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Not a love/hate fragrance. There's a lot to just like here especially if you like a peppery fragrance. Kinda fresh/clean, a little sweet and certainly peppery. It's a pleasant smell and seems versatile enough but I cannot think of the perfect situation for this other than to smell different, which it does. I also can't think of anything I've smelled that's similar.

Performance is good in projection and longevity.
04th January, 2018 (last edited: 06th January, 2018)
Wonderful scent! This one is a part of my "go-to" set of fragrances. Cedarwood, pepper, coriander....a nice combination that is at once confident, and also laid back. Great aromatic scent that is highly recommended.
03rd December, 2016
Another average scent for men. This is safe for the office or casual wear. Spring / Summer scent for sure. Average longevity with limited projection. I get some mint and pepper with a muted dry down of wood notes. Prices are good at least so if you like to layer or looking for something light for hot days this may work for you.
24th May, 2016
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JSfM is a low-key, casual fragrance perfect for long, strenuous bike rides. Leafy violet and mint intermingle in the pleasant opening. Slowly gives way to the spice route – cardamom & pepper. The base reads like a niche fragrance – myrrh, labdanum, incense, but it’s really nothing like that. This is JSfM’s weakest aspect – it’s not very coherent and all I can detect is a weak synthetic wood accord. Still, I’m not dissuade from JSfM. I just save it for those long bike rides.

12th May, 2016
Future Jason:

It took you about two minutes to realize this smells a LOT like Calvin Klein Euphoria for men. Which you like, but haven't worn in years. Where is that bottle, anyway?

It's been too long since you've smelled Euphoria to make a proper comparison, but you're pretty sure you're right. With this one, you get to say you're wearing Jil Sander, instead of Calvin Klein, which probably has the "less likely to be recognized by a soccer mom" cool factor. Right?

This is pretty easy to wear on days you want something pretty easy to wear. Totally pleasant. A thumbs up, though perhaps a pretty lazy one.
15th January, 2016
By far the dullest Jil Sander masculine scent ever for me. It smells literally like a couple of really basic and bland aromachemicals thrown and stirred in a bottle, the same kind of stuff you can find in any masculine sport-woody deodorant. Beyond generic, a true nowhere in a bottle. No direction, no inspiration, “nondescript” to say the least as other reviewers already stated. I am sorry to say that since I’ve always found Jil Sander scents much underrated, and I am usually quite a big fan of the brand, but there’s surely way better among their offerings – actually almost anything’s better than this in my opinion. As regards of the smell, notes speak for themselves and there’s not much to add for me, just imagine them in the most boring and unsubstantial rendition possible: a cheap woody-peppery-herbal scent with a bold, pungent synthetic feel and a sort of far background similarity with herbal-aquatic scents like Rochas Aquaman or Lanvin Oxygene – a distant echo tortured and buried under a drugstore mess of cheap woody aromachemicals. Meh...

10th July, 2015

This is what i call the best fragrance that i have ever i tried of JIL SANDER and a new must have for me.SANDER FOR MEN strikes a balance of warm spice and wood notes blended with fresh contemporary notes. Elegance,Handsome,Masculine, classic and modern at the same time.

It starts off on green notes of mint, balanced by cinnamon which quickly meet bold accords of pepper, nutmeg and a sweet touch by cardamom and finish on a soft and warm base notes that result is a extremely masculine fragrance without falling into any of the common fragrances.

This JIL SANDER EDT is a very pleasant scent for EVERYDAY and OFFICE use. suitable for SPRING days and also Sunny days in AUTUMN seasons and a modern character.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

01st June, 2015
If you asked me, "What fragrance do you feel is completely devoid of personality?" Jil Sander for Men would be my answer. It's a vaguely fresh synthetic concoction that feels immediately sterile and right at home in George Orwell's "1984." The bottle's annoying too. Thumbs down.
11th October, 2014
Genre: Fougère

For about fifteen minutes, Sander for Man flirts with greatness. The cool minted citrus and aromatic opening is a little shy on me, but the scent soon opens up to expose a brisk combination of green herbaceous notes, conifer wood, and spices. Pepper and cypress keep things crisp and clean, while a hint of smoky incense throws an intriguing shadow over the olfactory landscape. At this stage Sander for Man resembles several of the early Comme des Garçons scents, not only in content, but in its overall style: an unabashedly synthetic composition that strives for novelty without trying to smell even remotely like anything in nature.

