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Remember that can of Axe Dark Temptation bodyspray that you used to douse yourself with in middle school? That chocolaty sweet smell that gagged your classmates in the locker room but that somehow you loved? Imagine that all grown up, past the obnoxious excess and strength. That is Rochas Man. It smells like all the flavors of fall in a cappuccino. Wonderful scent.
16th October, 2015
Smells like something you could order at Starbuck's. A very delicious smelling coffee creation with a touch of lavender and other herbs, that keep this stuff recognisable as fragrance. Very well balanced and very wearable.

As some people already mentioned: Perfect coffee date scent!
17th September, 2015
If images of first kisses,first dates wedding day (and night) and many,many anniversaries is something you enjoy this masculine fragrance.I love it for the simple reason that is smells so delicious and romantic. Comfortable, Cute,Warm,Sweet,Woody, Sensational and Stylish.

It presents a distinctive and lovely blend of bergamot and lavender,filled out by additional notes of Raspberry, Jasmine,Vanilla,Amber and sandalwood that people love and tend to complement you.

It is great for sophisticated men who do not wish to wear too strong.Very good for COLD weather.I would suggest using this if you are going out to a romantic dinner date with your wife or with your girlfriend.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

16th May, 2015
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If there’s a bunch of good masculine-to-unisex gourmands, Rochas Man would be surely in. And possibly be the uncle of them all. Two references come to mind as a comparison among dozens; Yohji Homme, and Thierry Mugler’s style. Rochas Man is just way more discreet, compelling and refined than most of Mugler’s offerings, yet less sophisticated, cold and “avantgarde” than Yohji. Still that would be the family more or less; a coffee-anisic gourmand top accord on a sort of crisp barbershop-powdery base comprising mostly lavender, sandalwood, spices, amber, a hint of bracing citrus. Two notes or accords stand out for me in particular: coffee and flowers. The smell of coffee here is quite remarkably executed: slightly sweet yet “roasted”, earthy, much aromatic, fairly “natural”, mellow and dark, perfectly blending with amber and woods. Slightly milky and vanillic too, as if it was meant to evoke a “cup” of coffee rather than coffee beans – so, say, a quite “urban” and civilised approach to coffee notes, still quite realistic and not that tackily plastic (take that, Mugler). On the other hand, “barbershop” and fougère-ish grassy flowers provide a silky, gentle frame of clean powderiness, bit of “freshly laundered shirt” vibe, providing some more classic “masculine cologne” feel. Woods and amber do the rest acting as a discreet, warm, slightly earthy frame with a hint of smooth leather. What would you ask more? Rochas Man is one of those clever, well-crafted scents that have them all: it’s versatile, it’s classy, it’s distinctive, it’s surely kind of a “youngster” but perfectly suitable for gentlemen; it’s bright and dark, it’s quite “daring” yet completely civilised and wearable. It’s a bold gourmand, but it’s composed in a way it stays elegantly warm and discreet on skin, stopping just a step before getting tacky - so don’t fear smelling like a candy. You’ll smell just unique. Good stuff.


EDIT: the review above was based on the later "version" (pink box, pink-ish juice). I now acquired an older bottle (wine plastic packaging, brown-ish juice) and if you're interested in a comparison, they're, say, 90% identical. The 10% is what makes the earlier version better; slightly less sweet, more smoky, more ambery, more "mature". It's a matter of subtle nuances but if you get the chance, my advise would be to prefer the earlier bottles.
18th April, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2015)
A great gourmand fragrance to start your collection. To me it smells like a sweet mocha, which dries down to a nice vanilla fragrance. It holds up very well in colder weather, however I wouldn't recommend it in the summer, as it turns into an overpowering almost rancid vanilla. However for the price, its well worth buying for the colder weather. However it isn't very "masculine" and I really would consider this more of a unisex fragrance rather than male, so a woman could wear this no problem.
In short-
Nice mocha to Vanilla dry down
Both males and females could pull off this fragrance

Bad in warm weather
Not very masculine
16th July, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Rochas Man is one of the several popular gourmand woody orientals that followed A*Men’s lead in providing extreme alternatives to the aquatics and Cool Water clones that comprised the bulk of 1990s male perfumery. A prominent and persistent licorice note aligns Rochas Man especially closely with Lolita Lempicka au Masculin and Body Kouros, not to mention the original Lolita Lempicka, all three composed in close succession by Annick Menardo. Rochas Man represents Maurice Roucel’s take on Menardo’s basic formula, and for the most part sticks close to the model.

