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Positive Reviews of Royal Water by Creed

This is second only to Aventus as far as the House of Creed goes. I love it. For some reason it reminds me of Gin over ice with a lemon wedge. Extremely refreshing scent in my opinion. Puts me in a good mood when I spray it on in the morning. It sort of is a "back in the dy" scent but, what's wrong with that? That's called "Classic" where I come from.
07th October, 2015
The citrus is upfront with nice peppermint but pretty quickly a berry note takes over and the basil keeps it from being too sweet. As the musk enters the picture the scent improves.

The choices are between this one, Millesime Imperial, Acqua di Parma, Eau de Guerlain, and Eau Sauvage. You're fine with either one. I chose Eau de Guerlain.
23rd November, 2014
I am in love wit this. Sure it is one dimensional, but it is a dimension I want to be in. Soft lemony but boostable with the likes of Azzaro PH and Gaultier's Le Male.
15th February, 2014
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Remember in The Silence of the Lambs when Hannibal Lecter said to Clarice Starling, "You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps, but not today." That's my mother. She is one of those people who get headaches from perfume, and she loves eugenols and benzyl salicylate.

On the occasion that she wears anything, she loves Creed Royal Water. It smells like a Pimm's Cup, and for her that's "naughty" because she doesn't drink except the odd glass of champagne. "Just a little touch." How we are related, I don't know lol, but she's a lovely woman and smells great.
17th February, 2013 (last edited: 20th December, 2014)
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United Kingdom
This has a delicious soft lemony top note with a minty touch, much more restrained and much less openly refreshing than Selection Verte. The drydown adds some berry notes, a touch of herb impressions and, being Creed of course, towards the end a whisp of unusually restrained ambergris. The silage is very limited, and the longevity about two hours on me, but being citrus-based I did not expect much more.
09th February, 2013
I ordered this w/o smelling it, I had a sample but I don't count those. This is a scent that if you're a man you have to wear in warm weather, I put it on in December and it was very feminine. I'm gonna recommend that either a woman wears this or a man that's very confident in his masculinity. This is a very elegant fougeré, minty citrus up top with an herbal musk base. I like it on me but I'd love it on my mom..
12th April, 2012
This is a wonderful fresh scent. I smelt a bit of Hermes Terre but then this train just sped off into the distance.

I smell citrus, the basil and I even smell earth. It's a summer musical.

This is certainly unisex but whoever wears this oozes sophistication and clearly embraces the surroundings into a peaceful state. This is what Royal Water does.

BTW, I add one spray of Tom Ford's PB Oud Wood on my chest.
This makes this scent more masculine and will work magic during the summer.

So one spray of Oud Wood on the chest and two sprays of Royal Water on the neck. Good to go.
07th January, 2012
The biggest problem with this Creed is that it is too generic smelling and some might say not worth the Creed price tag. With Creeds you expect something weird and unique e.g. SMW but this smells like oranges, mixed with sugar, maybe a little passion fruit in there and some Hawaiian punch too.
31st July, 2011
This is a refreshing citrus fragrance. Love it... Just can't seem to purchase due to terrible longevity on my skin. What a downer. I really liked this CREED offering while it lasted :-( just too much $ for poor longevity.
10th October, 2010
This, to me, epitomizes CREED's signature MILLESIME base. You know, the metallic ambergris, and stuff.
I attribute this to the fact that Royal Water really has nothing else up-front, than the sheer lemon-limey facade. Once that gives way, Royal Water reveals a concise package of everything that CREED-haters hate about CREED.
Pretty good!
20th September, 2010
When I smell Royal Water, I think of the Diana memorial fountain / water sculpture ( some call it a drain ! ) in Hyde Park /Kensington Gardens in London during summer with the kids playing in it and the sun is glinting off the water. This is actually an excellent lemony citrus scent , quite strong . I like it.
24th July, 2010
I've really come full circle on this one. took repeated testings over years but the light bulb finally went off, and I went ahead and bought a bottle.

I do like "soapy" frags and this one definitely fits the bill. This is like a high-end combination of Clean and CK One with Creed's signature ambergris and musk base. Can't wait to wear this in the dead of summer. So uplifting, airy, and refreshing. Doesn't have the dessert-like heavy sweetness of Royal Delight.

Thumbs up, Creed. just sorry it took so long to see the light!
19th July, 2010
This is fantastic stuff. I wouldn't pay 250$ for 4oz of this, but I love it.
05th March, 2010
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I am not saying this just because this perfume is created in honor of Princess Diana but this perfume is just elegant! There are a lot of perfumes out there that when you spray too much on yourself, it can get annoyingly strong. However, with Royal Water, even if you spray a lot on your body, it just smells pleasant. Perfect for any occassion.
27th January, 2010
Updated Review: Call it a beginners mistake, but I was harsh on this scent in my first draft. My opinion has completely changes upon receiving another sample and wearing it a few times.

