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Nice, clean, green and inoffensive. Reminds me of 90s aftershaves like Gillete Cool Wave. Refreshing and crowd-pleasing.

Decent projection. I'm not struggling to smell it and I keep getting wafts of it.
19th August, 2017
Stardate 20170818:

A good cheapie. It has everything - citrus, leather, oriental, powder. Not easy to pull off but R does it. It knows how to balance them all.
Colin Maillard review is how I feel about it.
18th August, 2017
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United States
R goes on with a fresh, light spruce and oakmoss driven green accord before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the oakmoss fades to background but the spruce remains in the fore, now joined by slightly powdery lavender with faint hints of relatively sweet tonka bean and cinnamon infused aqueous amber. During the late dry-down the composition eschews its sweetness, turning to slightly powdery oakmoss with supporting cedarwood through the finish. Projection is good but longevity near dead-center average at about 8 hours on skin.

Revillon is a house with a great history of releasing winners. After sampling most of the rest of its offerings and being highly impressed it was time to see if one of its latter releases from the 90's, R, was yet another one. In truth, when I first applied R on skin I thought that it shared a lot of similarities with many fresh, aquatic type compositions from that decade. R really isn't an aquatic, but it has an ambery aspect that is reminiscent of many aquatics of its time. Something you notice immediately that you *won't* find in many fresh, aquatic type compositions is a significant oakmoss component. Unlike its best offerings like French Line, Revillon pour Homme and Eau de Revillon Eau Fraiche, the oakmoss in R is much more subtle, blending with the other composition components, but there is no mistaking its presence and it is wholly welcome. Less welcome is a tonka bean derived sweetness that permeates the key middle section of the composition's development which at times can be a hair too much. That said, the sweetness never gets too out of control and by the late dry-down it is all but absent, switching gears to instead focus on the powdery facet of oakmoss, differing from its more mossy green aspect shown earlier. The cedar in the base is used solely as a complement to the powdery oakmoss, never calling much attention to itself. At the end of the day, R didn't wow me anywhere near the other Revillon compositions I have tried (and indeed also bought), but that is not to imply it isn't good when evaluated independently. No, R won't make many "Best of Revillon" lists and certainly not mine, but it is a good easy to wear option if one wants a fresh aquatic-like composition, sans the aquatic, with a bit of well integrated oakmoss thrown in for good measure. The bottom line is the $14 per 100ml bottle R is a relatively inexpensive option that does not smell inexpensive, earning it a solid "good" 3 star out of 5 rating and a minor recommendation. If one is seeking this kind of composition, I recommend also checking out the long since discontinued and oft unfairly mocked Kerleo composed Voyageur by Jean Patou for a little bit more money on the aftermarket, but a better result.
28th May, 2015
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R by Revillon is indeed the little gem one may assume by reading the reviews. I still haven’t clear what makes it so nice, but well, it is. Basically it is a really clean, pleasantly conventional, decidedly 1990’s scent with a touch of distinction and a truly respectable quality. For this price, I’d dare to say this is probably the best “bang for the buck” you’ll ever find. This is a perfectly compelling and quite remarkable “true fragrance” with the price of a shitty deodorant. A smooth masculine fragrance revolving around crisp woods, tart herbs, a hint of smooth leather, an Oriental spicy accord, a subtle and terribly pleasant sweet-powdery note, something resinous and slightly green (green I mean here “pine” green) floating on the background providing a sort of watery-balsamic feel. Perfect subtle barbershop-like drydown, woody and slightly powdery with still a hint of classy leather. Overall R ranges from balsamic to spicy and woody, mostly focusing on delivering a feel of “ balmy effortless cleanliness”. This places it among the great masculine classics meant for men to splash generously after a shave or a shower: nothing avantgarde, nothing overly “sexy”, nothing meant to rule the club and steal the ladies to other ill-scented boys. Just something to smell good – in its highest meaning - and elegant, echoing Hardy Amies’ golden rule of mens’ elegance (“a man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them”). Which is by no means something “easy” to accomplish, and that’s what makes R by Revillon a precious little gem. If Roucel really composed this, well, no surprise. Revillon deserves all respect for making such a nice scent at such a honest price. Probably my irrelevant final mark is higher than it should, but who cares, I can’t help loving and supporting the ridiculously cheap price and the understated attitude of this fragrance.

