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A well-calibrated lavender-coffee-vanilla gourmand with good balance, and acceptable sillage and duration. It's less overpowering than New Haarlem, which is similar, and a bit more nuanced and subtle than Michael Jordan's Legend. As a gourmand, it's occasionally juvenile(as opposed to 'adult' gourmands à la Serge Lutens ... ). It's also not of the calibre of the gourmands from Mugler in the A* Men range, such as Pure Havane or Pure Coffee.

Nonetheless, Rochas Man is an affordable nice present for a high schooler starting out at college, and who's already finished a bottle of two of Legend. Easily unisex.

28th December, 2017
A sweet coffee blended with lavander. I wouldn't say it's like Givenchy Play Intense. Though both smell coffee, Rochas Man is significantly sweeter, and might not do well in hot summer. I find it too sweet on men for daytime. For night out it's more suitable. But worn by a girl it has no problem. The sillage is close and the longevity is 7h+.

Originally written in 2013
29th November, 2017
Received a free sample of Rochas Man with a purchase. I actually used to own this fragrance, but almost never wore it and sold it off. It's not a bad scent, and faintly reminds me of multiple green lavender to floral gourmond fragrances, more notably Tom Ford Noir. Just a tad weaker and entirely synthetic, but the amber, cocoa and vanilla in the dry down is actually pretty nice. I just am tired of the ubiquitous use of amber and vanilla, so it's still something that I wouldn't wear often.

I'd give this a solid Neutral, closing on a Thumbs Up if you can buy it for cheap.
27th February, 2015 (last edited: 26th December, 2015)
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Review of Rochas Man by RichNTacoma

Very, very sweet at first. I get the cotton candy notes, as well as the lavender. These fight to keep the gourmand notes, coffee and cocoa, or perhaps even a cafe mocha, at bay. This is especially true if you spay at all on your shirt; avoid this mistake. It stays too sweet and coying on fabric. On skin only, it takes a half an hour for the sweetness to give way to a bit more complexity and subtleness. The projection of the gourmand notes is not great, and once the sweetness fades, it becomes a skin scent unless you spray a good deal, and in which case I find it overwhelming.

I bought this blind to have a gourmand in my collection, and for 23 dollars for a 50ml bottle, I am glad I did. This is not a signature scent or a daily wear, and again, keep it to the skin!

23rd August, 2013
Not powerful enough. Smells very nice, but gourmands are meant to be worn in colder weather and this just doesn't last in colder weather and wears way too close to the skin.
12th May, 2013
The sadly discontinued Rochas Man has been an "olfactory sensation" for years, a really argumentative fragrance (for some people a genial experiment for others an hazarded failure) and surely one of the better received (by the market) Maurice Roucel's creations together with Helmut Lang Cologne and Musc Ravageur. This fragrance plays for sure a game of contrasts, being all at once herbal/aromatic and gourmandish, sweet and salty/( vaguely ozonic type), initially fresh and finally enveloping in a warmer (but never cloying or soffocating) way. The beginning is intoxicating in a fresh, citrusy and aromatic way, a burst of lavender (the element that urged many to reclaim the presumptive A* Men inspiration to Rochas Man), bergamot and herbs. As soon as (in a short while) the soothing elements (balmy, moderately sweet and smooth) start to rise up from the base (with a weird rubbery/"caffeinated"/musky kind of vibe balancing the ambery vanillic sweetness), a sort of central salty/peppery touch juxtaposes its substance in the general artistic struggle of opposites. The dry down (with its sweet/opaque sort of smell conjuring to some the cappuccino aroma) is musky and balmy and suave, kind of milky/boise with undertones of "untoasted" dark coffee, saltiness, musk, tenacious lavender and may be dry fruits or berries. The ambery final presence is prickly and masculine with its sort of dusty/incensey penetrating virility. An unconventional and pioneering oriental that, despite does not embody my ideal olfactory solution, stands out for its versatile and appealing power.
09th April, 2013 (last edited: 10th September, 2015)
the grand pa of A*Man ,thought it was better, yes cotton candy bottled!
26th October, 2012 (last edited: 27th October, 2012)
the opening is just a blast of lavender with hints of vanilla an if you smell carefully mocha. i absolutely love this fragrance. a compliment monster. something i love to wear when out with a women its not a masculine fragrance but if your comfortable with yourself you should have no problem wearing this now the only reason i give this a neutral is because when i smell when i really smell and and try to separate the notes i get a whiff of burnt coffee and sugar aside of that amazing stuff
25th August, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)
Rochas Man, to me, is a tolerable gourmand. Sugary-sweet chocolate and mocha around vanilla and amber.
17th January, 2011
The opening is strong and strange, and most likely to be appreciated by those who enjoy Joop!, A*Men and Le Male.

