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Neutral Reviews of R by Révillon

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A "mass-enjoyable/easy-going/go to down town for a noisy night out of fun" barely more than mediocre scent performed by a skilful perfumer (Maurice Roucel) for an historical respectful brand. A captivating casual, sporty, juvenile and versatile formula evolving from its initial freshly floral fluidy/gymnic (90's mainstream) opening to a final mossy-leathery dry down, passing across a central (to me quite unpleasant) amberish/spicy semi-oriental stage. A remarkably 90's in style woody-floral Revillon's creation with a lily of the valley/violet leaves/jasmine (supposedly) based intense floral presence, a typical fluidy-aqueous-citric (vaguely aquatic?) 90's accord, a fair dose of synthetic soapiness and a final touch of pleasant mossy leather. Oakmoss provides earthiness, a tad of "resinous bitter stickiness" (a la Acqua di Biella Ca' Luna) and complexity, "emancipating" (in its link with leather) the juice from the status of real mediocrity. The main introducing R's accord conjures me initially more than vaguely mainstream floral/aquatic 90's scents a la Joop Nightflight or stuffs like that but Revillon R develops soon a quite evident central spicy (kind of dusty cinnamonic) semi-oriental synth-amber/leather's presence leaning on the side of warmer (aromachemical-infused) scents a la Davidoff Hot Water, Creed Original Santal, Vince Camuto Pour Homme, Gaultier Le Beau Male or Prada Luna Rossa. Honestly, mostly in its central phase, this fragrance is not enough interesting to me, I find it versatile, salty-sugary-spicy, probably appealing to younger crowds but not enough structured or particular to reach a full thumbs up. A lavender/violet/herbal notes/citrus initial elegant twist ends to gradually morph towards an amberish-spicy-leathery boring develop with a salty/sporty/floral undertone quite common and mainstream (finally fortunately "elevated" by something mossy-earthy). In this phase it seems to wear a sort of less salty and spicier (more amberish and leathery) Gaultier Le Beau Male, with a quite similar sporty-floral-herbal main vibe. Honestly I have to say that the more a mossy-leather emerges (and spicy ambroxan recedes) the more I appreciate the juice (but probably is too late or not enough for a full thumbs up). Inhaling deeply my skin in this final phase I get leather flanked (and supported) by a sort of likeable mossy (oakmoss) resinous earthiness which I really appreciate. The worst aspect is anyway that boring spicy-amberish-salty/floral central sultriness that I find fulsome and nowadays redundant. Dry down is slightly powdery (because of the yet operating spicy ambroxan) but endly mossy, comforting, virile and leathery. This stage provides a partial redemption for the whole olfactory "fatigue". Average is anyway my final humble rating.
23rd November, 2015