather and tobacco play a supporting role to the oak moss—lots and lots of oak moss—that is slightly sweetened with a note of amber. Even in its latest iteration there is tree and oak moss which gives this a distinctly pre-IFRA feel; not dated, but simply from a better time when restrictions were not a concern. For the price, this is a no brainer.
10th May, 2017
Do you like big, mossy, woody, leathery tobacco scents that take no prisoners? Do you enjoy cumin? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions...or even just one of need to try Quorum.

The opening is a little scattered. There's a lot going on. The actors are all trying to find their place on stage, and it takes a few moments for something pleasant to emerge - but oh, when it does, we get this amazingly deep herbal/piney/smoky/dusty/leather/tobacco chord that basically forms the backbone of Quorum until the end. It's brighter, with more emphasis on the herbal/pine in the opening, and gradually deepens into a dry-ish leather/moss/tobacco accord that feels very "alive" and dynamic on skin. Totally masculine, but not a caricature.

Cumin is present to varying degrees throughout. It contributes to the "sweaty" impression, depending on the circumstance. Quorum can easily turn into a thick, gloomy, smoker-BO nightmare if applied heavily in warm weather.

But when applied in moderation in cooler weather, it's dusty, crunchy, savory and just very satisfying. So on me, it's a fall and winter scent *exclusively*, though it could be my skin. I do love cumin in general, but it's a little temperamental here, and requires the right conditions. With that caveat, Quorum is one of my favorite cool-weather scents.
08th November, 2016
When I first smelled this, I disliked it. I think I wasn't patience with Quorum, but months later I smelt it on someone (after getting Silver Quorum) and it was so good. It smelt masculine and matured....I wanted a bottle.

Nice piece.
28th September, 2016
Powerhouse masterpiece. 'Quorum' by Antonio Puig first hit me around 1986 thanks to my father wearing it everyday everywhere he went. It was and remains a powerful, strong, long lasting masculine scent that is undeniably unique, rich and bold.

Leather, tobacco, moss and greens. Through and through. The initial blast has a slight hint of broiled lemons, citrus, jasmine, greens and pine.

Base of leather, patchouli, tobacco, and jasmine balances the zesty top notes and really create an almost dirty, musky low end that is absolutely fantastic. This always get me compliments from beautiful, mature women, the upper thirties to forties types.

Longevity is well over 12+ hours and with a liberal application of a dozen sprays to neck, chest, shoulders and wrists, this stuff will project like a beast all day and stays on clothes and sheets for several days. This is NOT for the 'sport' or 'aqua' scent dudes, this is the real deal. Manhood in a bottle.
19th August, 2016 (last edited: 18th August, 2016)
I remember first smelling Quorum in mid-1985 when christmas shopping with my mother. We wandered around the snowy city until it became dark and almost lost hope in finding suitable gifts for everyone. In a dingy department store, on the brink of closing down, there were bottles of fragrance going rather cheaply. One of them was Quorum and I was drawn to the bottle (the aftershave) because it looked like a large, green jewel. The contents, a spicy, smokey forest. I used my saved pocket money to buy it for my father.

I hadn't smelled it since that time, until today. To be honest I can't properly recall the smell of thirty-one years ago to compare, but I like it. There's no denying that it is similar in structure to Pino Silvestre, but more like Pino enveloped in several more layers of aromas: its bergamot tempers the lavender better; the peppery note is more refined; the pine is more subdued and woody. The separating note is really the tobacco, perhaps also the amber. Like someone else remarked, you also get shades of Polo (green) from this.

The overall impression can be conjured up by the fantastical vision of a tobacco-drying hut in the middle of a forest, where the lone, leather-aproned occupant has a sideline in griding spices and growing lemons.

