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Creed Selection Verte is yet another freshie from the EDT era that is timeless and lovely, really so agreeable and unisex and pleasant.

I detect a mellifluous blend of all the key note elements---citrus, neroli, pepper, and mint---along the abstract Creed DNA of ambergris. It's almost surprising to me that there are no woody notes included since Selection Verte seems so grounded in the dry down especially.

Regardless, this is very well done, along the lines of the better Creed freshies I've tried (there are plenty, though) and another neat entry of the EDT line that seems positively timeless.

Certainly this is more geared toward warm weather wearing but it's robust enough to wear year-round in colder climates, even, though one might need to apply a little more when the mercury dips down.

It performs comparably to most Creed freshies, which never do spectacularly on my skin but are always good enough given teh refinement of the scents themselves.

The green/mint/citrus combination naturally leads me to compare it to Green Valley, and though I've not yet done a side-by-side, my recollection from GV is that Selection Verte is a bit more wearable, the mint more subdued and in harmony with the citrus and pepper than out in front as it is in GV.

Really a great freshie that's underdiscussed and probably not assisted by its availability being limited to the 250ml flacons at $515 rather than a lower price point for an atomizer. Still, try a decant if you can.

8 out of 10
03rd November, 2017
Without a doubt, one of the hidden gems by Creed. Just unfortunate that you have to invest in 250ml in order to get some from them.

Selection Verte is one of the few fresh summer scents that contain little or no citrus. The focus here (to my nose) is mint and ambergris (read ambrox). The mint is put together very well, long lasting and yet bold and ready to make a statement.

It's silage and longevity are quite good. It's easy to overspray which only results in anosmia, but otherwise the scent could easily last 6-8 hours.

I get a really strong menthol-like cooling sensation when I first apply it, meaning this is strictly a summer scent for me, but it could work as a comfort scent after a warm bath or shower.

I've gradually used up a bit from my bottle, which I think speaks for itself. Nothing seductive or out-of-the-ordinary about it, just a perfect scent for warm weather that I won't be bored of for some time. I've used it in hot Mediterranean climates year in, year out and it works a treat. Just what you need in the heat when you don't want to be drowned in a warm scent. Delicious!
19th October, 2017
There's a certain brilliance to Sélection Verte, a mood-lifting mix of mint and citrus that just feels like sunshine.

On the surface, it seems almost naive, like mint mixed with a lemon-flavored lollipop, but there's actually a lot of carefully crafted complexity hiding just below the surface. There's a pitch-perfect mix of lavender and bergamot flavoring the lemon, while the mint is subtly deepened with green leafy kitchen spices. Meanwhile, there's a vague animalistic hum in the background.