Then, rather suddenly, the whole structure is swamped by a wave of standard issue fruity-green fougère accord. From that point on, it’s just another banal Cool Water wannabe, made more disappointing perhaps by the occasional hints of cypress, pepper, or incense that remind me what Sander for Man could have been.
02nd July, 2014
the ideal gift

One of the most friendly scents around, if you need to buy someone a new cologne (for a man) and you dont know which one to take because scents are very personal, pick this.

The dislike score is low everybody likes it in his own way.

At fragrantica 203 voted this scent as Like/love and no dislikes.and one member here at basenotes dislikes it on the review spot.

That must say something.

Its a very pleasant, fresh, integer but softspicy comfortable scent.
Not mystical, not dark, not playing games with your nose and mind.
Just a good and comfy fragrance which is often from time to time a good one to pick.

Sillage/projection is average to good
Longevity is ok
Good for office or day in the park wearing very versatile and.

Pros: Versatile,casual and office friendly

03rd September, 2013
I disagree with those who say it is too powerful. I find it to have a very light touch, probably too light actually. But the scent is very enjoyable and safe.
14th January, 2013
This is a good light woody spicy (a bit of pepper) scent that can be used at any occasion at any season but has for me one big drawback (and therefor I sold my bottle) and that is: This is TOO inoffensive and TOO safe after the fresh opening, that lasts 15 mins, to get a thumbs up. For me a fragrance must at least have something daring or contain an interesting part that makes it special. Can be a tiny 'part' but must be there in a frag for me. This frag lacks on that level and is therefor pretty boring in my opinion. This is one of the most perfect fragrances for people who only want to own one fragrance all year around and stick to that. Sillage and longevity are safe and average. Not for frag addicts! Neutral: Rated: 6-/10

01st September, 2012
This is not a bad cologne, but not very bold or distinctive. A bit of a powdery talcum scent to it, and relatively light. It's a good choice for daily wear, but there are many better colognes out there.
24th August, 2012
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Sander for men is absolutly perfect...Forget another one,you can use everytime in year.Good work...I recommend really to everyone...superior-fresh-spicy-floral-fmasculen...8,7/10
26th February, 2011 (last edited: 16th April, 2011)
This is such a nice fragrance to wear. Very charming. I get a lot of compliments when wearing this one. Don't spray too much of it. A whiff or two and you're good to go.
03rd October, 2009

Sander opens with a relatively sharp, fresh opening that is immediately green and somewhat aquatic. I would not categorize this fragrance as aquatic, but it does smell watery – unlike most aquatics which simply attempt to imitate watery, fruity freshness. The ivy and mint combination in the top notes create the green, fresh opening. The ivy dominates as the scent transitions into the heart of spicy coriander, cardamom, and pepper. My untrained noise perceives the pepper note with only a vague discernment of the cardamom. Finally, I get cashmere, myrrh, and some woods in the base. The base is definitely familiar; the references to Gucci PH II and Hugo Boss Dark Blue are spot on (especially for GPH II).

The overall experience is pleasant enough: an urban, trendy, fresh yet sexy eau de toilette. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like this cologne offers enough punch to spark my interest. It smells good, but it doesn’t deliver enough smell for the nose to enjoy. No wander this one came and went without anyone noticing. For me, it’s a neutral due to its anemic nature.
20th September, 2009
Intensely sharp, minty, woody and very modern scent that is both different from anything else out there -- yet not so strikingly different that it really sticks in your memory. In spite of having just a touch of sweetness to it, Sander for Man is anything but creamy and cloying -- it is aggressively dry and has a sharpness to it that can stun your olfactory senses for a good fifteen minutes if you overspray and aren't careful. Sillage is outrageous - you can almost see the molecules radiating out and infiltrating your victims' lungs. I find it hard to place this one. Thanks to the mint it's a bit too cold for a snuggly scent (no warm, gourmand-y, or animalic vibes here) - yet a touch too spicy and powerful for office wear, although when I've used it it's mostly been for the latter purpose. Incredible value for money given the size of the bottle and the power of the juice -- but probably still a "try before you buy" scent. And don't get too trigger-happy with the spray button -- your friends will be in pain.
12th February, 2009
Aromatic and fresh FiFi winner. Not a bad scent.

I keep getting this cold, and metallic citrus smell out of it. It doesn’t make it actually bad, but it makes the structure very sharp, thin and eventually even quite cheap smelling.

Spiciness is close to being nostril burningly harsh. Woods are very watery; makes me think of long soaked driftwood now drifted to the shore.

