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Neutral Reviews of Sélection Verte by Creed

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This is one of those fragrances that change almost every 5-10 minutes on the skin and it will disappear after about one hour and half maybe max two hours!
It's a short but very interesting journey into green lands because this fragrance stays green all the way through.

The opening is a simple and at the same time very pleasant and natural mix of lime and mint.
I'm sure you guys know the differences between lime and lemon. lime is smaller with green color peel and it has sharper and more sour citrusy scent against lemon. it's even more tart, sour and intense than grapefruit!
This fragrance has the most natural lime scent that I've tested in fragrances. also it has a strong bitter aroma of that lime's peel in it. tart, fresh and bitter with the highest quality you can imagine.

The mint note also is strong. it's has a herbal quality like fresh mint leaves and it gives the scent more bitter and kind of herbal aroma.
After about 10 minutes the tart and zesty lime scent almost disappears but the bitterness of the peel does remain. now in this part neroli kicks in. the neroli give the scent a fresh, clean, soft floral and soft soapy aroma.

Again after about 5-10 minutes neroli is almost gone and vetiver kicks in!
The vetiver note give the scent a green, herbal and slightly smoky aura which gets slightly stronger and smokier as time passes but it's very smooth and inoffensive. something almost like "Guerlain Vetiver" but much nicer.
The base is a simple mix of slightly sweet ambergris and green notes.

Even though this fragrance changes several times on the skin but it will stay at the same road. fresh and bitter green!
Projection is average and longevity as I said is around 2 hours on my skin.
Quality but pretty pricy stuff which doesn't last and project that much.
Make your decision!
22nd July, 2014
Genre: Green

Minty fresh and grassy, with just the right twist of lemon. Unfortunately, minty fresh is not my thing (except in mouthwash), and I prefer my green scents less mentholated. Foetidus is right to point out the delicate floral element at the heart, and this lovely note does much to lift Sélection Verte above the common run of green citrus scents. In the final analysis this is a very well composed, if simple scent, but my personal biases lead me to avoid it. Try Sélection Verte if you like wearing mint. If not, you can just join me and skip it.
02nd July, 2014
Not a thumbs down because it's true to what it professes to be (citrus and mint) and it does it very well.

Not a thumbs up for the same reason. This, like Bois De Cedrat, is so natural to me that it smells edible. It makes me smell like I've just got done squeezing lemons and making mint lemonade, then didn't do a good job washing my hands. Cannot wear it.
17th March, 2013
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Creed Selection Vert was more of a sweet green than a leafy one. Featuring lime, lavender, and spearmint, it was not as "chewing gum" as Guerlain AA Mentafolia, and it was quite a bit more masculine.
24th August, 2011
If I had tested this blind, I would swear it would be a Bulgari. Has the aldehydic drydown of the The series with a fresh and amazing green mint added on top. Nice, since I don't like mint. Doesn't last long though. Go for Chèvrefeuille Original if you want longevity and mint (from a Creed). Honestly, thumbs up if it lasted longer.
29th August, 2008
It's not a bad scent, but I'd say save the high cost and just get the original YSL Pour Homme. Each have that crisp, cool green and citrus blend, but the YSL actually has some lasting power.
19th January, 2007
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United States
Clean, fresh, but I find the mint too dominating and medicinal. For something citrus and fresh a little herbal, I much prefer Millésime Impérial; more subtle, interesting, layered.
23rd September, 2006
It started off so well - citrus and mint coolness. Then, for whatever reason, it turned bitter on my skin and all hope was lost. Fortunately, it stays close to the skin, and its longevity is not so great. The opening notes gave me hope, but overall, it just doesn't work for me. I have a feeling this is chemistry-related, hence the so-so rating.
28th July, 2006