05th May, 2015
I cannot agree more with the perfect review of ericrico. Not that much to add........
To me this is one of the the best smelling fresh fragrances out of the designer range of frags I own/know.
It will remind you of many but still smells different! A positive aspect is that it smells pretty natural and not that synthetic as many other fresh (aquatic) fragrances. As said; the notes are very well blended and I can only agree to that. The drawback is that it does not last longer than 4 hrs tops and is just below average on sillage about one hour after application.
As there are many occasions one wants to smell clean, fresh and inoffensive for 3-4 hrs, this is a must buy for me!
Rating: 9/10

08th April, 2015
R de Revillon (“R”)

What a fresh, clean splash when you're not quite in the mood for an Eau de or Aqua di Event! I bought this blind at the suggestion of mr. ericrico’s enthusiastic comments and glad I did.

Splash a cupped handful all over yourself. A little dry chalky melon, a little marine, then a little clean musk and a little wood is what you’ll get and it lasts plenty long for something with the feel of an edc. Understated, yet a quiet masculine done right and priced right. If you expect to be blown away… move on to the next one.

I'm 52, for reference. Wear it in the summer. Impossible to over-apply. Very economical – like others, I got a big bottle for around $2.25/oz. Perhaps THE perfect Father’s Day gift. Fin 8/26/14.
26th August, 2014
An aquatic with a backbone


Now THIS is what an aquatic should be! Light, refreshing, crisp, but with a bit of spine. I would describe "R" as a woody floral, with a bit of clean, dry leather lurking in the background.

The leather really appears if you use an atomizer. In the traditional splash bottle, the floral notes take center stage. All in all, I think I prefer the splash for this particular fragrance.

"R" is a great choice for a sweltering summer day. It is inoffensive but interesting--you won't smell like anyone else. And as EricRico pointed out in his PERFECT review, "R" was composed by the maestro himself, Maurice Roucel.

Best of all, "R" is a bargain! A 6.7 oz bottle can be purchased online for under $20, so there is virtually no risk to trying it.

Highly recommended and one of my go-to summer fragrances

Pros: beautiful floral woody notes
Cons: not terribly long lasting"

26th August, 2013
Very hard to describe indeed. Smells like a better version of Between the Sheets by Van Gills, yet another obscure fragrance.

I would describe it as titration of cardboard. Does not sound very interesting but it is the best smelling cardboard I have ever sampled.

There is an overall non-feminine sweetness, a hint of musk, some vanillaic qualities and a clean spicy-ness, white/pink pepper me think. It's old and new at the same time.

Take Fahrenheit and clean it up to 45% strength then add a bit of vanilla, then brighten the composition with a tinge of diluted sharp green citrus. Now dial the final juice back to about 80% strength.

Inexpensive and well worth a blind buy.
28th March, 2013
What a great fragrance! An EdT that comes in an attractive and heavy 6.7 oz bottle for less than $15. Ok.... It must smell weak or horrible... load up my glass atomizer (it's a splash bottle)..5 or 6 spritzes and *sniff*...... no way!!! Yeah it smells fantastic, and the longer it stays on you the better it smells. Best part is this is a low projecting EdT that you can douse yourself in. It actually lasts quite awhile on my skin (6 hours) and the dry down is just as good if not better than the opening. It's like a sllightly woody tonka bean drydown, but the rest of the notes are still there which makes it interesting. Another basenotes member recommended this and I'm very glad that I listened. Thank you!
27th September, 2012
Nice "ultra-clean" aromatic with a wonderful blended composition by Maurice Roucel! I like what he did here - and see it almost as a throwback scent, but there is something decisively modern about it. No dust - there is a super fresh feeling one gets with a bit of a soft powdery vibe along with liquid/ozonic notes mainly from violet.

My notes are: Top - splash of light citrus - bergamot mostly, a sprig of lavender with both the floral and herbal/green aspects (creating a light and breezy accord, not heavy at all as lavender can be), and a dash of some "liquid" notes - a slightly ozonic quality that stems from the violet - very nice!

