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Neutral Reviews of Relax by Davidoff

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Davidoff Relax, you are an odd creature. I find you comforting yet I cannot take you outside. You are a loud, obnoxious fougere. When you are around you have to tell everyone around you who you are. You are relentless and obscene and you smell like you've been drinking. Relax, big guy and douse yourself with some mint to cool your nerves. Ahhh no not with a mohjito... ah well.
30th October, 2008
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
Wow, the last guy to review this hit the nail on the head...sophisticated Brut. I also agree with the second guy, there is a note that i can only imagine is the spearmint, that is really offputting, but this is one of those scents that you start smelling something warm and candylike and you go "wow what is that...hey its me".
30th May, 2007
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United States

To my nose, it smells like a fresher, more minty-benzoiny, less complex version of Zino...a Zino "Summer version". Its definitely not a "classic" as many others may lead you to believe...I wont be hunting down overpriced bottles of this on Ebay anytime soon, especially when considering that Zino is a better fragrance overall. Still, with good longevity and decent sillage, it would be interesting to try both Zino and Relax, and then make the decision as to which one is more suitable for you.
12th August, 2006
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