I still dislike the mosquito repellentes-que opening, but this one soon dries down to a smooth, light citrus that I fully enjoy, albeit not enough to buy.
05th July, 2009 (last edited: 20th September, 2009)
A sparling, effervescent delight the moment it reaches the skin. Like Himalaya, it gives me a sense of uplifting exuberance, like I was at a party on a lovely summer evening conversing with close friends. One of Creed's finest, IMHO.
10th April, 2009
I am BAFFLED by some of the descriptions below, good or bad. All I can do in response is to offer my own review: Royal Water is precisely that. If sparkling diamonds and platinum were made into a fragrance, this would be it! As the bottle's frosted glass, chrome trim, and clear crystal cap seem to convey, the fragrance is clean, crisp, powdery, sparkling, refined, elegant, and luxurious. Yet, the versatility of this fragrance is amazing as well. Worn by a man or woman, day or night, formal or informal, indoor or outdoor, spring, summer, fall, or winter, it simply works. It has become my favorite, my delight, my signature fragrance. It simply reeks of money!
08th January, 2009 (last edited: 15th August, 2009)
Wow! I love this one!
This is going to be in my collection for quite some time! I fell in love with the beautiful citrus scents and the well blended background. It's very fresh, young and sophisticated... "Royal" says it all... it is the one and only word to describe it.
At first I thought it was way too masculine but after I wore it for one or two ours it became a fragrance that could not have been any better!
07th January, 2009
A fresh lemony citrus that's very long lasting. Not as dry as I like but of excellent quality. I'll compare this to the original Lacoste and Homme de Gres, both excellent lemon/citrus scents. This one wins! However, I absolutely love the woods in Homme de Gres but by no means is it worse or better than Royal Water. The lack of woods in Royal Water give it a nice unisex touch to it. Very refreshing on hot days. Another excellent but understated Creed.
30th June, 2008
I smelled a few Creed fragrances at the same time, and I liked this one the best. The others were decidedly floral, but this one was different. Royal Water is clean, woody, herbal, almost dry. Imagine my surprise to not find vetiver listed among the notes. It started out lemony, and I swore there was incense in there as well. As the citrus withdrew, it maintained its crisp, cool, airy character. Are you sure there isn't any vetiver? Only herbs and spices? Oh well. Overall, it smelled more masculine than feminine to me. I enjoyed this one on paper, but I didn't get to try it on my skin yet.
30th June, 2008
Royal Water is a comfort fragrance for me. I've gone to it and then gone away from it several times over the years. There is something there that keeps me coming back. It has gotten the 'you smell great!' reaction from several friends who appreciate beauty and that says something. I'd like to always have a bottle of this around. I like the seamless combination of citrus, floral and musk. It is lively and enchanting.
06th April, 2008
Here goes my first review!

To appreciate royal water, you have to wait for the middle and base notes to set in.

Upon spraying it, the initial mists comes uncomfortable close to smelling like mosquito repellent. However, within 5-10 minutes, it settles down to this sumptuous citrus yet sensual aroma (like key lime pie), and a floral undertone to boot (jasmine i believe). The scent that remains on your skin is definitely luxurious, with enough woodiness to be worn by a male even though the initial whiff is markedly feminine.

I wouldn't classify this as a light or buoyant fragrance... it certainly is very rich in its amalgamation of fruity, floral and woody essences. This is it's charm... it is a not a summer scent take tries to add airiness to your humid surroundings, but serves to capitalize upon it, adding passion to the summer heat. The colors I would associate with this scent would be yellow, orange, limegreen followed by pink and turquoise.
07th December, 2007
It does appear to have a trace of classic “old” to it. I seem to get an hint of the classic chypre in the background of its opening. I rather like this idea because I’m a great admirer or the genre. But the similarity doesn’t last long and its chypre resemblance is very limited: It is mostly modern in its components and delivery. It’s a light refreshing fragrance—quite elegant for being as refreshing as it is with its greenness and ozonic ambiance. And comfortable—it’s a comfortable fragrance to use and wear: The peppermint is wonderfully contained, and the basil and cumin are kept from too much an aromatic or spicy dominance. The secret of the fragrance, I believe, is the subtle and excellent blending of its extended range of notes. I can’t think of Royal Water as floral or green, as fruity or aquatic or even citrus—it is a combination of all without any element taking prominence and without presenting one of those massive blobs of mixed notes that typify the commonness of many modern fragrances. True, this is not a stop-‘em-dead fragrance, but it is comfortable, elegant, attractive, and eminently wearable. An excellent fragrance, and as for gender designation, I vote unisex with a nod toward the distaff side—and two thumbs way, way up.
15th October, 2007
A scrumptious frag. I definitely think it more masculine than feminine; on me it has a leathery floralness at first,and the dry down stays florally minty crisp with that faint leathery-powdery undertone...I'd definitely trail the sillage of a cute guy wearing this!