Old-fashioned chic that hasn't gone out of fashion for men who like to smell like old-school men rather than aqua-perfumed boys.
26th July, 2016
Superb, if you love old-fashioned, masculine, uncompromising scents : I do.
First point. Insanely good value. It was cheap enough to risk a blind buy , which I'd never normally do unless a fragrance was both cheap and had a shed load of good reviews. Check and check.
It opens with a blast of soapy citrus, like strong lemon soap. And I get tobacco too, even at this early stage. Then moss, wood, tobacco, pine. The combination reminds me of the smell of a man getting washed in the bathroom in the morning. Closest scent to it: for me, Polo green.
It fades eventually to a delicious mossy, piny skin scent.
Longevity and sillage : both good.
This is a man who is older, very masculine, unaffected, uncompromising, rugged. Clean-cut but don't mess with him. Very sexy in a hard, masculine way. I can imagine the actor Ray Winstone in this.
It makes me feel masculine and confident. I'd take it with me travelling abroad on business: 1) because it's so cheap it doesn't matter if the airline loses your luggage or you leave it in a hotel room by mistake 2) the smell reminds me of travel, I really don't know why, but when I first smelled it I instantly saw a man sitting down on the seat next to me on a train (odd) and 3) suitable for any occasion, just use less for during the day.
Great stuff.
September 2015.
17th September, 2015
Close your eyes and think of the smell of a pine forest on a crisp autumn morning:inhale the bracing air,so green,so herbal,so brisk!then allow yourself to feel the clean and fresh feel and some natural masculine smell,undercurrent peeking through.then you have QUORUM by ANTONIO PUIG.definitely a must have for GENTLEMAN.It is a sophisticated men's fragrance that quickly establishes the user as a man of classic style and culture. Woody,Classic,Elegant,Aromatic, Bitter,Inviting,Inexpensive and Ultra Masculine.

It is based on the accord between the spicy freshness of pine tree and citruses and the deep,mellow scent of tobacco,leather and oakmoss.A harmonic combination of citrus with woods which instantly reads as masculine,chic,classic,fresh and warm at the same time,if you know what i mean...for a classic masculine reminds me of a formal gathering wearing a tuxedo. definitely not for boys.confident, sophisticated andmature men need only apply.It is also perfect for serious business meetings.the price is great.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
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sly303 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Jeeez Quorum what a powertower of a fragrance. A ubiquitous product across the forums for a few reasons... Firstly, even if you fail to get on with with the content, the bottle is must have for the cabinet; a broad shouldered, masculine, 80's max barbershop classic! Amazing.

This one took me three attempts to finally appreciate its rawness, its attitude and its powerful notes of lemon, jasmine, leather (in that order). My mistake was a heavy trigger finger. Advise on one or two max and trust me, that will suffice for the day ahead. Perhaps even just one on the back of the neck.

Totally agree with some of the below comments in that this fragrance will not get you the complements from the pretty ladiez but will certainly make your shoulders broader ! grrrr

13th April, 2015
Damn this fragrance was the King in the 80s. wherever whenever you had it on people asked what you were wearing? Even today its a superb scent. This fragrance is like a Audi Quattro built for the kill, the first of a kind, that never held back and won accolades, however like a racist joke no matter how funny it is people wont admit that they find it funny. Maybe behind closed doors they will say damn thats good and if perfumes were prohibited that speakeasies would open and the number one scent Quorum! It is like the Film Predator, full of characters, upfront no pretence, however because there is no alpha female in the plot very frowned upon by those who tell us about being blase about a scent!
09th April, 2015
Never thought I would like this. Pine resin, pipe tobacco, cigarette ash, brown sugar and some hitherto undescribed species of acrid citrus fruit. Quorum is a living thing that wafts about you in a multifaceted powerhouse cloud. I suspect that most women dislike it with a vengeance, my wife certainly does. Oh, well, I will just keep it on my shelf and admire the bottle, it's a minor design masterpiece.
06th March, 2015
Just got vintage version! As two Bnoters mentioned earlier, both versions are POWERFUL WOODY AROMATIC SPICE scents.
Vintage, is slightly more sandalwoody (in India sandalwood is used daily in temples /worship, so i know the note like the back of m hand! ),lesser pine, more animalic leather, solid patchouli /jasmine(again native to India! Locally called -"champa/chameli"in Indi ), faint tobacco(( as an accord not as a note (oakmoss/patchouli/leather combo=tobacco ish accord ), also the projection is smooth heavy but unlike Reformulation/New which is loud and slightly sweeter than in Vintage.
Longevity IN BOTH VERSIONS IS AWESOMELY incredible! UNLIKE TODAY 's wimpy metrosexual aquatic/gourmand crap which hardly last a work-day! Qourum stays in clothes for days! On skin 12 hours plus. (Tried & tested personally! ) If you are thirty, like Azzaro PH, Pacco Rabbane PH,Tsar, Kouros etc, you will DIG this master-creation by Puig.
03rd March, 2015
ION-ONE Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Wonderful fragrance.