The middle warms up along with the spices...with a hint of cedar, but there is very little wood in here - and I find a nice bit of artemisia (and possibly other light herbal notes) adding some greenery. The spices are fragrant, and intermingle nicely - they warm up the composition a touch...pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander is what I can detect. Nothing is loud - just a bit of sparkle, then warmth. Violet made a nice entrance and is with you throughout, but is not overly-dominant. It blends with the wonderful lavender on top and spices in the heart.

Base - this stays light and wears relatively close with a clean white musk and very fresh, powdery vibe that I love. Also, after wearing this a lot (I've used a total of over half a 200ml bottle) - I have found that nice light cedar/fir balsam note in the finish - with the violet staying present into the dry down as well. It is clean and adds a bit of depth.

Last notes to mention is ambroxan with the white 'laundry' musk and a crisp, clean leather note that comes in at the base. I have found longevity (with a nice, liberal application) to be fairly adequate. Layering with the Splash After Shave is when this shines - this never gets cloying. If I want to touch-up, I just reapply a bit more Revillon R and enjoy the fragrance from top to bottom again before leaving the house (or bring a small decant along with me and put on a few spritzes any time I feel the desire). Also...this is a great out-of-the-shower scent and will allow you to go to something different (without needing to wash it off) after just a few hours, if you so desire.

This is a really great, relatively unknown fragrance from a true master in the perfume world in Monsieur Roucel! The price is great - and since it is light and wears like an EDC or even splash after-shave, I like to apply it liberally. I get compliments when I wear this, especially from my wife in the first 30 minutes or so...she loves the top and middle especially (but it is never at a point where it changes dramatically). Longevity is adequate/moderate, around 3-4 hours (at most) leaving a non-obtrusive and clean base you can put virtually anything over (and for me, that may actually be nice - as I find myself wanting to wear or even layer a couple of fragrances during the day). Pick another aromatic fougere with nice lavender in the top and put it over this at midday - no worries.

How to apply is key for me. I bought a 200ml splash (big bottle) for a great price. I unscrew the cap and pour a fair amount of Revillon R either into my cupped hand or, preferably, into the cap itself...probably 2/3 to a full cap and "splash" it on my neck, face, hair and a few wet palms on my shirt. It creates a very nice aura - now you know what Revillon R is all about. Awesome scent for the price. 8/10 overall (due to moderate longevity), but 8.8/10 for the scent and price tag. Settle at a 8.5/10 and a strong recommendation to buy. Year-round simply cannot over-apply this and the more I wear it, the more I come back to it. Cheers to the Revillon house and Maurice Roucel!
02nd January, 2012 (last edited: 13th July, 2016)
I am doing a 180 turn here, this fragrance is outstanding, I didn't like it too much at the first but the more I wear it, the more I like it, and now it is becoming one of my favorites.
Spices, leather, woods and a herb/flowery note that I thought was lavender, but now I realize it is some other kind of flower/herb note that also hints of juniper and pine.
I highly recommend this scent, a winner.
20th August, 2010 (last edited: 27th February, 2013)
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United Kingdom
Kind of old fashioned in a very clean sort of way.No one could object to this smell and it is definately masculine.I could imagine a well dressed city gent wearing this in Paris for a business lunch.I detect some lavender in there but not a sickly sweet sort like caron pour un homme.Definately one of my favorites for summer without being a citrus summer scent.
13th August, 2008
Not sensual but sexy, optimistic, fresh and lasting fragance. A charming balance between fruity and sweetness, with a elegant combination of sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Amber at the end... Difficult to find, im afraid. My first love at first smell in the perfumerie world!!
07th August, 2005
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This is a GREAT scent!!! And it's a very hard one to describe. It IS soft and green, and a little sweet...but it still has body and surprising staying power...yet NEVER overpowering. If you like a fresh, clean, slightly sweet scent...then Revillion is the Scent for you. It IS hard to find. I've also used the After Shave and the spray deodorant...but those, too, are very hard to find. This is one of my favorites. It's definitely worth a try.
06th March, 2004