No one could accuse any of these scents of subtlety, but Rochas Man is possibly a touch less loud and sweet than the others, and it shares with Body Kouros and Lolita Lempicka a degree of balance – imparted I suspect by astringent herbaceous notes – conspicuously lacking in au Masculin. As other reviewers have implied, it actually benefits from being slightly less complex and dense with olfactory detail than its peers. I might even go so far as to argue that Rochas Man is best defined by what it lacks: the strident patchouli of A*Men, or the shrieking horror woody amber drydown of Lolita Lempicka au Masculin. I’m not normally one to enjoy the more neutral outings in a given fragrance class, but in a genre virtually defined by excess, Rochas Man pleases more than most. Were I choosing a scent of this sort, Rochas Man would stand beside the original Lolita Lempicka and Body Kouros as an acceptable alternative.
25th June, 2014
This cologne has high ratings and reviews for a solid reason and that may be the lavender itself! Almost a cherry like smell when first applied but as a man who loves to wear a fragrance for his own personal joy the best thigh you can receive out of any scents you own is compliments. And if it's the opposite sex that's making those remarks I think it' adds to the fragrance itself.
21st March, 2014 (last edited: 22nd March, 2014)
Eroticism in the bottle

I'm lucky. I'm lucky to own it and then I'm lucky that I don't have any issues with longevity or projection with it as it lasts for 8+ hours easily on me. I love it from the first moment, the first spray. It was a blind buy btw. There is a connection with Givenchy Play Intense which is stronger, sharper but somewhat more bitter. Rochas Man is more sensible, sensual and more refined. It's a real shame this fragrance is not widely available, at least not in Croatia. This is a scent of eroticism and seduction and yet again masculinity, maturity, care and responsibility for self and others around - do not be fooled by the shape of the bottle and the colour of the box. This scent was made in 1999. but it's ahead of its time, made for the future just like Le Male was or Armani Code even. A superb creation indeed.

Originality 10/10

Fragrance 10/10

Longevity 08/10

Projection 07/10

Pros: Original, gourmand, erotic, masculine, smooth, seductive, refined, longevity
Cons: a bit synthetic if you really want to look for it, projection"

18th October, 2013
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
A Guilty Pleasure

This is one of those sweet fragrances that men in their late 40's are not supposed to like, but I'll wear what I darn well please! The fact that the sweetness is so beautifully balanced with lavender lends it more of an air of sophistication. Sadly, I need to reapply this periodically throughout the day, but as inexpensive as it is and as much as I love it, I don't really mind.

Pros: Sweet without being cloying
Cons: Poor longevity on my skin

20th June, 2013
AHS Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This was a blind buy after reading reviews, as i was looking for a new gourmand fragrance to wear casually.

At first it came off abit feminine and the top is super sweet. However, after about 2 mins of this settling after being sprayed, it turns into a amazing moca, vanilla, strawberry shortcake type sent with chocolate in the drydown. Amazing...

I wear this to school and casuaully and it smells really nice!

Thumbs up all the way.
25th March, 2013
Been the reference cappuccino smell for years, this is a good one. The blast of semi-sweet notes matured by a cleverly added lavender note shows Roucel's art. It's become so popular that you can find the sell even in wet-wipes. I like the fragrance but it is so over-used, cloned and replicated by cheap synthetics.
06th December, 2012
Very sweet, light vanilla scent which is pretty good. The Lavendar comes right at you on the initial spray and the bergamont suppresses the lavendar for a nice top note. The basenotes are a light (kind of synthetic) vanilla which makes this a pretty good frag. Reminds me a lot of Givenchy PI. PI is done a little better with the vanilla though.
13th November, 2012
Love it. I have tried and tried to get into a*men. The burnt rubber note is just too strong and it takes 3 to 4 hours for the initial blast to calm down and smell nice. When it does settle down it becomes quite nice but nothing compared to rochas man.

This stuff is great. As everyone else has said it their reviews - it's a warm caramel, coffee sweet smell with a strong masculine vanilla note. Try this if you find a*man too offensive.

