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Negative Reviews of Sander for Men by Jil Sander

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By far the dullest Jil Sander masculine scent ever for me. It smells literally like a couple of really basic and bland aromachemicals thrown and stirred in a bottle, the same kind of stuff you can find in any masculine sport-woody deodorant. Beyond generic, a true nowhere in a bottle. No direction, no inspiration, “nondescript” to say the least as other reviewers already stated. I am sorry to say that since I’ve always found Jil Sander scents much underrated, and I am usually quite a big fan of the brand, but there’s surely way better among their offerings – actually almost anything’s better than this in my opinion. As regards of the smell, notes speak for themselves and there’s not much to add for me, just imagine them in the most boring and unsubstantial rendition possible: a cheap woody-peppery-herbal scent with a bold, pungent synthetic feel and a sort of far background similarity with herbal-aquatic scents like Rochas Aquaman or Lanvin Oxygene – a distant echo tortured and buried under a drugstore mess of cheap woody aromachemicals. Meh...

10th July, 2015
If you asked me, "What fragrance do you feel is completely devoid of personality?" Jil Sander for Men would be my answer. It's a vaguely fresh synthetic concoction that feels immediately sterile and right at home in George Orwell's "1984." The bottle's annoying too. Thumbs down.
11th October, 2014
Im not sure what this was....I sprayed smelled like air, lime, and...water, seriously...I wasted my money on this one from a "blind" order.
Jil Sander recommends, SUNMEN!
also 'Background' if you can find it.....
10th July, 2007
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