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Neutral Reviews of Royal Water by Creed

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Royal Water is another of the fresh Creed fragrances and probably the one that is least heralded. The scent falls between several other Creed productions and is by far the most synthetic toned fragrance of the line. While I don't think Creed has gone with faux notes in RW, the opening combination of citrus and mint do give it a plasticized nature. It's very reminiscent of a Bond No9 aquatic fragrance, that while good quality, just seems like the designer spilled a note in that doesn't belong. In RW it's the peppermint and perhaps the basil that clash with the traditional Italian EdC formula. The fragrance does have better than average sillage and longevity, but it just doesn't work for me, especially considering that Creed has multiple true gems that fill this space far better. An indifferent Neutral for me.
28th September, 2017
Future Jason:

This smells like a Creed intern was tasked with replicating AdP during a job interview. They turned up the volume on the citrus via cleaning products and floor varnish.

Some interesting things appear after it wears awhile--maybe it's... mint? A more interesting green melange, anyway.

But still smells like something you'd smell in a freshly cleaned hallway. Maybe the Creed intern had been promoted from the third shift janitorial crew. And did a better job that I would have, probably.

Good job, Creed intern!
26th February, 2016
Genre: Citrus

For some reason the name has me thinking of Windsor family urine samples, but that’s not quite fair to this perfectly pleasant, if undistinguished, herbaceous eau de Cologne-style fragrance. The lemony opening steers just clear of furniture polish, thanks to hints of basil and rosemary, then drives off into the sunset, leaving in its wake an attenuated version of the typical Creed “millésime” drydown. This sort of thing is done far better – and at much less expense – in scents like Monsieur Balmain or Annick Goutal’s Eau du Sud, so I wouldn’t waste my money on this.
01st July, 2014
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Dull, watery

The first burst of scent was intriguing - citrus, baking spice, and fresh water. I took home a sample and wore it later in the evening. Within 15 minutes it was a bland watery mess with hits of deodorant. It's like Oliver Creed turned his Mean Girls burn book entry for Kate Middleton into a fragrance.

24th October, 2013
Royal Water kicks off with about 30 seconds of the best juicy orange smell EVER before breaking down into a weird mix of citrus, green herbs, green tea, and detergent smell. It's kind of like a traditional citrus/herb cologne but with the old-school basenotes replaced by soap and laundry smells, so it's sort of like green Irish Spring soap, sort of like the smell of freshly laundered sheets, and sort of like lemon dishwashing liquid.

The weird thing is that it's not the cleaning product smells that turn me off (for the record, I quite enjoy MI, which I think basically smells like fruity fabric softener), it's actually the mix of the citrus and the green tea, which over-sweetens the oranges and lemons and leaves them smelling kind of candied and dumb. Honestly, I think there are much better Creeds than Royal Water, but it's not as bad as some...
17th January, 2013
Nothing special on this one. Listed as unisex, but seems more as a feminine scent to me. Citrus and somewhat floral.
13th October, 2012
I tested Royal Water in a shop by spraying it on my wrist, and it smelled unisex all that day to me, something that I liked and wouldn't mind having. Some time passed and I found a good deal on it on-line and ordered it. When it arrived I sprayed some on, and immediately gave it to my wife - it was way too feminine for me. She loved it.

Did my perception change over time, or did variability creep into production? Who knows?

Our cat went all besotted with this scent when my wife wore it. It was hilarious.
15th May, 2012
It's nice. Just not 140$ nice. I probably would have bought it at the designer price range but this is not cool. Not cool!
05th October, 2011
I wasn't even going to get a vial of this quasi-EdC, but my friend had a duplicate. My disclaimer here is that the stuff is so weak, even by Creed or EdC standards, that it's actually difficult to review. Initially it's a vague but very sharp lemon with some florals that lend a slight creamy aspect. It smells like it could practically give you heartburn with so much sourness. Once that dissipates, the milkiness of the florals becomes more apparent, and gives it a slight "expensive guest soap" vibe, which is unexpected and nice, though it definitely causes the fragrance to turn suddenly from fairly masculine to much more feminine. Whatever's left has a surpisingly natural grassiness, with just a hint of sweet dusty wood, and might almost be like one of the less over-the-top drugstore air fresheners ("summer breeze", "crisp linens"?). I'm just not sure that this would do me any good applied to my body or clothing; the scent is too "under the radar", and it would be gone in a flash on skin.
26th September, 2011
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United States
Royal Water is supposedly a classic citrus cologne with a modern, British twist. I suppose this is what one might call it. Creed generally uses good quality ingredients, which gives this citrus-herbal concoction a little a edge over similar products. The opening is a blast of lemon and other bitter citrus. The heart is herbal-spicy with the usual ambery drydown. The interplay of herbs and spices notably cumin, is somewhat disagreeable in my mind. Royal Water's description tell a story that the fragrance fails to live up to. In this pseudo-cologne mix there are far better options such as Eau de Guerlain, Acqua di Parma Colonia, etc. I think Creed's own Selection Verte is the much superior and time-tested version of Royal Water.
18th April, 2011
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United Kingdom
Has all the basics of a Hesperide with a touch of basil and mint showing their hands late on. It's a nice fragrance and lasts a good while, but I'm not sure it is worthy of the inflated price tag -- in fact it isn't.
30th December, 2010
It is very average, too bland for my taste. Worth a try.
23rd March, 2010
A slightly sweet,Victorian hankerchief dampener, that beyond its somewhat powdery cosmetic opening, is an amiable accompaniment to a formal occasion. One would imagine that this will have limited appeal, given its rather antiquated and feminine characteristics, but once it has settled into its stride, it does become quite engaging. The opening feels oily and citric, but this is quickly dispersed by the unpleasant sense of some cosmetic additive. The heart of Royal Water is florally sweet, but never becoming cloying or overbearing. Not quite a thumbs up, but close.
18th March, 2009
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The musk and lemon give a promising start, but then it quickly moves to a more delicate, floral touch. This is more feminine then I am accustomed to wearing. The first time I wore this to work, a co-worker kept sniffing the air and commenting how she kept smelling rose water. She didn't detect its source and it just didn't occur to me. A few days later and I wore it again. I asked a female friend/co-worker what she thought of it a few hours in, and she said "honestly, a bit grandmotherly". That's when I realized the previously unidentified rosewater smell had come from me! A third weekend application, and at dry-down- sure enough, there was the drugstore floral mixed with Jergens lotion, just as I recall it from Grammie. A vaguely pleasant sense of nostalgia, but certainly a scent for me.
11th January, 2009
Well, it's a kind of pseudo aristocratic Tommy Girl, or Tommy Boy.
Anyway, one of the Tommys . . .
14th October, 2007