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I tested this recently and to me, this is a vanilla version of Chanel's Bleu eau de parfum. The grapefruit and benzoin combo recreates the incense/sweet amber/sour citrus illusion in Bleu while the patchouli accord ties these two perfumes together. It's nice, but I sense some Iso E Super going on here that to me makes this perfume very strong, the sillage is a considerable amount well past arms length although this in no way comes across as synthetic. I had dabbed on a copius amount in a concentrated area on the top of my foot and was catching a moderately strong sillage that was very enjoyable although pretty sweet in feel thanks to that healthy dose of benzoin. Seriously, these two perfumes are quite similar in their olfactory make up and how both compare in smell, the only difference is that Roma Uomo is more green as opposed to Bleu that's obviously blue in feel. This scent has been assembled well, there's a nice separation of notes with a distinct dry down and it's kind of a unique odor. I'm not a fan of anything vanilla so I can't wear this but, I can definitely see and appreciate what's been done here.
07th January, 2018
Yet another decent, though slightly dated, fragrance that reflects its time quite well (1994).

Roma Uomo feels complex and sweet, almost to a fault. There’s a lot of citrus, spice, and woodiness going on in this one. The cocktail is quite lively, and the result is a fragrance that can be worn by young or old who are energetic and special in personality.

Great for casual, informal events all year round, as well as romantic outings. Roma Uomo does feel classy and welcoming to wearer and smeller alike. Still relevant and wearable today overall, but warrants a test spray as it may feel too heavy for some.
30th April, 2017
Sweet citrus, almost too sweet and fruity, like a candy perfume that some might not take seriously, but I love it, especially the opening. I find it to be formal for a sweet fragrance.

The opening is so delicious, I find it hard to conceive that someone might not like this.

24th October, 2016 (last edited: 30th October, 2016)
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This gets a ton of compliments, can be worn by any age group (my son and my nephew love it) yet it's mature enough to be worn by a grey hair like me. Attractively pleasant. Hows that for being pithy and getting to the bottom line. You don't have to spend a ton to smell great!
22nd December, 2014
One of my all time favourite fragrances. I love the mediterranean fruits combined with the warm spices. It's never overbearing or oppulent, always subtle and elegant without being generic.
One reviewer here said that it evoked a sense of old Imperial luxury and I see what he means and I agree. Roma is very luxurious and rich but not loud and powerful.
Roma knows how to behave himself and he is a well educated man of the world.
04th January, 2014
This is my favourite fragrance, it still is extremely popular here in Italy (where you can find it in any selective perfumery shop and where it is priced more or less as any other high end cologne) and there are good reasons for this popularity and longevity on the market. It is sweet, warm and sweet. Creamy. And at the time of its creation there were not so many sweet frangrances for men around as nowadays. Many of the fragrances of this type put on the market in the last years tend to be strong, seductive in a very bold kind of way, they are fragrances for a night out on the disco floor, they catch the nose but they lack subtlety. Roma Uomo is not like that. It is elegant. Very elegant and soft. It's the perfume for a gentle, romantic man, it is *very* seductive but in a subtle, velvety, charming, kind of way.If it was a dressing style it would be a casual chic outfit. It is just perfect for a man in his late 20s and 30's, but it really can suit any age and any dressing style from casual chic up to nearly formal. I use it in every season, but it gives the best in autumn and winter. It is good for daytime use, charming for evening wear. Just perfect.
Bottle: nice, the idea is a roman temple at the sunset.
Longevity: good.
Zodiacal signs I think it would be particular good for: sensually sweet tauruses, romantic cancers, charming lybras.
26th December, 2013
Italian Summer Stallion

I HAD to buy it again after now 14 years its been a while and I occasionally did some squirts from a tester from time to time as I walked by the store and Roma was seducing me, calling me from the shelves..Hey Pssstt.. pick me Man...,one more time!
And i did it!, could not resist anymore it was a favourite scent then and im so happy i bought it now again.
Its a milestone scent for me, its package and bottle design is typical classy 90's Italian.
The juice gives me a great mellow and happy feeling wearing it, and dont expect an naive Happy,Happy - Joy,Joy scent!

I see good times , romantic times, sensual heated moments with your beloved ones and a bit mysterious but definiatly not dark!
Its perfect for summer days and evening wearing, it gives women a head turn if you project it rightly.
Be a little macho and daring and this truly can be a troublemaker!(As JMGCG said) Hahaha... but its true!
As others reviewers say its creamy and i certainly love its composed with galbanum and benzoin and citrus/grapefruits...
In my collection i certainly will rank this one in my top 5 of most seducing scents.

