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A nice balsamic fragrance, a mix of pine green, woody notes and vanilla. Smooth, creamy, non offensive and distinctive smell.(previous version bottle)
Great longevity on my skin.
10th January, 2018
Dear Mister Manly,
I really like your fragrance
But it burns my eyes!
29th September, 2017
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
If you like Envy for Men, this is along the same lines, as are a few others. I'm not a huge fan of these scents, because they seem to get cloying awfully quickly, especially if you use too much, but I'd rather wear those than most of the recent designer offerings. I'll give it a positive rating because there's nothing really "bad" about it, other than it having a derivative feel to me.
03rd May, 2015
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When I think of Hermes I immediately think of soft beautiful unisex and female scents. When it comes to their male scents it seems that they are on the soft side and don't project strongly any uber masculine notes.

Rocabar is a nice inoffensive woody/spicy fragrance, not really hot/spicy or dark/woodsy at all. Projection is okay and I'm not keeping it in reserve for special occasions.

Just does not seem all that special at all. I'm happier with Hermes unisex fragrances for summer and Rocabar for everyday activities.
03rd March, 2015
As has been stated before, refined and sophisticated. One can bring to mind the sort of man who might wear this, but do such men, and the proper situations still exist these days ?

To be honest, I'm more of a casual sort of fellow, and not nearly as restrained in character as one would need to be to pull this stuff off, so it's not for me I'm afraid.
04th February, 2015
Finally a recent vintage which I truly dislike. Citrus-green opening with mint notes, pepper (and perhaps red pepper too?), sandalwood, juniper, carnation (a lot), resins, cardamom, rooty hints of orris... shortly quite a loud, sweet, dense fragrance based on woods-spices-flowers which gives me two contrasting feelings: cloying and generic. It smells like an early 2000s designer, but topped with a discomforting dose of confusion. Not a powerhouse, but just "too much" the same. One of the worst masculine Hermès for me (I don't know the more recent version).

04th October, 2014
Genre: Leather

Rocabar has juniper, citrus, and maybe even artemisia on top. It's cool, it's piney, and it's a bit astringent. In fact, the conifer notes in Rocabar have a bracing, almost menthol quality about them. There are also some sweet undertones which, combined with the pine, vaguely suggest anise. The whole thing is very clean and bright, like crisp cold air in winter. Or like Vick's Vapo-Rub.

Michael Edwards classifies Rocabar as a dry woods (read: "leather") scent, but I can't find a lick of leather here. If anything the base strikes me as a fairly conventional sweet fougère. Then again, what do I know? All I can tell you is that Rocabar seems simplistic, even puerile, coming from Hermes. It appeals less to me than any other pre-Ellena masculine in the line.

25th June, 2014
This opens very soft and spicy with a lemon tinge around it's edges. It then becomes more piney, woody and green with a slight sweetness. This sweetness becomes more pronounced in the drydown.

This scent is very bland and dull that most of the time I hardly was aware I was wearing a scent. There is just nothing distinctive about this scent, nothing stands out in anyway.

To sum up a very bland soft spicy green woody scent with a dose of sweetness in the basenotes.
01st June, 2014
Definitely an interesting one...

Rocabar is a sophisticated, grown-up gentleman's scent. It has a woody, almost pine-like opening, but dries down to a deep, sweet, resinous, almost vanilla-like aroma. It is (incredibly) well blended, so making out the notes isn't easy... but what it does come across as, is quality. Quality is something which is characteristic of Hermès, and it certainly won't disappoint here. Would highly recommend this for any well-dressed, confidant man who is looking to make an impression. Lots of class and unmistakable quality!
21st November, 2013 (last edited: 04th June, 2014)
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Nicely Done

Tried a sample of this today and am enjoying it. There is a lot going on here, and nothing that I don't like. However, I always know when I am going to end up purchasing a FB when I am really "wowed" by a fragrance. This one is very nice, but didn't have the "wow" factor for me - especially considering that it is a bit pricey.

Pros: Pleasant and Complex
Cons: Not Different Enough to Justify a FB

23rd June, 2013
To me, this smells of incense with a pine background. I want the opposite: a pine with a barely detectable incense.
05th May, 2013
This might be called the signature scent of the Arab Al-Burj hotel, the most recognisable modern monument of Dubai. It is to be found alongside the marble fittings, gold fixtures and baskets of hand tied peach towels that comprise the gents' bathrooms throughout the building.

