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Negative Reviews of Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

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NOT dark , NOT gothic, NOT draculesque ... too much imagination .Nothing to do with Kouros .I get a kind of gasoline-alcohol start, but when it dries down you get a soappy-rose scent, not very manly .
31st March, 2012
Magnificent smell. Mysterious, dark, romantic. Pathetic longevity. What a shame. Thumbs down for that reason only. If it lasted longer it would be one of my favourites.
20th November, 2011
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United States
Imagine standing next to an old woman, an old woman that doesn't wash her clothes, an old woman who has her hair done every 3 months whether she needs to or not, an old woman that has her makeup done by The Joker, an old woman that doesn't bathe and simply applies more perfume each time she leaves the house, an old woman that just spilled GASOLINE all over her polyester pantsuit...NOW, TAKE A WHIFF! Sorry, I wanted to like this fragrance but it reeks of the above mentioned old woman with too much perfume covered in gasoline
28th September, 2010
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i know that dali was a great painter. but dali pour homme really smells like urine... it's great fragrance for haloween when you are in nosferatu/dracula/wearwolf/zombie/canniball costium ;]

this one is scary. bottle is like from nightmare and so is the scent... to use this should be one of the traps in "saw" movie.... " smell or die - make your choice"
28th November, 2008 (last edited: 03rd December, 2008)
This is a nefarious potion in an ugly bottle; heavily incensed, brooding and disturbing. This is what Nosferatu would wear if he had a secret midnight rendezvous. I bought it blind and regretted it from the first spray. Turn away in horror, lift your cape, and run from this ghastly and scary brew!
29th September, 2008 (last edited: 21st March, 2010)
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United States
Yuck, since when did my dog's poop come bottled? As soon as I smelled it on my skin, I ran to the bathroom to wash it off.

On the positive side, my dogs loved it.

On the negative side, I'd rather impress girls.
15th January, 2008
The opening of this one is much more attractive than the drydown, and I also found the longevity disappointingly short. Definitely a Gothic experience, though, and would go well with a black leather trenchcoat. The gasoline note is dominant for me - overall something of a Satan's armpit vibe going on.
20th December, 2007
Beautiful bottle, awful fragrance. Powdery, acrid, sour... Like what Kouros or Alfred Sung would be after spoiling in the bottle. It wants to be dark, smokey, yet fresh; instead it comes across as simply bitter. Sung homme pulls off this mix much better.
05th October, 2006
This scent gave me a headache when my husband tried it at the cologne counter. It is confusing, and forgive me, stinky. Dali is a GREAT artist; unfortunately melting watches and burning giraffes sort of sum up this scent.
08th August, 2006
I get what this scent is trying to do... dark, brooding, thick.. smokey, but to be honest it's a little much. The floral notes clash with the smokey character in a way that makes my scent glands want to run to the next province and bury themselves in the sand. This fragrance is like a train wreck.. it intrigues me, I look every now and then.. but regret when my curiosity takes me to that unfortunate place.
05th May, 2006
Evil. This is exactly what I imagine Buffalo Bill's pit in "Silence of the Lambs" must have smelled like---a mixture of blood, sweat, fungus, abject fear, feces and that dirty, filthy Precious. And the bottle cap consists of "lips", which is fitting since what's on the inside of the bottle is so reminiscent of raw, unrefined halitosis. I'd very much like to shove a tic-tac into those lips. It's also the closest replication to human body odor (more precisely "fat man funk") that I have ever smelled in the entire world of perfumery. I actually considered wearing some once just to be a little different, but then wisely thought, "No way, people's gonna think I haven't showered in a couple of days", and that's not exactly a fear that should ever be associated with wearing cologne. It smells like a corpse's butt. In sum, I'd rather wear pepper spray.
22nd February, 2006
Yikes! Scary stuff!
16th January, 2006
Reeks of hot tar and Satan.
17th June, 2005
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