The whole thing smells classic, and a bit dated, but it has a joy to it that's so timeless that it keeps Sélection Verte somehow modern as well. Like everyone else says, don't expect longevity, and skip this if you hate mint, but on those days mid-way through spring when it first starts to get hot outside, there is nothing more perfect with shorts and a well appointed polo shirt than Sélection Verte.
29th April, 2016
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One of my favorite openings that I've smelled from Creed. At the opening I get a blast of citrus and mint, very fresh and crisp. This will last a good half an hour or so. The opening notes will fade into the background and the green notes will begin making its way up to the front. At this point, the silage will begin to suffer quickly becoming a skin scent. The green herbal notes gives off a green pea like smell mixed with some notes of peppermint. All of this lays over a backbone structure of ambergris. At most I don't get more than 2 hours of longevity with scent. It's a little bit disappointing but the scent itself is absolutely wonderful. The best time to wear Selection Verte would be during the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. A very nice scent from Creed.
28th February, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There is not much to add to the previous reviews, just that on me the citrus freshness dominates initially. Later a rich green freshness develops that reminds me of walks in sunny grass lands with whiffs of mint that lacks any synthetic spearmint notes; it is more like mint in the field and on me remains in the background. At times towards the end a smidgen of wood appears, not that of trees but more like he underwood of bushes. The quality of the natural ingredients is amazing. Limited silage and reasonable projection, I get about 1 1/2 hours of longevity on me, which is not bad for this type of scent A classic blend for warmer days.
18th August, 2012
Sometimes, just sometimes, a fragrance smells so good that separating notes are just unnecessary. Selection Verte is one such fragrance.
Pure, minty freshness springs to mind, and nobody could possibly dislike this IMO. Absolutely wonderful.
24th February, 2012
The best way I can describe this is like a Grandfather's cologne with a minty/citrus edge. Definite sweet-pea permeates through the whole fragrance from beginning to end. You can tell that this is made from quality ingredients, each one complimenting the next beautifully. It holds for a long time without losing that "fresh" smell.
While not particularly unique, this is a high-quality fragrance!
16th July, 2011
This is the kind of scent that built Creed's reputation, and judging from what little archaeological evidence of the real Creed perfume history there is, this was one of their first scents, marketed originally as Olivier Creed Eau de Cologne in the early Seventies. Like all of the early Creeds, this was a traditional style fragrance built from very good materials and with a little twist. Here it is a minty-citrus Eau de Cologne that carries on strong over a reticent floral sweet pea note and hardly noticeable ambergris. Simple, beautiful and perfect for a hot day.
12th July, 2011
A necessary upgrade of the classic/standard "Eau de Cologne" formula.
Better than Guerlain Imperial, simply because it LASTS on the skin.
The subtle mint note is great, too!
If you are a fan of classic EDC's, and own too many of them, THIS could replace ALL of them.
To summarize- This is definitely not "ground-breaking", but it is a high quality CLASSIC.
I recommend!!
24th April, 2011
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
While I've heard there are different formulations afloat and that this has been discontinued, I've only tried the most recent formulation. I find Selection Verte to be exquisite in its type. It is what some call a deluxe cologne--built on the chassis of the traditional eau de cologne spruced up with mint, sweet pea, and the usual Creed ambergris, thought I don't really ever smell it. Very good, get a flacon while you still can.
29th November, 2010
My favorite fragrance from Creed or anywhere else. Ephemeral minty citrus that hovers for hours. Lovely, clean, and just plain awesome. Hard to find, but well worth the hunt.
17th July, 2010
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I don't get the mint much (not complaining there) -- SV seems to be a no fuss citrus and verbena mix that is surprisingly powerful. I can't help feeling that for half the price you could revel in the equally delicious CDOV by Hermes. Still, a thumbs up.
16th June, 2010
Absolutely yummy ! Crisp sweetish very green ,light in character. The mint is delicious,quite subtle on me,natural - unisex scent. Not very long lasting but I do like this. The LARGE bottle is just a beauty . Am I becoming Creedy ?
01st June, 2010
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Very minty, not my type of fragrance, my brother on the other hand is partial to this one.
20th May, 2010
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Creed elegance for warmer weather. This is a simple collection of lemon, verbena, black pepper, peppermint, herbes de Provence, and ambergris. It is light and somewhat ephemeral, remarkable among Creeds for it evanescence and the need for reapplication. But thus it is with many citrus fragrances, save that in this one the peppermint and base note linger a bit.
30th March, 2010
Not bad at all, in fact, it's rather delicious. A wonderful minty-like combination. In effect, it's what Penhaligon's "Extract of Limes" should be. Excellent longevity. The lime and mint accord at the beginning shines through for a long time, and unlike other citrus fragrances, it doesn't dive into the realm of bathroom disinfectant. I think the ambergris at the base keeps it steady and doesn't allow it to completely burn off. It also lends a sweetness to it that might counteract the fatigue of lime.

It's actually rather surprising, as I tend to loathe that bug-spray-nausea-inducing ambergris-musk accord found in so many Creeds (Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, Millesime Imperial, Green Valley, etc.). In this case, it's ratcheted down just enough to where I like it.

14th January, 2010
Very, very nice. Selection Verte may not seem very original or unique but it is such a pleasant fragrance. On examination of all the previous reviews, non-'Thumbs Up' reviewers each have their different gripes, but I notice that none actually disliked the smell.... this is not a surprise. I myself have no problems with the longevity, 6 hours of soft citrus and fresh mint goodness.

I've had a bottle of 'Roger & Gallet - Extra Vielle' for quite some time now and it has been one of my favourite summer scents. The moment I tried Selection Verte recently I thought "My God this is identical to Extra Vielle". So the next day I decided to wear the two on either arm. Side by side the Creed is head and shoulders above the Extra Vielle, brighter, better longevity, cleaner and just plainly of a higher quality. The Creed remains bright and fresh throughout (with the help of the mint) whereas the Extra Vielle takes on a rather stale/musty direction 2 to 3 hours in. There is no denying the two are 90% the same, but with the Creed being 21 years the senior makes the EV into the blatant copy. Roger & Gallet's offering represents much better value for money though.
29th September, 2009
Oh, why does this have to be part of Creed's "private collection?" I would buy a smaller bottle of this in an instant. Selection Verte opens with a blast of citrus and mint that smells incredibly natural and refreshing. As it dries down, the citrus subsides, and the mint and sweet pea become the focus of scent until it fades away all too quickly. Green, citrus-y, cool, and natural, Selection Verte is a superb warm-weather fragrance and one of Creed's better offerings in general.
14th August, 2009
This has a lovely beautiful citrus opening: gorgeous neroli with a green herbal 'snap'. Quite quickly, the scent develops a distinctively refreshingly herbal-mint note. The mint is leafy-green, charming and quite natural in style. Not any hint of toothpaste here! At this point the scent is quite cool, dry, bracing in a tonic manner. So green, vital and energetic. Gradually this settles into a gentle, slightly peppery green musk note. This is suave and classy and wears well. Reasonable longevity.
12th June, 2008 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)
As of this writing, there are 10 fragrances in the basenotes directory with Verte as part of their name. I’ve tried four of them so far and I inferred there would be a bunch more, since the word ‘verte’ was not the basis for trying them. Creed’s UK website characterizes Sélection Verte as a “fresh, sophisticated citrus fragrance with light, clean notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot combined with peppery mint and sweet pea.” I am not especially fond of prominent mint in fragrance and here it is a dominant note. It is fresh, cool, quite potent and I think well-executed. Eventually the mint loses its dominance and the sweet pea comes out; mint remains but in a subtle role. It is at this stage that I am most impressed with the fragrance – the drydown is something to look forward to. I get about 6 hours out of it altogether, a little less than I would like, but not bad.

