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Neutral Reviews of Rahät Loukoum by Serge Lutens

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To me this is a nice rosy/almondy eau de toilette. It is very faint, not alot of sillage. I like Un Bois Vanille alot more.
27th April, 2006
A bitter almond opening that reminds me of Amaretto liquor. Later becomes soft and fluffy and a little powdery , but not of the talcum variety. More of the dusting sugar persuasion. Sweet , but not sickeningly so.
Having tasted many times the real sweet , Loukhoum, which is made of rosewater jelly and dusting sugar and is sometimes ( in one variety ) perfumed with almond essence , I have to say it is inspired by it , not copying or mimicking it.
Nice actually, but not on a par with his others?
20th September, 2005