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Negative Reviews of Rochas Man by Rochas

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This stuff is just pure candyfloss...i like sweet scents but this stuff is just too sweet for me....
22nd July, 2015
Recieved a sample of this and glad I only got a sample.

The opening was great, warm and fruity and then after the drydown it closely resembled something else I had tried recently....... CK Shock...............or rather CK Shock resembles Rochas Man because Shock was born about 12 years after Man. Regardless, the lavender comes on too strong for me and I've never been a big fan of that note.
21st February, 2014
A too-sweet one trick pony that is better for those who love ponies.

This is a failure of a fragrance. It is very sweet, much too sweet for a grown man to wear and that is why it fails. If it was called Rochas Boy or Rochas WoMan then it might be closer to giving you a real idea of what kind of ride is in store for you. Calling it Rochas Man is laughable. As it is, as a man's fragrance, I cannot endorse it. I don't usually slate fragrances but this is honestly nauseating.

Many people describe a mocha note. I several ristrettos everyday, I know what coffee smells like. Rochas Man does not smell anything like it. I get the lavender but it's not well done in the way Caron Pour un Homme does it. I get a bit of vanilla but it's the of the worst sort: highly artificial just like the lavender.

Overall it's very artificial in feeling and just too sweet, I always imagine candy floss sweetness in terms of its smell but without any of the delicious burnt sugar.

Definitely better on women.

Pros: Interesting bottle, that's about it really.
Cons: Far too sweet, far too artificial smelling."

09th September, 2013
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Rochas Man by Rochas

This is a creative and original fragrance at an affordable price, however, I personally don't like it and wouldn't recommend it to people. Just because this fragrance has a high approval rating doesn't mean it is for everybody.

My problem with this fragrance is not that it is sweet, or that it has gourmand elements or that it is borderline feminine. I love gourmands. My problem with this fragrance is that it is extremely synthetic, and the gourmand elements of it are dominated by fake nauseating leafy and woody notes that completely take away the focus.

Yes, this has been compared to New Haarlem, and while they are similar, New Haarlem is exponentially better in terms of note quality (as well as performance) and the fact that it is a richer more dedicated gourmand, and in my opinion, it is well worth the price difference.

Despite Rochas Man and New Haarlem being similar, New Haarlem is one of my all time favorites whereas Rochas Man is a bit unpleasant for me. And most fragrances are likeable but not for me, though Rochas Man is actually not pleasant for me.

29th May, 2013
Rochas my burned sugar syrup that was accidentally placed under an coffee machine for a split second.

I think younger generations (<18 yo) will love this because of the sweetness...but for a Maurice Roucel creation, I cannot find the quality in this.

Roucel makes beautiful fragrances of the highest standards and qualities. Rochas Man is what Roucel made when he was drunk.

Not bashing the fragrance because it's not one my favorite perfumeur's best works, but because this is a linear scent of sugar with no evolution or dry down.

On a man? Oh god, I doubt any woman wants me to smell like this unless she's blind and lives in a gingerbread house and wants to cook me.

On a woman however...I think it's much more apt and could be appealing.

If a man were to buy this, i would STRONGLY reconsider for there are much better sweeter scents out there. If price is an issue then go for it absolutely, but I would rather pay the money for a decant of a more expensive sweet oriental than buy a full bottle of this stuff.

02nd March, 2012
Smells way too young and feminine and that's coming from a guy that loves the Iris "make-up" note in DHI!
10th February, 2012
Simply awful stuff! Like a mix between Bulgari Black and Lolita Lempicka L. Nauseating, smoky vanilla and coffee with some disconcerting, chemically, unrecognizable notes make this just a total scrubber. To mention this in the same breath as A*Men or other quality gourmands is just reprehensible!
29th November, 2009
This fragrance let me understand I can NOT suffert gourmand perfumes...

Chocolate and mocha? Not on my skin!
02nd December, 2007
nthny Show all reviews
United States
I very rarely give a thumbs down but this seems like a good idea gone bad. I know that Rochas Man (which I don't like) is a gormand and so is A Man (which I ver much DO like), but that's where the similarities end for me so I won't even waste time describing why they are different.

Rochas Man immediately smells sour and burnt, YES, like burnt sugar combined with the sourness of coffee left scorching in the pot. The green of the opening confuses the situation. Yes it calms down but always retains this sharpness that I can't appreciate. I also really don't like the bottle. For me this is a disaster from start to finish.
25th June, 2007
Yucky! Too sweet, too gourmand!

I can smell JOOP (ew), A*Men (also ew), and something else...Drakkar Noir, all together in one!

Not for me; I like my coffee to drink, my chocolate to each, and Drakkar Noir to stay where it is currently: the magical land of Obscurity...
15th June, 2007
Rochas Man smells great from the bottle but the drydown is very powdery and cloying. I preffer A*man or HM over this.
27th April, 2006
The sales person told me that the department store staff call this "sex in a bottle" - given my track record with women, this would also make it "miracle in a bottle".
Sadly, there was no miracle.
While I think the chocolate/coffee concept is clever and sounds good on paper (as with A*Men), I have decided I will consume them rather than try to smell like them.
29th December, 2005
I was hoping for "coffee", or at least "chocolate", but all I got is "cotton candy" - I mean, if I closed my eyes I'd swear I was at the State Fair. It's hard to believe no one else mentioned the similarity!
09th October, 2005
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This is a too sweet perfume to be used by a man.
09th August, 2004
Too vanilla. Animale Animale and feeling man(Sander) are better options.
27th January, 2004