I think Sélection Verte is a good choice for a mint lover. I think if you are looking for citrus-dominance, go elsewhere – here mint rules. But it feels fresh, clean, lively and very natural, so I give it good marks.
30th May, 2008
Much better than I had expected.
This is my 3rd favorite Creed.

Both thumbs up.

Mint, Lime, Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli, Herb Notes, Clove Bud, White Pepper, Sweet Pea, Ambergris

edit: My love for this scent has only grown, and it may now be my 2nd favorite CREED. So, I'll edit in my newest review from another site:

Not many scents can legitimately claim the quality of timelessness. Selection Verte is one of them. This scent is the finest citrus/spice/floral I've come across, one which shares some ingredients with traditional EDC's, but has a very unique and optimistic character all it's own.

This starts of with a strong blast of several different types of mint leaf, combined with several different types of Citrus, all of them utterly natural and in perfect proportion to one another. The cool peppery bite of the Peppermint is tempered by the Sweet-leafiness of the Spearmint. The tanginess of the Lemon and Lime is complimented by the sweetness of Mandarin. All of this is underscored by a wonderfully sober bergamot note.

15 minutes later, this cool/tart blast begins to mellow, retaining the same great character. The green leafiness of the mint is now much more apparent than the chilled initial blast, indicating the likely use of a whole-plant-absolute (leaves, stem, flower, root) as opposed to a distilled mint oil. The bitter terpenes of the citrus have also given way to the more aromatic components of citrus, and the other aromatic herbal and spice notes, as well as the floral notes, begin to emerge.

This is the stage I enjoy so much, when the incredibly fresh upper-end essences of the Neroli/orange blossom, clove bud, and Sweet Pea flowers create a quiet aura of new life......of spring. Of course, the lower-registers of mint and citrus are still there, so it almost creates the illusion of the "perpetual harvest", when one is enjoying the fruits of a tree or plant, at the same time that the very tree is putting forth new growth. I cannot stress enough how much i like this stage of Selection Verte.

As the mint and Citrus recede further, the character of that harmonious interplay does not, it seems only to deepen. This is not some work of magic, just the result of well-chosen notes, placement, and blending. the Neroli serves to continue the character of citrus, only sweeter and deeper, and the basil/herbs continue the green leafy character of the Mint, although not cool, now warmer. Even the light use of clove bud seems to continue to build on the small amount of spicy eugenol present in significant amounts in certain species of Green Citrus.

While the theme continues, albeit in a sweeter and somewhat 'warmer' way, a new note, serving the same sobering purpose as the bergamot did in the topnotes....white peppercorns. This note is never too prominent like the peppered note in Penhaligon's Opus1870, it plays it's sobering role quietly and perfectly.

After the tart citrus is gone,and just as the Neroli begins to lessen in strength, and the aromatic herbs risk taking the scent into a rustic, slightly less optimistic direction, a wonderfully green floral note comes in to again set the balance of this scent....Sweet Pea.

When I first saw the note list, I was confused, thinking of the vegetable we all eat, and the opaque, soft greenness of Selection Verte in this late stage kept me confused for some time. Sweet Pea is in fact, a sweetly scented Vine Flower species, with a very unique scent......a scent that is not common in men's colognes, nor feminine perfumes for that matter. No mind, the choice of this green floral note for Selection Verte is a perfect landing, with the light clove, herb, and pepper adding just the right touch of spice to balance the last stage of the composition, which lasts surprisingly well, given how short-lived the topnotes are.