For me, I might wear it...I'll see how it shapes up over the next few hours.
13th May, 2007
Pleasantly unisex. I have to disagree with those who say that it's too feminine to be unisex -- I haven't smelled it on a woman, but it's definitely fine for guys. It must be the bergamot that does it for me, because I seem to end up liking anything that contains it. This one is quite fresh, and just when you think it's going to get a bit too feminine, the musk kicks in and makes it work. Has some similarities with Santa Maria Novella's Colonia Russa I believe.
21st March, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Royal Water...a (comparatively) compositionally simple Creed fragrance which suprises you with its evolution and note twists and smells great. I dont get any peach notes (as mentioned by other reviewers) and the floral component is very subdued. This is indeed very unisex, and in my opinion, one of the best fragrances for summer weather, and works great all year.
Royal Water starts off with a blast of citrus notes of mandarin, bergamot and verbena. At this stage it is very arresting, and the tart citrus notes draw you in. After 20 minutes, Royal Water transforms into a slightly spicy, herbal and even animalic offering - this is probably due to the middle and basenotes of basil, cumin and juniper berry, which provide undertones of spice and herbs. Concurrently you get slight whiffs of the citrusy top notes. The herbal notes arent overbearing, but rather they provide a unique and alluring base which smells fantastic in combination with the bright top notes.

Royal Water smells like the product of the best parts of the Creed citrus duo Zesta Mandarine/Neroli Sauvage and the herbal mintiness of Chevrefueille Original ... with better sillage and longevity than any of them. Royal Water is a Creed offering which deserves more attention.
06th September, 2006
I don't get peaches at all, and while it does have some floral notes, I don't find it to be overly floral or too feminine. In fact, if anything, I'd say the citrus dominates early on and then as that dries away (hours into it!) I'm left with some floral notes, but they are balanced by the musk and background herbal notes, and possibly even a marine note not unlike Erolfa. I like it - it's refreshing. Creed's website says it's "uplifting," and in this case, I find myself agreeing with them. I'd imagine this would be really nice for a hot summer day.
15th March, 2006
Blend of peppermint, verbena, sicilian mandarin, calabrian bergamot, basil, cumin, juniper berry & musk of tonka.
Lovely refreshing light scent. I didn't get the peaches mentioned by one reviewer, though there is a light citrus fruit note which is unobtrusive TMN. I smell a definite lavender/bergamot/citrus note in the start-up, which I always love, being a lavenderholic, but which is more common in men's fragrances than women's, so I appreciate its presence here, and which probably helps to make it unisex. It stays light, refreshing and slightly sweet into the midnote. The cumin and basil are merely modifiers, thank goodness, and don't emerge as independent notes, which I was afraid they might. They have been submerged to the needs of the whole. They keep the fragrance grounded and less floral.
This one is a delight, one of my favorite refreshing fragrances. It has a bit of an Acqua Di Parma sensibility about it. Far too many fresh fragrances have ozone, a note that ruins a scent for me. I'm surprised by comments this is more floral and feminine than unisex, as it doesn't come across to me as overly floral, but decidedly unisex, especially the drydown. But I have chypre skin, as I often feel compelled to say, which played a part in my assessment.
11th January, 2006
I am very pleased with my purchase of Royal Water. I made my purchase based on nothing but fragrance. I actually knew nothing about it when I chose it. The "Diana" facts were news to me long after I liked it.I too find it crisp and clean...unique and without doubt, gender-less. In my opinion this IS one you will like or dislike...probably not many "maybes".
25th August, 2005
Creed's long history of supplying royalty, heads of state and celebrities with signature scents is legendary. Royal Water was intended to introduce an utterly unique scent in honor of one of the most celebrated women who ever lived, Diana, The Peoples' Princess, and it succeeds with unyielding freshness and just enough sweetness to justify its unisex allegiance. Blends of sparkling peppermint, verbena, Sicilian mandarine, Calabrian bergamot, basil, cumin, juniper berry and musk of tonka set this apart from any scent I've known. To say that a fragrance is unlike any other is, in fact, a great rarity. My first, precious ounce arrived in the summer of 2000 and I have indulged in several bottles since. Royal Water stands apart and above every other fragrance I've ever worn in my 44 years as does the memory of the "... complicated, unique, radiant, compassionate and beautiful" People's Princess, Diana. Wearing Royal Water feels like you're in the presence of this remarkable, gifted lady who left this world in her prime, much too soon.
06th April, 2003