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Neutral Reviews of Rahät Loukoum by Serge Lutens

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This is a decent gourmand, but for me, a bit underwhelming.

The primary problem with it where I am concerned is that it's a riff on marzipan to me, not lokum, which is confusing to the point of being a little offputting (I might be a bit too literalist, but if you're going to create a perfume named "Rahät Loukhoum," I feel that it really should do what it says on the tin. Or at least not smell so very much like something else entirely). It's almonds and cherries. Almonds and cherries are lovely. But they aren't roses, or pomegranates, or mastic, or pistachios, or any other note one might reasonably expect to get from something purporting to be based on Turkish delight. I don't even really get a sugar/powdery note from it as I would expect with lokum, but rather a honey and vanilla.

Laying aside the fact that it just isn't very lokum-like, and judging it on its own terms: it's pleasant, but it's not very intriguing. And since it is not in fact lokum to me, I am a bit underenthusiastic about it all around.
08th November, 2017
A variation on the classic formula of Mugler's Angel.

From the descriptions of cherry and almond in the reviews here, I was prepared to smell the first version of Lutens' Louve (almost a decade later), but no.

One immediately gets the Angel impression of Christmas potpourri one smells in all the mall shops at Christmas time. Candles reek of it, it is sprayed on wreaths and is contained in actual aerosol cans for spraying about the house at holiday time.

Being rather a fan of this scent, though not interested in wearing it after my first bottle of Angel emptied, I can recommend it as rather festive. I can only give it a neutral rating due to it being copied from Mugler's formula with fewer ingredients. Rahat concentrates on linear fulfillment of the top notes of Angel, rather than truly replicating that complex and unique creation.

Considering the cost difference, best to choose the original Angel and get the benefit of more thought and effort.
07th June, 2016
To me this is a nice rosy/almondy eau de toilette. It is very faint, not alot of sillage. I like Un Bois Vanille alot more.
27th April, 2006
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A bitter almond opening that reminds me of Amaretto liquor. Later becomes soft and fluffy and a little powdery , but not of the talcum variety. More of the dusting sugar persuasion. Sweet , but not sickeningly so.
Having tasted many times the real sweet , Loukhoum, which is made of rosewater jelly and dusting sugar and is sometimes ( in one variety ) perfumed with almond essence , I have to say it is inspired by it , not copying or mimicking it.
Nice actually, but not on a par with his others?
20th September, 2005