Buy it if you like a nice italian stallion summersweet delight!

Pros: Sunny delight and ultra macho
Cons: Not for people with nose-diabetes"

25th August, 2013
italian style

the opening is citrus then it becomes more creamy and balmy. it is a refined and distinctive perfume

24th August, 2013
Fresh oriental with fruity, candylike top notes. The drydown is very powdery and sweet, pperfectably suitable for an elderly lady.
18th November, 2012
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
a bit of minotaure and burbeery brit. not as bright but a bit milder and more relaxed and refined than the 2. i prefer minotaure but this is also a great scent. if you think minotaure is too in your face you will love this oriental..
09th November, 2012
A little feminine for some but no complaints from me.
A little linear and not too exciting in the dry down but still a real pleasure. particularly when it is not too hot.
Very nice bottle.
07th November, 2011
Mandarines, oranges mixed with vanilla, benzoin to be precise. Great scent, so casual yet so elegant, open, I must say it is linear too. Really a nice classic I might posess one day.
22nd January, 2011
Too much weak and fruity for my full pleasure, too kind of light soul and eternal grown baby, finally too much musky/balmy soapiness in its substance. Roma is an almost decent fruity, woody, semi-oriental scent in which the texture of woods and balsams (fir balsam, amber, benzoin, galbanum, may be a touch of vanilla) is watered down, understated and diluted by an excess of fruity (grapefruit, tangerine), citric and floral (jasmine, eliotrope) dosage. I perceive too much fruits (a sort of balmy/musky blend of orange and peach) and this is what in my opinion kills a fragrance, subdue the green texture, the elegance, the sobriety. To be worn just in late spring, (just on daily time) by relaxed dynamic souls.
12th January, 2011 (last edited: 04th January, 2014)
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If Fahrenheit is too mechanical or industrial, this does it. It is sweet, spicy, musky and 'industrial' (metallic and petroleum like notes) all at the same time and all with full force. It took a while to get used to it, but I wore it today and loved it. Cooler weather means you won't get spikes from individual notes as they flouresce, which is a good thing. I like.
BTW: I liken this to Versace Baby Blue Jeans, except while BBJ can be a tad juvenile and excessively sweet, Roma is spot on. Kinda like a mature version.
13th September, 2010
Lovely scent.

Vanilla, sandalwood and orange. Quite linear. A little bit feminine but that doesn't bother me.

Not a warm weather fragrance. Good for the autumn.

It's a favourite of mine but I don't wear it often.

Good longevity with pretty good projection. I get a fair few complements when I wear this - ladies especially seem to like it.

04th July, 2010
Nothing special here,just another sweet scent back from 90's.
17th April, 2010
lunoar Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Whatever top notes there were (i couldn't distinguish them apart from a slight fleeting floral) faded quickly into a linear musky sweet vanilla. Not unpleasant but a little bland and unexciting.
30th March, 2010
A quite resilient fruity fragrance. I like it but there's a lingering vanilla accord that is rather overbearing and quite off-putting after a while. In sum, a rather pleasant scent but some accords are a little too strong for me to give it an unqualified approval.
26th March, 2009
lex Show all reviews
United States
thick creamy vanilla with a overcast of musk.may sound too basic with these notes but they are blended well.scent for the cool weather. for a date ,yes,work maybe not
22nd February, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2009)
I got musk and patchouli from this. Very long lasting pleasant smell.
12th February, 2009
Fruity ambery oriental in a terrific bottle. Very sweet smelling, or should I even say cloying….It has that bizarre vintage animalic tone to it which makes it somewhat “dated” smelling to me.
Unique fragrance at the end, although I well understand references to Minotaure.

Basil and crisp laurel leaves are very notable ingredients in this. Fruits are very much overripe – almost rotten. And then there is a massive doze of amber and a bit less benzoin (vanilla).
It also smells like it could have some indolic flowers in there somewhere, and yes, I really do find this quite animalic composition.