This is the fragrance equivalent of that awkward, quirky, eccentric uncle who time got away from - sure he can rub people up the wrong way, but when we spend time with him the offbeat character really shines through. Clearly this one is not setting out to please everyone in polite-society, it is anti-mainstream - not consciously, just by being content with itself. Happy to be of another time and able to see straight through all the passing trends with a knowing wry smile.

A very green, fresh, aromatic opening. Bergamot, lemony pine needles and raw spices. The spice resembles coriander, caraway and cumin that has just been bashed up to release the raw aroma. On a spring day we can almost detect a a fresh cut grass greenness.

The leather dominates from quite early on. This is an imperfect or well-worn, near animalic leather. A possible hint of civet adds to the animalic feel. Difficult to detect any real floral notes which must be well hidden in the background, rather, pine cuts through the harsher notes giving a barber's talc aroma. Bitter and dry and only slightly smoked. Finally the drydown to oakmoss completes the fouguere powerhouse.

Overall rough, rugged and raw, Unapologetic and masculine. Fans of barbershop scents should check this out. Shares characteristics with Rive Gauche, Brut, Eau Sauvage and even Farenheit. This would be cheap at twice the price. Perfect antidote to all the timid releases of today.
08th February, 2015
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Great value for money in terms of quantity and scent. The most I get out of this fragrance is pine, leather, white soap and Marlboro cigarette tobacco/ash. Some days I get a pine forest in winter feeling and other days it smells like an old worn leather jacket impregnated with cigarette smoke. A smoky, clean, green fragrance. Definitely for the fall season; decent sillage, projection and longevity. Quorum is certainly a classic; I remember it being popular in the 1980s and it conjures up memories of Pye televisions with wood-effect casing next to the fireplace at home during a white Christmas. Quorum is masculine, homey and stimulates self-confidence.
05th February, 2015
I had read in various locations on here about a sour, foul, almost turned note within this fragrance (described by some as colorfully as "cat pee"), and I got that too, in ways almost smelled like a fart at times - there's something in there that just ruined and made an otherwise fantastic fragrance unwearable. So I inquired on here within the Powerhouse group as to any alternatives to Quorum, any "clones" if you will, that were close but without that one ruining note in there.

One member suggested Krizia Uomo, which is wonderful! However at the same time I had arranged a swap with a highly reputable and wonderful fellow basenote member, thus acquiring a VINTAGE bottle of Quorum. The bottle I had originally purchased was current formulation. I have to say, being relatively new to this scene, this was my first clear lesson on how very different a reformulation can be. The vintage bottle of Quorum I received has a fragrance that I absolutely love, and is without that terrible, intolerable, ruining note in it that the newer bottle I have possesses.

So my thumbs up rating is for the vintage formulation, not the new one which I just couldn't wear. For anyone having similar experience with this fragrance, or considering purchasing this fragrance for the first time, I hope that having shared my experience in this review will be of help to you.
02nd November, 2014
A beautifully crafted sculpture by an artist who is passionate about his muse. A sapphire from the rarest of rare mines. An exquisite masterpiece. If I was a poet, I'd go on and on writing sonnets in praise of this beauty. Sadly I am not. But then there are those moments when you say to yourself... yes this is perfect.. a perfect song, a perfect landscape, a perfect story, a perfect moment. Every time I take a deep whiff of this powerhouse, I can't help but say to myself... yeah, now this is perfect!!