Sometimes I get the coffee, sometimes the vanilla, and sometimes the sharp jolt of an industrial-strength air freshener. Something like a cappuchino poured into a box of bounce sheets. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Several reviewers suggested that this is a good club fragrance, and I suspect they are right. For my part, I am having a hard time imagining myself wearing this to work, or even during the daytime.

Perhaps I will wear it to the Mall and see what happens...
18th December, 2010
Wo. Like WOOOO. This one is berserk. I blind bought this one. Yes I'll admit I blind bought it. What to say about this one- I almost cant decide. I do enjoy the scent, but I am very on the line about it. This CANNOT be over applied or you will KILL someone. Every time (the few times) I've put this on I will almost ALWAYS attain a headache from it. It is very very sweet- overtly so. I'm pretty sure I would only wear this with 1 spray to the back in ice cold weather. The notes are interesting, but it projects a very putrid aroma off the bat. I'm not real sure about this one see. It is classy, and I'm sure the ladies would love it, but it has to be used very wisely (maybe even washing it off partially so that it gets calmed down). One of the few i would recommend for a blind buy, and also one of the few I WOULD recommend for a fancy date, possibly wedding, or any occasion where you need to smell delicious. Again- moderation fer sure. Sweet Gourmand with lots of delectable notes going on.
20th February, 2009
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United States
There is a sharpness to this one that I just can't tolerate, despite going back to it and sampling it several times. I think it's the lavender and "green leaves" combination. It also doesn't fade away over a few minutes, a half hour, or so, meaning that I have been unable to do anything to modify this unpleasant sharpness. In fact, it's still there the next day, though not as strong. I really wish this sharpness didn't bother me, because I got a bunch of sealed samples at a decent price and now I can only swap them off. A tiny amount is all you need. I'll give it a neutral, because if you like that sharpness this can be a great fragrance for you. If you want a similar fragrance that isn't as sharp, Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge may be the better choice, but it's not as strong as Rochas Man (after the top notes fade). If you want a smooth chocolate/vanilla that is strong, but smooth (no sharpness at all), go for Amour de Cacao.
10th February, 2009
2 or 3 years ago I bought it - impulse... sweet... A couple of sniffs later I offered it to a girlfriend that loved it and we both resumed that it was very nice for her but not "on" me! End of romance.
28th November, 2008
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Like the odor itself, but most men I asked (with an unmarked blotter strip) thought it was a womens fragrance. Perhaps this was marketed to the wrong gender?
Cool packaging:)
16th September, 2008
A nice gourmand that meshes chocolate, coffee, and green/floral notes together. I found it to be a nice alternative to A*Men if you find A*Men to be too over the top (whether it be because of the tar note or the strong patchouli base).

As an A*Men lover, however, I don't particularly need an alternative to A*Men.

My problem with Rochas Man is that it's overly green on my skin and the lavender almost completely drowns out the gourmand notes.

Definitely worth a try though.
08th September, 2008 (last edited: 27th January, 2011)
rochas man is very smoky, creamy bitter coffee could find it to be similar to an extent with the jacomo Rouge, but i would prefer jacomo anytime over the Rochas man. i do not understand the comparison between Rochas Man and A*Men...A*Men is bone dry and its gourmand qualities is so well blended that one would not even call it Gourmand.

im not a huge fan of such gourmands, maybe our climate(Humid) doesnt support these kinda scents..become quite cloying...please try before u buy.
21st April, 2008 (last edited: 16th June, 2008)
Of course the ladies love it!

Every woman I know is either on a diet, struggling with a diet, or about to go on a diet.

