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This genre is one of my favourites. On one end it has the very soapy Worth PH and on the other aromatics like Ebene, Azzaro, Tuscany. PRPH is somewhere in the middle closer to Worth.
L'homme is kinda best of both worlds, it has the soapiness of Worth and Aromatics of Ebene.
Very well constructed and blended.

Highly recommended.

04th October, 2017
A very nice classic sort of fragrance with some spice but I'm amazed that nobody has yet called out the similarity between this and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme as the two are remarkably similar. I would have to say that this has just a little more going for it out of the two.

If you like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, give this a spin. I'm sure you'll like it.
05th February, 2016
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
“L'Homme est rare” was the tagline for this scent and while I do not think that the composition is especially rare (these notes are well used in masculine perfumery) it is rare for something to smell this good coming from a venerable French house specializing in solifore eaux and soaps. This cypress, woody scent has citrus and mint in its top notes, lavender, clove and ylang-ylang at its heart, and a clean woody base with vetiver, oak moss, sandalwood and patchouli. So good and good natured, this fragrance is largely overlooked—if you like fragrances like Azzaro Pour Homme, give this one a try. The ad campaign in Europe showed images of real, rugged men washing and shaving out of doors and there really is a connection to nature in this scent, the distillation of all that a man should be: freshly shaved and scented, but with a virile stubble already growing back. L’Homme developed its muscles and sinews from real life, not from hanging out in a gym. Very hard to find in the US, this is still a part of R&G’s worldwide lineup and well worth seeking out.
13th July, 2015
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Roger & Gallet's hard to find "L'Homme" range really is the definitive scent of a 'chypre', or 'woody'.
Aside from citrus, the chypre / woody family of scents is probably the most loved fragrance family ever. Many don't even know they love woody scents.
This makes a great everyday office scent, very light and inoffensive. It's hard to over spray and just smells divine. A mix of woody notes and a touch of vanilla, this scent remains fresh and clean throughout. If you are a lover of Azzaro Pour Homme and would like something more up to date, you will find this one is right up your street.
I like to layer this scent with the after shave balm of the same company. Very light and comforting. Accept no imitations!
09th January, 2014
Very little ever gets written about R&G L’homme, but it is a consummate performer with some very satisfying phases. None more so than the opening, which is one of my favourite entrées of any fragrance. The blend of citrus and nutmeg garnished with a hint of mint is twenty minutes of heaven. It also has a slightly soapy sheen, but it’s certainly no distraction. I am not normally a top notes kind of guy, but I would probably still wear L’homme if this was all there was.

The rest of the L’homme experience may not live up to the opening, but there is still much to delight in. It is certainly woodier in the heart and base, but it also sweetens into the second hour or so. The soapiness is evident well into the heart notes, but almost extinguished once it dries down. L’homme concludes as a warm, sweet and slightly spiced fragrance that works on almost all levels.

It’s certainly no powerhouse, but both longevity and sillage are more than adequate. With its modest retail price I shall grab myself another bottle before they change it again.
26th January, 2013
A gorgeous clean spearmint based scent. One of the first I ever bought back in the 80's. One of THE nicest men's frags in the world!!!
15th September, 2012
A fellow Basenoter was asking me about this so it inspired me to write a review. He mentioned it reminded him of Azzaro Pour Homme which came out about four years earlier and I imagine was a huge success in Europe. It's pretty plain to see why Roger & Gallet came out with L'Homme. Not only to compete with APH but to throw down their gauntlet in the late 70's early 80's arena of Powerhouse Mens Fragrance. Look at what was just coming out of the gate: Antaeus, Kouros, Trussardi Uomo, Polo, Calvin and Azzaro. We're talking Titans here. In fact, I'm surprised there wasn't one called "Titan"! It's very interesting that R&G, purveyors of super light classic colognes, managed to come up with one of the very best Powerhouse Mens Frags. Maybe it was one of the best because it still managed some understatement. I think it's actually better than Azzaro, which is still a top seller. It's more complex and warmer. It's kind of the love child of Azzaro PH and Calvin. The thinking mans powerhouse. So of course R&G had absolutely no clue as to how to market it. They had very odd ads in mens magazines. They looked like L.L. Bean ads. And you had to send away for the cologne and just take their word for it that it smelled good. Because you sure as heck couldn't find it anywhere in the United States. Anyways, take my word for it. This stuff is fantastic! Just make sure you get some new, because all the vintage I've acquired was vinegar.
30th April, 2011
I need more of this scent to be certain. One of my top 10 faves.
15th April, 2009
R&G L’Homme and Open start off as very similar scents. My initial notes didn’t distinguish enough between them, so I have resorted to the tried-and-true ‘two wrists, two fragrances’ strategy. L’H is a woody spice, Open is a spicy wood. Open is a bigger scent, with more sillage. L’H is more subtle and stays close to the skin. The wood in L’H is cedar (dry, a bit resinous), the wood in Open is sandalwood (brisk, soapy).
This is an excellent scent. Although I also like Open, I prefer the quietly dry cedar notes of L’Homme. Ylang ylang lends a slight jasmine softening to the cedar. The amber is restrained and not powdery. Quiet spices lurk in the background. This is a classic masculine scent, excellent and very enjoyable.
06th June, 2007
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United Kingdom
This is an all time classic - much overlooked

Fresh, clean, soapy, m m m m m

Wish I could get me hands on some more of this
30th August, 2006
A distinguished, masculine, soapy smell, distinct but reserved, enveloping but understated. A very acceptable, carefully crafted scent. A sort of 'Essence of Gentleman's Bathroom' aroma? Short on citrus, long on clean, quiet spice. It has, perhaps, something in common with Caron's Third Man in a toned down sort of way. (This identical review which appears for R&G Open is a 'clerical error'. Apologies).
03rd April, 2006
Fantastic aromatic scent!
I get a lot of florals and spices, over a sandalwood base with some sweetness.
Smells like a deluxe soap to me.
09th September, 2005 (last edited: 02nd June, 2015)