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Nice inexpensive Lime Cologne with a standard Bay Masculine drydown. I believe my sample is Vintage, however this is short-lived with the Lime. Nostalgic and pleasant surely.
These days I get a better kick of Lime from Bugatti 1992
and certainly Jo Malone's Lime Basil Mandarin being EDT strength, offers a longer ride.
Still, a pleasant find if you can find it at the right price.
04th February, 2017
Royall Lyme Bermuda Ltd sold off its licensing to the Clarecastle Group, sometime in the early 2000's. The telltale sign of the change is on the box and bottle, where it now reads "Made in USA" instead of "Made in Bermuda".

I corresponded with someone from the Clarecastle Group about reformulations and they admitted some had to be done for Lyme and Spyce. They claim it's a nominal difference, but I see too many people say otherwise. However, Muske has not changed much (still pretty much as-is).

The original Royall Lyme is a great fragrance, but yes... it wears more like an aftershave or cologne than an eau de toilette. Longevity is light. So I imagine with the current release it's ridiculously short. Try to find the vintage. I have two bottles of it now (refreshed my original) and I'm still enjoying it. Not the best lime based fragrance, but for the price it's worth owning. Kitschy bottle too, with the pewter crown cap. :-)
10th July, 2015
I bought my first bottle of Royall Lyme in Pasadena, USA, in 1963, & so savoured it that I rationed it out to last until 2009(!). I have since used almost half of my next bottle (I won't be able to smell it on my shroud...).
Like others here, I was surprised to find that while the aroma was as splendid as before, the new lotion certainly doesn't last like the original. On investigating I discovered the very sad news that the company had been bought, & all its potions now made, under licence, in the US. This undoubtedly explains why the new version is inferior...
23rd June, 2014
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dreese Show all reviews
United States
Every comment here has it nailed pretty well; a very nice, refreshing lime on top of some musk. Disappears so quickly, I cannot endorse it as being worth the price.
21st December, 2013
Wonderful lime blast

Rich and sweet aroma of sun-ripened tropical limes. Very refreshing after a good shave -- tightens the skin nicely, leaving it very smooth. Puts me in a good mood in the morning. One of my favorite aftershaves, particularly in the warmer months. My only disappointment is its sub-par longevity. Still, a wonderful product.

Pros: Aromatic, soothing
Cons: Sub-par longevity

18th June, 2013
A wonderful refreshing lime that actually smells like limes, albeit sugared. It only lasts for 15 minutes or so, but I still love it.

A bit of Bay oil in the drydown.
08th February, 2011
I recently purchased a bottle of this and Royall Mandarin online. It is nothing like the original that I used to get from friends returning from Bermuda. The original Royal Lyme was a rich, slightly green lotion with a very limey smell. This is a clear liquid with a much more complex composition. It's fairly good as a general purpose lotion and leaves a nice residual fragrance after it dries. It will probably be a nice lotion to use after bathing during the summer months. The Royall Mandarin smells only slightly different. I wonder what ever happened to the original Royal Lyme. I imagine that it was much more expensive to make than this present version of the lotion. It's disappointing that the original lotion is no longer available.
28th March, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Royall Lyme of Bermuda Royall Lyme

True to its name, Royall Lyme starts with a strong lime blast. It is refreshing--fruity and juicy without being candy-like. It evokes all parts of a lime, the aromatic rind, the juice and the pulp. I would not say it is sweet necessarily, but a balance of sweet, tart and bitter. The juicy part of the opening fades rather quickly, but the bitter lime rind lingers, and is joined by subtle spices (clove, cinnamon), bay, and sweet resins (benzoin). Eventually, RL starts to take on a dry floral powder note which I would guess to be orris. From time to time, I catch whiffs of lime rind, which adds a pleasant, slightly sour edge. I have only tried one other Royall fragrance, and with RL, I am starting to see that this house tends to produce non-fussy, straightforward and classic cologne water. Royall seems to have a house base which consists of resins, bay and spices with faintly present floral notes. It is very pleasant, and is fresh and clean smelling without being soapy. The bay note does add a "barbershop" sense to the composition, but in RL, the bay is quite subdued. This is preferable since to my nose, bay can easily hijack a fragrance--as a single note it is strong and long-lasting, so I appreciate the deft use of it in RL. RL was originally intended for men, but its overall balance of fruit, floral and muted bay/resin base makes this very wearable for a woman. As with most cologne waters, the longevity is rather poor, but most of these types of scents were intended as an after bath or after shave freshener. Total development took 3-4 hours, and the deep drydown is soft bay, benzoin and a bit of sweet powder.
17th January, 2009
Royall Lyme begins with a clear, sweet, and sharp lime note – so enjoyable and refreshing. That lime note is about all there is to fragrance – but it’s a superb lime note. It does have that tiny bit of disinfectant that Naed_Nitram refers to, and it does have the aura of candy. Lime is my favorite citrus scent, and Royall certainly knows how to present it. Royall Lyme is a splash and has even less longevity than most splashes. It lasts about twenty minutes on my skin, but it’s a great scent while it lasts.
23rd August, 2008
Jolly Rancher lime. I never liked those. I was a cherry guy. This fragrance last just about as long as a Jolly Rancher, too. Still, a good blast of lime but that's it.
13th August, 2008
Stu Show all reviews
United States
I recall my uncle wearing this as a kid growing up and so I have fond memories of it. I've owned it in the past and still like it although I don't think it has that long of a staying power but it's still overall a great scent. I will take EricM's advise and try St. John's Bay Lime which I've heard of but have never tried.
15th April, 2008
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
lime hard candy. nuff said
27th December, 2007
While this is definately a high quality cologne water, it represents terrible value. Other splashes of similar (or better) quality and longevity retail for roughly $1.00 or less per ounce. I am thinking of Aqua Lavanda, Old Spice or Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum. This retails for about $7.00 per ounce. Yes the bottle is nice, but not that nice. While $28 doesn't seem like a fortune, it will once you see the quantity you have to apply in order to smell it 15 minutes later. I don't regret buying a Royall product, however, I'm afraid the cost will keep me away in the future.
13th February, 2007
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I like it. Simple, fresh and smells like elegant candy. Then it goes away, forever. But that first blast is worth the price of admission.
10th February, 2006
I can see why Royall Lyme is justly famous. An honest opening of sharp, cool, tangy lime develops, as the fragrance warms on the skin, to a warmer, mellower note of lime. this must feel wonderful to splash on yourself in very hot climates and is very wearable anywhere. If it has a slight air of disinfectant plus lime candy about it, this is not offensively so. could be longer lasting.
31st August, 2005
A citrus scent but with a pervasive, cloyingly sweet note. Not my cup of tea.
19th November, 2004
A good lime scent. Smells like lime and vodka. Not a lot of spice in this lime mixture, just a hint. Duration is not bad considering it's a citrus scent.
St. John's Bay Lime is more spicy and the lime in it is more prevalent. This (Royall)is more subdued. Great scent for the beach, or when out and about in the heat.
28th April, 2003