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Negative Reviews of Santos by Cartier

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I find this to be an overbearing juice to stay with lots of herbal and spicy notes that are a turn off for sure. I would say that 30 to 40 minutes in the herbals calm significantly with some sandalwood and vetiver. I am glad I got this for less than 25 dollars for 100 ml but I don't think I will wear this again... If anyone wants to swap send me a message lol.
09th May, 2018
I wore the original santos frequently in the 80s and early 90s. I re visited recently. I purchased it on amazon. It is the latest version in the all black ribbed bottle. When i sprayed it i jolted back in uttermost disgust for what i thought was a fake. After a little investigation i realised that this was the real offering from cartier. The latest re formulation is a far cry from the original. It has an overbearing lavender cheap scent. I sprayed again the next day hoping I would change my mind. I did not. I wouldnt even give this away from fear of offending someone. What a dissapointment. This is a prime example of a perfume house cheapening the product over time thinking no one will notice.

04th November, 2017
I'm not really enjoying this one. It kicks off with a fairly standard woody chypre smell, but drenched in nutmeg. Given a few minutes, it dies down to hay-ish tobacco with a buzz of very chemical-smelling lavender on top. Eventually, as the lavender sharpness fades, I'm left with the smell of lumber mixed with old newspapers. Finally, a very oily, almost gasoline-smelling chypre base comes in.

Aside from the topnotes, I just haven't found Santos very pleasant. That buzzing fake lavender and the gasoline fumes are bad enough, but when fuzed with nutmeg, they take on a weird quality, like something delicious that's been laced with poison. I don't know how else to describe it - I just don't like it.
13th April, 2015
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Trying a sample of this over the past 120 minutes, simply gauging its relative strength along with three other newly acquired scents. Trouble is, I've reapplied yet another decent dose of Santos three separate times, and still, it is being forced into whimpering non-noticeable submission by the three other scents, all of which were applied only once, as well as the three being classified as light, sporty type scents. An earlier reviewer claimed the reformulated version of Santos to have been a product of disembowelment from an original version. Almost certainly, that is truth. The initial smell, all 15 minutes worth, conjures a rich spicy goodness that must have once been a scrumptious pleasure to behold. Ahh, but now? Reduced to an utter tease.
04th March, 2014
The old formula was one of the best fragances ever... and lasts 24 hours.

The new formulation it's horrible and lasts about 15 minutes on my skin.
Cheaper and awful.

I will never buy a fragrance from Cartier.

For me, this is a DISASTER!!!!
07th April, 2012
There is a difference between old-fashioned and out-dated, and to me Santos definitely falls in the latter category..

Seriously..this smells like it belongs in a different geological era entirely..

Inexplicable to me how this may be worn today
06th June, 2011 (last edited: 12th June, 2011)
very strong that is awful .... i sprayed a little on my hand and i could not wait for long to wash it off ....
18th January, 2009
I ordered a sample of this not long ago but I don't like it much. It has a synthetic smell like Drakkar Noir. Even after dry down I didn't care for it. I recommend other Cartier scents like Musk De Cartier over this one.
02nd March, 2004
Absolutely VILE! I took one whiff and it nearly knocked me out. I expected something along the lines of Aramis which is strong but good for older gentleman. It's just plain horrible. Terribly overpowering. I can't believe such a fantastic jewelry maker could create such a dreadful fragrance. To be used only by balding, middle aged, shark suit wearing used car salesman.
04th December, 2003