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Notorious as a sweet candy bomb, with reviews so polarized that you know there's something really interesting going on. Rahat Loukoum is a kind of dare, along the lines of "bet you can't pull off this one." Well sure you can, if you love sweet almondy fragrances. This one moves to the head of that class via complexity and style. Various support notes, notably aldehydes and bitter almond, play in and out for hours, lending a much-needed air of playfulness and joy to a fragrance that easily could have veered into tragic overkill. Try to track down one of the older, smaller bottles. A tiny bit goes a very long way.
08th October, 2017 (last edited: 10th October, 2017)
This is a very complex and pleasant feminine fragrance that you may not get all the layers of the scent with only one testing. it took my a few more testing because of it's complexity.
The opening is a sweet and bitter combination of cherry, almonds and honey. the cherry note is a little bit harsh at the start and I do recommend to let it stay on your skin for about 4-5 seconds and then try smelling it. there is a strong bitterness beside this fruity opening and it has an oily quality into it.
Actually it's like the smell of bitter almond's oil plus fruity cherry and sweet honey.
The honey note is the savior here that calms down the bitterness of the almond note and also with the help of cherry creates a sensual fruity aroma.
As time passes, I'm getting a little less cherry and at the same time a little more honey. the bitterness of the almonds does exist, but now it has less oily feeling and a little more bitterness. with these small changes suddenly musk kicks in from nowhere and it says hi! it's not that strong but I can feel it beside other notes.
The quality and blending of the notes is awesome. you can smell and separate all these notes one by one which is amazing.
In the base the fruity cherry and bitter almond notes are in the background. at this level warm and sweet honey note and musk exchanging their position with vanilla. the sweetness of the scent does exist though, but now it's vanilla like sweetness instead of honey like and musky sweetness.
If guys who reading this do enjoy sweet and bitter scents, this will work for them too. this can be unisex for sure.
Projection is good and longevity is around 6-7 hours on my skin.
Master Christopher Sheldrake did it again!
19th June, 2014
I sniffed out the milky bitter almonds right off the bat but they subside well enough to greet the arrival of heliotrope and cherries on a surprisingly resinous base of vanilla and tonka. Sweet? Hardly. And I do have low tolerance for sweetness. Yet this does not set off my saccharin siren. Perhaps the key lies in moderating the fragrance application.

The texture feels slightly powdery, much like a delicate dusting of icing sugar on a piece of confection but considering the hint of floral note at its heart the overall impression I have of RAHAT LOUKOUM is not of a dense and syrupy-sweet straight-out gourmand but rather of a light oriental with a gourmand twist. If you like airy powdery almond/heliotrope scents such as Hypnotic Poison, Cologne Blanche or L'Eau d'Hiver, chances are you will enjoy this.
28th February, 2012 (last edited: 16th March, 2012)
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Delicious! Not having read the list of ingredients I actually thought the cherries were a sort of screaming tuberose that got very food-y because of the sweetness of the juice. In the middle notes I got a very resinous vanilla, something reminding me of tonka... Along with a spicy, slightly burnt note which I guessed was something along the lines of myrrh or lapsang suchoung. A gourmand oriental would be my description. Couldn't stop smelling my wrist when I wore it.
11th February, 2011
This scent is amazing! It is way strong, way sweet, and can be utterly overwhelming unless you use just the tiniest little bit - and the result will be with you all day in little whiffs of wow.

I use this only to layer - as a sweet accent to a wide variety of fragrances, and it is perfect for that.

I love it, my 1 ml sample lasted me for months but now, finally, I need a bottle - and that will last for the rest of my life! I'd buy a thimble-full if I could, that is all I really need for the next few years, it's that intense!

01st January, 2011
I see that this has been labeled as a uni-sex scent. I don't understand that at all. RL is a sweet scent of cherries and marzipan. I bought my bottle at the SL store in Paris, brought it home, tested it and promptly closed it back up. It's sitting on my dresser in the box as a remembrance of my wonderful visit to the City of Lights. my fantasy, I'm always in Paris.
14th July, 2009
Rahät Loukoum is a sweet almond gourmand scent, indicative of, as others have pointed out, the “Turkish Delight” desert treat. I’ve encountered almond scents before that I’ve found way too sweet – sickeningly bubble gum sweet – for instance, Blu Mediterraneo's Mandorlo di Sicilia was just too much sweetness for me. Rahät Loukoum is another story. I find that the almond / amber / rose accord is … perfect. It is very sweet, but somehow in an accord where the sweetness doesn’t become cloying. This sophisticated restraint is important in order for Rahät Loukoum to be considered a serious fragrance. It is, however, quite linear. I don’t really get much of a change of character throughout … just that delicious almond / ambery / vanilla accord staying tenaciously in the foreground. It’s a strong fragrance and one with excellent longevity. I do think it weighs in more on the feminine side than the masculine, and I think it is quite youthful. Rahät Loukoum is beautifully put together and well refined. It’s an enjoyable scent and I love smelling it, but, as far as wearing it… sniffing will probably be the full extent of my relationship with it.
09th March, 2008
Rahat Loukoum is the Turkish name for the confection known in english as "Turkish Delight". As such this is aptly named.

Like many Lutens, it starts off with a wet blast of mainly one note, in this case almond/marzipan, one of my favourite smells and tastes. It settles in to a very sweet, yet mellow almond turkish delight fragrance, and as time goes by it becomes more "civilized". I can't recognize all the notes, but it really does bring to mind the feel of Turkish delight, the powdered sugar, the nuts mixed in.

A little goes a long way with this one. it is quite strong, and lasts a long time, and thus must be applied discriminately. That works for me given how expensive and rare it is.

Failure to comply with the above warning will result you will smelling like you took a shower in amaretto syrup, and hordes of bees will follow you around all day.

10th May, 2007
Used lightly, the cherries-and-cream aroma will develop beyond the Stewart's soda blast, making a calming scent envelopment for relaxation and study which I had previously experienced only with good Japanese bancha tea. Quite pleasant for private times.
10th March, 2007
A Lutens masterpiece, Rahat Loukoum startsoutfor me as a strong gourmand, a cherry, almond, vanilla delight that makes me want to take a bite out of my own arm. I don't get any of the cough syrup note others speak of, just pure candy. Sometime during the day, I can never pinpoint where, it transforms into a smoky, tobacco melange that reminds me of the best tack rooms. Expensive leather rubbed, oiled and stored where men have stood smoking cigars or pipes and discussing the affairs of the day. It's the best of two worlds and I am in love with it.
21st April, 2006
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United States
This smells like Turkish Delight as I know it with hints of yeast or dough. That doesn't sound too attractive, yet this really is a great fragrance. There are times when I crave it and times when the cherry note is too cloying, but overall I really enjoy this scent.
18th February, 2006
Although I do foody / gourmand I do have a problem tolerating some overtly sweet ones (e.g. CDG Spicy cocoa which I found truly sickening). This is truly subtle in spite of a list of ingredients which could just end up smelling a mess, it is beautifully balanced. I got a load of SL samples off ebay & love a lot of them but it's this & Daim Blond that had me wanting bigger bottles. It's comforting & stimulating & moreish & won't make you plump like the harem women!
20th November, 2005
This Stunning unique fragrance is all is sweet,elagant,and mysterious.I can't aimagine a man wearing this as it is distinctly female.I am not one for "foody:scents like angel or lempicka,but I am in love with this fragrance.It is sweet,but not cloying due to the subtle rose inflex.This is one of my all time favorite fragrances.
07th September, 2003
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