Rocabar is an appropriate choice of cologne for such a setting. I agree entirely with Francolino that it is a fragrance best suited for use in hot climates, although my rationale for this is that in the heat the top notes fade more quickly. My first encounter with this scent was in December 2006, and my immediate impression of it was that it had to be an 'old school' 70s or 80s classic from Hermes. I'm surprised to see that Rocabar was in fact launched in 1998.

The top notes contain an excess of sweetness - whilst neither the nutmeg or cinnamon dominate, in combination with the soapiness of lavender the accord is overly sweet, an effect that is more pronounced in colder weather. I very much enjoy the abundance of woods that reveal themselves, the cypress and cedar provide some much needed dryness and class to the whole affair. Unfortunately for me, Rocabar ends as it begins, a little too sweetly with a hint of vanilla. Silage is moderate, longevity thoroughly respectable in colder weather although re-applying may be required in hotter climes. It is an undeniably refined Hermes composition, but it's not for me.
12th November, 2012
Nice scent. Very unique, powerful and smells so high quality.
01st July, 2012
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masculine and sexy, wonderful in extreme me compliments by women!
26th June, 2012
bejahu Show all reviews
United States
Cedar and Balsam with a little cypress and vanilla to warm up the dry down. Rocabar is a very pleasant, refined, gentleman's fragrance. It is like comfort food, perfect for relaxing at home with a fire, a great book, and a cup of tea. For me, Rocabar is primarily a fall and winter fragrance, with good staying power that stays close to the skin. I enjoy it and recommend it to any one that is looking for a quality, warm, uncomplicated woodsy-oriental. Very nice.
12th September, 2011
blueyezz Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Very "perfumey" - and normally I have no problem with that, but this doesn't work for me. II find it cloying and the vanilla in the drydown unpleasant.

That said, I could imagine a suave man or woman in their 50s/60s really pulling this off. Old world sophisticated but too powdery and sweet for my tastes.
29th August, 2011
cja75 Show all reviews
United States
This definitely smells sort of old fashion when you first put it on. I wouldnt put it on right before leaving the house. When it dries down a bit it is a good smell on the sweet side to me with a little soap added. Something about it reminds me of old spice but doesnt smell cheap. I think it is an old school sort of fragrance something you would smell on an established gentleman not and up and coming 20s-30s guy. I wouldn't buy a bottle I don't think, but if you like sort of old fashion masculine you will like this, similar to givenchy gentleman I would say that era
23rd March, 2011
On application there is an old fashioned, stinky perfume aspect to this, which initially brands the scent as old fashioned. As it settles in, it becomes more mellow and I am more able to appreciate Rocabar's quality. This really is a beautiful blend of wood ashes, pine, juniper and cedar, with a touch of vanilla. I did not find this sweet or overly vanillin, as some have. I think it is a fragrance for a mature man. Suitable for cooler weather. A horseblanket it is supposed to invoke? I can actually get that.
06th February, 2011
Rocabar is a coniferous, slightly powdery, chypre aroma, very green, spicy and almost mentholated at the beginning although finally too sweet and mellow in its type of white-soapy dry down. The top notes produce a sort of mentholated, crisp breeze, balsamic and bracing. The blast is a kind of frozen one due to the combination of the spicy lavender over a woodsy cocktail dominated by juniper berries, green leaves and woodsy needles. The transition towards the central woody notes developes the mentholated, balsamic, aromatic theme with cedar, pine and cypress whereof I smell the green aroma of the needles. I love this fragrance until this point of the development, a phase in which its woodsy temperament is realistic and natural. Actually the final part of the trip introduces the strongly sweet presence of balmy resins and balsams. The smooth cushion embraces the elements of the forest in a sweet, soft embrace may be too daring in the engage of casting an almost creamy base for the bosque. The outcome is a sort of syrupy vanilla cream aromatic and mentholated. I was expecting a nice "early bird" scent while otherwise what i disclosed was a "cold evening out" type of scent.
05th February, 2011 (last edited: 08th January, 2014)
Rocabar is very sweet and vanillic, which at first made me discredit it. Since then, I've realized that the wood component is uniquely seductive and beautiful. In the quest for woods, I've tried Visit, Tam Dao, Rush, Gucci PH...all the usual suspects. I've found that the dark, resinous earthy wood in Rocabar, if you take the time to find it under the sugar and spice, stands above the others in a way that I didn't initially appreciate. To me, this scent like no other represents the oft-idealized december night walk through the snowy pine forest of the mind. The dry wood smell is surpisingly cold underneath the warmth of the sweeter components, and it includes the needles on the dry branches, and a bit of the soil. The only problem you'd run into with Rocabar is that some seasonal home scent products are very similar, and younger audiences might think your cologne smells like a Glade Winter Edition Plug-In Illuminated Scent Oil Pyramid, or something like that.
31st October, 2010
Rocabar = syrupy caramel over golden apples.