Hats off to the creators!
06th August, 2014
BOOM 1982! I love Quorum because it always changes. One day I smell fragments of Polo Green pine / frankincense and the next a huge face full of grapefruit / smokey moss. I am a big fan of the powerhouse frags and this beauty does the job every time. Also, at $12 you can pick up two bottles and use them as bookends around your Blade Runner Super Deluxe Blu-Ray set.
23rd July, 2014
Quorum is like a Dirty Martini. A fabulous cocktail, but not one perhaps to drink everyday, and one that's just a tad different each and every time. Some days I wear Quorum and I swear I'm wearing a less "dry" and less synthetic Polo Green. Other days, I smell to myself like I've just gotten off a long kitchen shift in an Asian restaurant. And other days I get both, with a big patchouli base. And yet mixed together, it still holds it all together and works for me. That, I think, is the genius of this fragrance. While it may not be as refined as some, it packs such a rich and fabulous masculine wallop that you can't help but grin and say, "just go with it." A great fougere in the classic sense. Thus, I raise my glass to Quorum.
19th April, 2014
Rich, dense, raw opening in a perfectly classic fougère style. A textured blend of green balsamic notes on spices and citrus drips, with a rich and natural oak moss note on ambers and bold, resinous aromatic woods. The leather note emerges as minute pass: honest, shady, solid, slightly rubbery and dry. A great, manly, elegant, rich and self-conscious fougère – still not tacky or cloying. With just a hint of that gloomy, sweaty personality many powerhouses had in the 70s/80s (some more elegant and understated fougères like Tsar are like old, classic Mercedes cars; this is rather the fast & noisy Alfetta Spider). Highy wearable today as well. I own a vintage version and I have heard is has subsequently been reformulated on a more green/fresh tone – probably still good, I don't know.

17th April, 2014 (last edited: 18th April, 2014)
Quorum is a classic. A true must have for many fragrance collectors. One thing about this scent that makes it so nice is not the overwhelming grapefruit you get when first applied but rather the dry down stage on its own. After and hour Quorum has a amazing pine musk scent which will make you fall in love with this.
15th April, 2014
There is a lot of talk about the age group who would use Quorum. To me it is a non issue as I cannot see anyone under 30 even trying this. That is a good thing. I really enjoy this fragrance. It makes me think of the things that matter in life…unlike clubbing and grades etc…
18th February, 2014
My uncle wore this back in the day. He was a gentleman. This is a gentleman's scent. Now that I'm in my 50's, I can wear this and not feel like a boy playing dress up. This is grown up stuff. Such a great value. A fall/winter go-to for me.
27th December, 2013
I bought this blind purely on the reviews on BN. I don't have a nose anywhere near as good as many on here, but this scent is superb. Real manly. Like others have said, two sprays is ample. Plus I got it for $15.
30th November, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2013)
A perfume to not hesitate

It breaks my schemes. I don't trust cheapies but, with it, you can save money for a lifetime without regrets. I don't understand the word "powerhouse" but I'm sure this is not, because is mild. This is turbid, very powdery and flowery in the mid notes. As you can learn reading this reviews, maybe is a happy reformulation. What strikes me more is the confidence of the way it conveys its message. This is something to learn from it or, as you wsih, from its author. The drydown is very soft tabac.

Pros: Clarity of message: turbidity & boldness
Cons: People´s state of mind is somewhere else"

10th October, 2013
The man who drives a Malibu Woody

I have the new version, the bergamot,oakmoss,pine and sandalwood are well done where the bergamot and citrus are floating well between the earthy tones.

Its a manly scent. I thought it would be harsher and tougher as i bought it blind but to my suprise this is a very "mild" fragrance. Mild in a way its a clean fresh bergamot rolled in the sand kind a way.
Good projection and longevity. stays long ons skin especially hairy skin. (arms,chest) if you have enough hair offcourse.

Someone told in a review its like a man who is not cheating on his wife/girlfriend and i agree with that.
Its for a type of guy who drives a woody stationcar and loves his family, not a party guy.

Very down to earth, very masculine in a somehow musty way
not like Kouros i say.
Not expensive.

Pros: A certain powerhouse

28th August, 2013