You'll be temptation incarnate.

Much better than the godawful chemical warfare A*Men and the overhyped H. Mori.

But compared to Jo Malone's Black Vettiver Cafe or other lesser known gourmands. Rochas is too synthetic sweet.
15th November, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
I'm not so much into Rochas scents, but this one is pleasant to smell, even if not to be worn; at least not by me. A little too much sweet, honey and winter-spice notes for my taste, but otherwise a nice combination. Another scent reminding of incense sticks made of sandalwood, yet not as offensive like A Men, with whom i would compare this one due to the same powdery, syrup quality, even if i like this a little better. Mixture of sweetness and dark notes also resembling of Allure Homme and Hugo Dark Blue, even a little fruity pineapple, apple touches in Boss Bottled style. Just can't decide if I should start using this one or avoiding it completely.
04th April, 2006 (last edited: 23rd December, 2009)
Visiting my friend Marcel in his sanatorium the other day, I was accompanied by his valet Andre. Andre had thoughtfully brought his ailing master a bottle of Rochas Man as a gift but I feared the worst.
'Andre,' I suggested, 'do you not perhaps feel that the sweet, rich gourmand fumes of Rochas Man might prove a little too much for Monsieur Marcel? I am in good health but, even so, I find the concatenation of flavours contained in Rochas Man rather sickly and jarring. I fear that Marcel, in his overwrought state of nervous debility, could well suffer a relapse at the merest whiff of such a perfume.'
'No worries, Monsieur Nitram,' Andre reassured me, 'it'll buck him up no end. Everyone knows that Rochas Man is the only Rochas fragrance that can make your actual girlies gurgle. One squirt of the old scenteroony and Monsieur Marcel will be right as rain, fighting off the nurses and the lady doctors. Hubba hubba, Doctor Dora, care for a saunter down the old Palais de Danse? Know what I mean, Monsieur Nitram? It'll be a real tonic!'
My fears, alas, were soon confirmed: at the first whiff of Rochas Man, Marcel's pale features convulsed with horror and he fainted clean away. 'Oh well,' said Andre philosophically, 'you win some, you lose some. Perhaps what he really needed was a drop of the old Lolita Lempicka?'
25th March, 2006
Rochas Man is a nice gourmand. It’s a blend of coffee (I think it’s listed as “Mocha” on the pyramid). It’s smooth and creamy compared to most gourmands (HM, A*Men, etc). It’s also a bit safer than most. Angel, for example has a patchouli note that can be off-putting to some, and HM has a citrus note that is unusual for most gourmands. Rochas Man doesn’t really have any unique aspects, and isn’t terribly innovative. It is rather pleasant, though. It’s a very ‘safe’ gourmand.
19th September, 2005
One of the so-called gourmand fragrances spawned to compete with Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men, Rochas Man from the once couturier House of Rochas is often held up as a more evolved, or superior iteration. While I would agree that it is a much more refined fragrance than Animale Animale – the first chocolate based fragrance, I think it falters next to the star of Angel Men.

It is a fairly strong fragrance with an illusory softness. It opens already dominated by chocolate, its soft floral topnotes coated with a powdering of dutch cocoa. It has a full-bodied bitter-sweetness touched with espresso and vanilla . On the whole the feel is velvety but quite potent. On drydown the chocolate note softens, becoming smoother: from cocoa powder to warm cocoa. The spiciness remains bittersweet, the coffee pungent. It ends simply as chocolate milk, sweet and rich with vanilla.

It is a pleasant fragrance, almost a comfort food. I had bought it thinking to use it in the day, but it ended as an evening relaxation fragrance. On the whole I find it a bit one note, too dominated by chocolate, too static. On repeated uses I am finding it to be a bit overbearing. I think that it might make a good nightclub fragrance.
08th August, 2005
When I first tried it I thought it was far too sweet with not enough spice in it. I ended up buying it since I love vanilla scents. A couple of months down the line I got a bit fed up with it since everybody wears it these days!The scent itself is nice very close to being perfect but something seems to be missing that ruins everything!!! If it wasn't for that mocca in the base u wouldn't be able to distinguish it from Le Male (JPG).I'd personally prefer something more individual...
28th December, 2003