I was expecting the freshness of a forest given some of the notes on the pyramid, but this strikes me as a gourmand fragrance. I can't imagine many occasions when wearing this scent would seem perfect.
26th February, 2010
For some reason this scent reminds me a lot of Burberry Touch. Its very clean and warm, but the vanilla and juniper make it very creamy. A musky scent thats slightly warm and slightly fresh.
01st December, 2009
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
A super woody aromatic of great proportion! This is pine, cedar, sandalwood--no, several types of pine and several types of cedar on a creamy balsam base. The dry down is pretty good, but the initial blast of woods is too much for me.
15th November, 2009
it's a nice scent but for the price it really does not stand out

if u want a nice upscale woodsy one this is for you definately unique
02nd October, 2009
Very smooth, subtle (but still present), and well blended, it smells high quality. Has alot of pine and cedar in it. Although it listed vanilla as a base, I can't really detect it there. I think it smells like walking through a coniferous forest after it had just rained (when the wood smell comes alive). The new slim bottle is reformulated very slightly, the only difference I smell is that the pine note is sharper now.
24th June, 2009 (last edited: 01st August, 2009)
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Spray it on and for the first five minutes, Rocabar smells like the most elegant, complex and sophisticated men's fragrance ever made. It's sweet and very woody, very reminiscent of Tsar. In fact, I used to wear Rocabar quite often about 10 years ago solely because I loved the top notes. However, after those first five incredible minutes, Rocabar falls apart, and its "heart" turns sour, cheap and kind of nasty. This lasts for a good hour or two, but it then settles back down to a sweet, somewhat powdery drydown, which is not terrible, but is pretty dull and uncreative. It seems like Hermes put all their cash into the top notes, hoping people will spray it on in a store and buy it on impulse. I really expect better from Hermes. (Edited from March 2009 review)
14th March, 2009 (last edited: 05th September, 2009)
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The blend of woods, juniper berries, balsam and vanilla in this fragrance are distinctive and very refined. It lasts a long time and projects well. But it's what it projects which is what makes it special.

This is not a flashy scent, it doesn't scream for attention. It makes the recipient aware that they are in the presence of a fragrance that is a gentle seducer. It's calm, reserved and strong in a subtle manner.

This is a fragrance for a man who doesn't want to brag, but rather be appreciated for having excellence in taste.

As with most Hermes fragrances this is beautifully constructed, the transition of notes is smooth and understated.

It's the kind of fragrance a man wears to attract the kind of women who understand what the word "distinguished" really means.

It's lovely, A fragrance to enjoy for your own pleasure on a quiet day reading the Sunday papers. Or a fragrance to wear out for dinner on a first date when you want to exude quiet confidence but not in a flash or cocky manner.

It's a quiet masterpiece. And really quite addictive.

07th March, 2009
RubenC Show all reviews
United States
This fragrance is very pleasant to wear, not overpowering and very suitable for daily wear. The cinnamon and cedar top and mid notes rest smoothly over the vanilla base, giving a nice dry down with decent longevity.
20th January, 2009
Far more wearable than Eau d'Hermes, far less dated than the original Equipage (a classic though it is) and far less spicy than Bel Ami (my personal fave from this house).

A creamy, almost gourmand take on woods and spices. Very approachable, elegant frag with modest sillage and superb longevity.
26th December, 2008
Musky, semi-sweet, cedarwoods and coniferous greens. Kinda of a bland scent but different enough to be more unique than other designer scents.
25th September, 2008