Completely inoffensive and universally loved. A keeper.
02nd November, 2012
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Delicious scent. Very well blended, much more softer than New Harlem and not sweet as Play Intense. Goergous drydown and average lasting power, with soft projection. Brilliant.
30th October, 2012
not a bad gourmand. extremely sweet. not a ton of projection, decent longevity, cheap. it is synthetic, so be careful with it. overall a good fragrance for the $25 price tag.
08th October, 2012 (last edited: 14th March, 2013)
I enjoy rochas, one of my more complimented colognes. Smells like cotton candy. stay away if you don't enjoy sweet scents. Lasts fairly well and projects decently. a solid fall/winter scent. Pretty versatile, won't choke anyone out with it.
08th October, 2012
Bought about 30 ml or so from a local fragrance store for $15, overall l think it was money well spent. This is a terrific scent. I love the warm chocolate aroma and my wife is absolutely bananas about it. My only disappointment is the lack of projection.
18th February, 2012
del Show all reviews
United States
Rochas Man is a true definition of Suave.

The strong floral opening is an attention-grabber, and will definitely pique your interest. It is inoffensive after 6 sprays (2 chest, 2 neck, 1 back, 1/2 for each wrist) on a winter afternoon; the projection is average, but I like it that way as I don't want people complaining about my scent; the longevity is great -- I can still smell it 7 hours after my first application. I detect a chocolate scent somewhere between 2nd and 3rd hour and the sweet, vanilla scent on the dry down is just nice and comforting.

With the right application, this can be worn at work or at school, even at church where proximity to other people is close.

Can't wait to get the full 100 mL bottle.
03rd January, 2012
Rochas Man, the woody oriental creation of Maurice Roucel, is a delicious gourmand that starts with a strong lavender note accompanied by green leaves and citrus. The lavender is long lasting until the coffee, vanilla and amber mid notes emerge, forming an oh so smooth and silky accord that tells you you've landed firmly in gourmand land. The mid notes also include a smattering of floral notes and a surprising milky accord. Rochas Man is basically a lavender, chocolate and vanillla fragrance. It is not dark coffee bitter like its fraternal twin New Haarlem, also of Roucel's making. Rochas Man is one of the better gourmands available and is relatively inexpensive. I find it to be a comforting scent, perfect to spray on after a long day at the office or after your favorite football team gets trounced by a lesser opponent. I enjoy gourmand fragrances and Rochas Man is near the top of my list. It really isn't prone to being trounced by its opponents, related or otherwise.
10th December, 2011 (last edited: 20th December, 2011)
Rochas Man by Rochas - In its opening, a pleasing lavender and bergamot arouse the senses. From afar, a sweet and creamy vanilla bobs eagerly. Thankfully, the lavender remains throughout the composition to rein in the sweetness. The tantalizing vanilla does intrude on that grassy lavender, and brings its sugary sweetness to the fore, steering it to its heart. The middle beckons, stewing with its coffee, semi-sweet chocolate, cedar, and rasberry notes, as well as some, lovely jasmine and lily-of-the-valley accords. The sweet vanilla blends nicely with the heart, creating a delicious mocha cafe, with hints of wood and floral twinkling. The smooth base with its amber, sandalwood, and glimpses of patchouli, usurps the melange, softening it, and evolves into its enticing drydown. It's a well-constructed gourmand. This delightful fragrance's longevity is good; and its projection is average for the first 3 hours, then sticks to the skin.
20th November, 2011
I love this gourmand scent.

Rochas Man smells like hot chocolate or mocha/vanilla latte with a floral opening, but the projection and sillage is not as intense as Amen. Its very discrete, which I tend to prefer. I could wear this everyday in a office environment, on a date, or just hanging out. You can wear it in hot/cold environments. Also, did I mention that this is probably the least expensive gourmand frags out there.


01st November, 2011
FISS80 Show all reviews
United States
This scent is a godsend for gourmand lovers on a budget. You cannot beat the quality of the product in comparison to the price. The opening is very sweet. Dry Cotton candy with a hint of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Projection is moderate which is welcomed for a night with a special someone cuddling at home or going out to a movie. Warm, sweet, and cozy. I could also see a confident woman wearing this fragrance.
29th October, 2011
This fragrance is the smoothest, most pleasant scent I have when it comes to the opening 5 minutes.

It's a beautiful smell, it really is. And the price is good too. The longevity can vary, I've had 4 hours before, I've had 12 hours before. One time it even lasted overnight on my hand. The more I've worn it the longer it lasts on my skin.