The note list lists Ambergris, but I get none, perhaps the amount is so small as just to help longevity and texture, without being otherwise detectable.

Nonetheless, this is without doubt one of the greatest herbal/floral/citrus scents ever created, if not the absolute best. It's quality and natural appeal are utmost, and it's character is as incredibly fresh and ALIVE today as it was when it was created.
13th December, 2007 (last edited: 16th August, 2010)
Love it. But I will try YSL Pour Homme, even though a previous review reckons Creed copied it. They can't have actually, since Selection Verte came out in 1970, and YSL Pour Homme, in 1971...
12th December, 2007
Flawless citrus opening—as good as I’ve experienced; there is just enough mint to tweak the citrus to perfection, but it doesn’t interfere as mint often does (I’m not extremely fond of mint). That great citrus / green surge lasts quite well for the type of fragrance it is, but, alas, it eventually fades to mint—a mint that is better than most mints I’ve known. Within the heart, the mint is joined by a floral: This must be the sweet pea—it’s been so long since I smelled this delicately sweet little flower that I can’t quite remember its aroma, and the mint dominance keeps me from getting a clear olfactory picture of the sweet pea—I guess I’m going to have to plant some seeds. The dry down is Creed and it still retains a mint ambiance. I love the fragrance that Sélection Verte presents on its top notes. I like the closeness that Sélection Verte develops after a time; it stays close and lasts very well for a citrus and astoundingly well for a Creed.

No doubt about it, this is certainly a thumbs up fragrance—it boasts one of the most beautiful citrus openings I’ve experienced. Had it gone in another direction than mint, I would certainly purchase it immediately, but mint isn’t my thing, although this one does mint as good as it gets for me.
24th June, 2007
I bought this for my boyfriend at Harrod's, because he loves the smell of limes... and indeed it is a citrus masterpiece! The top notes are lime, lime, LIME with a pepperminty undertone, and the composition doesn't change much over time, although I can smell the sweetpea on the drydown.

Contrary to what other have said in their reviews, my boyfriend puts this on in the morning and I can still smell lovely traces of it when we are bedding in for the night. Perfect for kissing, and perfect for a man who loves Trumper's Extract of Limes but complains about the longevity.

I'm not sure about Napoleon III and Sigmund Freud. The clerk at Harrod's said it was originally crafted for Cary Grant (and this was echoed on the Creed website). Does anyone know more about this?
07th May, 2007
Well, I don't know much about herbal mint, but I know what I like.

This one is stunning. A victory over the forces of evil in my battle to find good citrus frags. And yes, longevity is quite decent.

Especially good on hot days, as noted. No, it's not absurdly expensive. It's just that SV comes only in 8.4 oz flacons.

So, skip on two GITs and git this instead.
29th April, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Notes: mandarin, lemon, bergamot, mint, sweet pea.

Upon first glance, the notes of Selection Verte (SV) had me salivating. Perhaps I had found my holy grail for intense summers. May be I have.

SV opens with exquisite top notes of lemon and mint - it really smell cool and fresh. You can feel a cool blast on your skin when you first put it on. Must be one high quality mint ingredient in there. The base introduces an unusual note of pea, which transforms SV to a bit of a herbal-fresh concoction, lending further depth to the composition. It isnt extremely long lasting, but I do get around 5-6 hours out of this, which is pretty good for fragrances of this type.

SV is arguably the best citrus fragrance that I have experienced. It is a must try if you like citrus-mint fragrances.
15th October, 2006
My favorite fragrance. Very refreshing, lasting but not too long.Definitely not invasive. Citrus and mint, perfect for after work out. I bought a large bottle, finished it and will buy the second.Never happened before.
16th September, 2006
Absolutely stunning on a hot day. It actually feels cool on your skin! The vibrant and unique fresh initial accord of mandarin dominated citrus and mint fade slowly as it develops and a warm "sweet pea" note takes over which I suspect may be some derivative of neroli. The ghosts of the oranges and mint sit beautifully in this as it persists very well in its creed-like subtle way.

This really is unique and full of craft and originality, I have never known anyone NOT to enjoy it on me.
24th July, 2006 (last edited: 13th April, 2008)
This is truely a special fragrance. The icy cool mint refreshes the skin and senses leaving you invgorated and sparkling. The green character gives vibrant imaginations of catching the juice off of melting mint icecycles in a flacon. The addition of pepper makes the masterpiece masculing and refreshing, not sweet. This is a must own and an excellent to treat yourself to a work of genius! I love it!
06th February, 2006
Mint as it should be.
Herbal, limeish minty pepper freshness. Absolutely gorgeous fragrance, unfortunately with a price thereafter. If you can, get it!
Mattias /Sweden
22nd February, 2005