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Positive Reviews of Sandalwood by Yardley

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What an interesting trick! The very opening of this Sandalwood is a mish-mash of citrus and spice but the progression moves very fast. Like actors taking places on a stage or a marching band spelling out letters with lines of students, the whole body quickly clicks into place and Voila! It's picture-perfect sandalwood - powdery, dry, woody, yet somehow a little creamy at the same time. At this point the citruses are so far receded into the composition as to be nearly unrecognizable, and the smooth amber-cinnamon-nutmeg team-up smells just like an isolated accord from the base of Bogner's beautiful Deep Forest. Projection is small and close as far as I can tell, and, being a Yardley release, the longevity is less than outstanding, but this is doubtless one of the best sandalwood recreations I've come across, and I would endorse it in a heartbeat if it wasn't all but extinct on the market.

Simply excellent stuff.
01st December, 2015
Thumbs way up. Simply the nicest sandalwood out there. Hard to find, but worth it. Lots of compliments.
14th February, 2012
This is a fantastic fragrance which is very hard to find. It can be worn anytime of the day or night.
05th October, 2005
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