Projection isn't a beast, but that's fine, it's not meant to be. This is the perfect scent for cuddling with someone.

Unfortunately I am single.
26th September, 2011 (last edited: 28th September, 2011)
This classic is elegance in a bottle. It not only will add a new dimension to your comportment while you wear it, but also will demand a new level of attention from those around you. This chef d'oeuvre of fragrance is what will complete you, like the Jag on your Jaguar, and the sparkle in your eye. This is not about the notes and accords, its about the complete package, and why we choose to wear enhancements at all.
22nd September, 2011
Rochas Man kind of sneaks up on me as a very sugary cotton candy scent at first. I don't really get the coffee/mocha hint until about an hour into this one. Smooth and sweet pretty much define this one. As for me I am very picky when it comes to sweet fragrances. If it is too sweet then it makes me want to vomit. The key with sweetness IMO is balance, and I feel like this is well blended and balanced enough to appeal to the masses. Longevity and projection are not the greatest, which leads me to believe that this one is better suited for date nights where there will be plenty of cuddling and smooching going on. I did blind buy this one and was not disappointed. However, if you are unsure whether or not sweet fragrances are for you then sample it first.

Longevity: 7 The most I got out of this was 7 hours.
Projection: 6 A close contact date night scent.
Compliments: 9 This fragrance is well received by a variety of women.
Smell: 9 I wish this one would project more and last longer on me because I love the smell.

Overall: 7.8 out of 10
04th September, 2011
This fragrance has as an opening, the dominant aroma of coffee accompanied by lavender, which excludes the dry and rough opening coffee smell present in Angel Men Pure Coffee.

After 30 minutes, the scent reaches it's climax, where we then have the appearance of vanilla involving the whole coffee note, giving a creamy gourmand aspect to the fragrance, a real cappuccino, (although not as evident as in Vanille Mokha but that does not detract in any way the ending result of this fragrance)wheres the final result is nothing more than a delicious gourmand fragrance that sparkles for it's versatility.

In short, this is an excellent fragrance that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a gourmand made around coffee. Want a more full-bodied and intense version of it? Choose the sensational New Haarlem, however prepare the pocket. Want a more creamy and a little more in mind that the scent from Bond No. 9? Vanille Mokha. A dry version of coffee? Pure Coffee. Now if your intention is to capture all these fragrances into one, with an excellent relation between cost and benefit, then go to Rochas Man!
21st August, 2011
A light chocolate vanille and lavender fragrance that is quite charming. For the price it is a worthy purchase and at times I find myself craving to wear this fragrance.
03rd June, 2011
Love it. Definitely one of the better Gourmand Colognes. Thumbs up!!!
22nd May, 2011 (last edited: 04th June, 2011)
I love this sweet sugary scent. It is subtle and it doesnt seem to offend anyone at my work as some oriental/spicy fragrances do. My girlfriend definitely agreed this is one of her favorites but she always leans toward the chrome and younger smelling scents. The mocha vanilla drydown is awesome. My review may be a little biased since I love gourmand fragrances but IMO this is a must buy for me.
22nd April, 2011
Maurice Roucel is one of those perfumers on which I can't really make up my mind. On one hand I think about some of his creations that I totally endorse and love (Musc Ravageur, Rochas Man, Helmut Lang Cologne and Perfume, Linari Acqua Santa, Gucci Envy, Kenzoair) on the other hand I think about those I hate (Lolita Lempicka Floral Coral, Lancome Hypnose Homme, Marc Jacobs Splash Orange) and can't really decide if he's genius or just a good chemist.

What I can say is that he moves on a very dangerous territory made of a rich sweetness, bittersweet accords, warm and fresh juxtaposition, gourmand and animalic notes. This is a thin line that may easily lead to both a refined sensuality as well as to a total crude disaster. Expecially when he works on male fragrances. In Rochas Man he surely hit the target with an amazing warm-fresh and sweet fragrance that opens with a suprising bergamot and lavander note and turns into a sweet musky-gourmandic drydown. Warm and embracing, fresh and crispy, very sweet but not loud. Can do really well also on a woman.

A great composition sadly discontinued, so stock up. My only disappointment is for the barely acceptable lasting power (3-4 hrs on my skin).
04th April, 2011 (last edited: 05th September, 2011)