The thing I like most in this is the strange and oddly unreachable exotic general tone. That’s why it’s kind of hard to keep my nose out of my wrist. It smells mysterious in the end, very familiar and yet so misty at the same time.

Good stuff, but I don’t personally need a bottle mainly because of that tendency to make my nose sting.
03rd February, 2009
I really love fresh and ligtht fragances but I don't know what this one is and why!
Luckly it was a discreet one but not only that it doesn't last I'm afraid it acctually doesn't exist it's so weak.
Wearing this one you just smell like nothing so you could as well use a simple (cheaper ) department store deodorant.
26th January, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
the spicy middle note and the base notes of incense and myrrh are magical. very unique scent. i would not say (green) but a very romantic and uncasual scent. wear this one out with your lady friend to get her in the mood.
26th August, 2008
I have a freaky trifecta thing going on with this one and two other scents. When I wear Sander for Man, I feel like I'm wearing Guiice pour Homme II or Hugo Dark Blue. I love the note in all three that they seemingly have in common. My guess it's a combination of mint and incense/myrrh. I like all three equally (and they all have the same juice color).

Sander for Man has a nice sweet but cutting scent with a mint of mint that fades. Very casual and likable.
30th May, 2008
I don't understand how a perfumer of the calibre of Jacques Cavallier can be so uneven and erratic in his performance as such, as a perfumer. While his L'eau D'Issey and Bvlgari pour homme are distinctive and exquisite, this one, Sander, comes as a dissapointment. No individuality, or distinctiveness, no class, it's gray and opaque.
26th October, 2007
Im not sure what this was....I sprayed smelled like air, lime, and...water, seriously...I wasted my money on this one from a "blind" order.
Jil Sander recommends, SUNMEN!
also 'Background' if you can find it.....
10th July, 2007
Reminds me of a fresh pack of minty gum, only it is accompanied by some pepper and some sweetness. Definately unique.
26th December, 2006
Fresh and green opening—quite a vegetal feel to it. I get more ivy than mint, and I don’t get very much spice—the whole accord is invigoratingly and uniquely green. Immediately rising from the base is a clean cypress note supporting the ivy and adding more dimension and aromatics to the greenness. When the touch of incense begins to rise up from the base, the whole fragrance takes a turn — it begins to get an other worldly feeling to it, and, together with the wood from the base, forms a rich and rather exotic platform for the higher vibrancy greens that continue to dominate. A one-of-a-kind scent, which, as others have pointed out, has a very urban feel to it, and it’s the urban feel that allows it to get away with the synthetic undertones of the ivy, which is a very difficult note to employ in a fragrance. I enjoy Sander for Men: This is a unique and creative fragrance, tinged with mystique; it has strong sillage, but it is wearable, and it boasts almost supernatural longevity (Obviously! Oberon would require that.)
29th August, 2006 (last edited: 12th March, 2008)
I wanted desperately to like Jil Sander Man, because I loved Jil Sander’s men’s fashion line. Unfortunately, smelling it for the first time, it seemed just like the myriad other bland, sporty, fresh, detergent-like scents on the market. In some ways, I can understand why this is, because Sander’s designs have always been about understatement and subtlety, but nevertheless this one just seems bland (almost, but not as bad as the Jil Sander Pure scent). A scent like Chanel’s original Pour Monsieur is also understated and subtle, but still has a certain distinctiveness to it that doesn’t dissolve the wearer into oblivion. Overall, this one (like all of Sander’s fragrances) was a huge disappointment.
24th July, 2006
Nothing special abou this one, yet not bad either. The typical "neutral" scent, it is inconspicous and evaporates extremely quick. Cooling, refreshing, clean yet rather plain.
18th February, 2006
Quite simply a divine fragrance which works well as both a daytime and an evening scent, depending on how much you spray on. I absolutely love it, it is one of the most distinctive modern 'urban' fragrances available in my view, an intense fusion of notes which combine in quietly masculine way. The bottle and packaging are a treat too. It seems to be getting easier to get hold of - I notice Harvey Nicolls stock it - so there's no excuse not to try it!
24th January, 2006
A pretty good scent, it`s quite a different from common hugos and armanis
25th December, 2005
To me this doesn't seem quite as original as the others think. Sander for men is a sympathetic fusion of coriander, cedar and Chanel's Allure. It really resembles that fragrance but it's lighter, less cloying and without the tonka-bonanza. It does last well, and gives the wearer a distinctively urban feeling. An enjoyable modern eau de toilette.
28th September, 2005