Interesting and impressive fragrance which sadly comes off as very off-putting to me in the end.
03rd February, 2009
dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is not bad bad scent,it is pleasent,with a nice clean just out of the bath smell.But it just doesn't impress me a great deal..I like the vanilla...and flowery notes,but it just doesn't make me want to buy another bottle,quite simply,I like stronger scents...maybe like Cerruti Si.I'll give this a neutral...because it isn't horrible....just a bit plain.
18th January, 2009
Smells like a slightly spicier Pi or Minotaure (without the puffiness). Essentially just light spices, vanilla and musk. Decent all around scent for cooler weather. If you like vanilla you'd like this.
21st September, 2008
today my sister bought 75ml for 37$ for her boyfriend and i had to test it, its superb for her but alas not for me, it didnt wowed me, what hit me first is Tangerine and Graperfruit, its not so vanilish as some mention (try Givenchy's Pi), very good longevity (after 5h i need to sniff my skin sooo close to feel it, now its 11h after application and i feel it) but sillage is below avg.(I think I would need 6-8 spritz to feel comfortable, but i never pour out so much juice on me moslty 2-4 spritz) , base note is best from pyramid, ok as everyday scent
/if i did any lang. errors dont blame me :)
02nd September, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Basil, Bergamot, Galbanum
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Juniper, Heliotrope, Pine
Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Benzoin

I like the top notes in this, and the rest is interesting, but it doesn't quite seem to make a whole. It is a bit on the sweet side, and could use more balance. On the good side, it is fresh and comfortable to wear in warmer weather, if you don't mind the sweetness too much. I have seen pyramids for this that claim jasmine, juniper, heliotrope, and pine in the heart and don't mention vanilla in the base. That's the pyramid I included in this review , from Those notes seem to make some sense to me, although I think they would make for more balance and more projection than I get from the juice in the bottle I own. I think this is OK, but I had hoped for greater things from it, so the best I can do is give it a neutral rating.
01st August, 2008
In 1994 i discovered Roma. I was sol immediatly and used it for years as my signature scent. Redently is smelled it again and i was totallly overwhelmed by the sweet, sweet smell. In those days it got lots of female compliments, but nowadays ?

Enjoy Roma if you can, but my roma-days were in the 90-ties.

11th July, 2008
If you like and use this scent, guess what, you are making a statement about yourself, and perhaps a good one. It takes big balls to pull of something this sweet and dizzying. Everybody talks about the layers of this frag with the citrusy opening etc. I cannot even smell a hint of citrus in this one. The only thing I detect is vanilla, and more vanilla, and more vanilla, and more vanilla... It is truly sickening.

The woman 'who wants to rip the clothes off' the guy who wears it must be in desperate need of a vanilla overdose, or a 2,000 calorie dessert. The amber and musk notes are suffocating under the heavy drench of vanilla, that the frag never transforms, or moves on your skin, yet remains the same throughout the whole 12 hours (I swear, the longevity is very impressive, as it's with any synthetic vanilla scent).

I just don't like it. This was the frag that made me hate any type of vanilla scent for so long. It was definitely traumatizing. Since I have discovered Opium pour Homme, I like vanilla a lot more, yet I just think that this is not a well crafted scent. Not at all.
28th April, 2008
I first smelled this fragrance in the summer of 1994. I was in an elevator in Montreal when a very handsome man stepped in and filled the elevator with a delicious, sweet scent. I immediately asked him what he was wearing, "Roma by Laura Biagiotti," he replied. Whenever I smell this fragrance, I am transported to that exact moment in time and to that summer. It has since become my trademark scent to wear in the warmer months of the year.
The combination of citrus and sweetness is what wins me over, as well as its long permanence on my skin, hours after I applied it. While some reviewers complain of a chemical lingering scent, I do not mind it at all and to me it is part of this fragrance's signature. I always get compliments on it. Although its sweetness is now dated, for me it is not a bad thing to relive the early 90's...
25th April, 2008
I remember paying for a parking ticket at a police station a couple of years ago (I was 21) while I had Roma on during the day. I was being helped out by a mid-30ish year old beautiful lady who could smell the cologne. She said "Mmm, you smell really good", and so jokingly I replied "Haha, is that a date?". To that, she replied "I would if I wasn't married".

Although this cologne is not great enough to nullify any parking tickets, it was great enough to have her almost cheat on her husband! So to all you married couples out there, beware of any singles who posses Roma Uomo.
22nd April, 2008
Stu Show all reviews
United States
I have loved this for several years now. Every note from top to bottom suits my skin, which doesn't seem to like every fragrance out there even if I like them on others. Thanks Roma Uomo. So many Thumbs WAY WAY UP!!
18th April, 2008