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Neutral Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 1 Leaves: Calamus by Comme des Garçons

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Comme des Garcons Calamus is a "bamboo based" green (or better...musky) concoction with a plain vegetal fleeting aura, a central mild-floral synthetic muskiness and a touch of soapiness. Frankly I dont find at all this juice refreshing (celery grains and angelica root fail in order to provide a veritable freshly botanic vibe) and on the contrary it seems to miss on my skin a really green-fresh or woodsy aromatic feel. I catch by soon the bamboo's "languid" influence (somewhat mineral, suave, mild, vaguely ozonic, floral, fluidy, "peaceful") which smells delicate, musky, vaguely lacteous-lymphatic and rosey. The greeness is just initial and it seems by soon floral and vaguely edible-culinary. My perception (after the ephemeral green opening) is by soon the one to catch anyway a typically synthetic/chic soapy-musky-rosey "atmosphere" (vaguely a la Eliee Saab Le Parfum) on my skin and a combination of synthetic ethereal (somewhat rosey) balmy notes, a touch of vegetal undiscerned "syrup" and patchouli. Is pretty perfect what rogalal writes before which I'm respectfully going to quote " It's naturalistic but doesn't smell like anything in nature. It's chemical but still smells like something alive". The dry down is flat and with a poor structure despite still suave and deliciously soapy-floral (a water-lily's presence?). Calamus seems a fragrance heralding a pure platonic love in the futuristic age of soul perdition, its aroma is evocative about left back diaphanous instants of purity emerging up from your fairy babyhood. Poor longevity on my skin.
23rd May, 2015
The perfume of the sweet flag grass leaf written about in Walt Witman's Leaves of Grass collections. It is a green floral milky fragrance that would be great if you were surrounded by nature out in the middle of nowhere with just the grass and reeds buzzing in the wind. It's a nice smell.
13th June, 2009
Its quite green, but dark green, it's a balanced natural mix of green aromas that really impress.
Instead to find it sharp I did find it quite subtle and dry.
23rd June, 2007
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United States
It's ok.. it is what it is. It smells like what it is purported to smell like but nothing that excites or surprises. It almost seemed like it was going to dry down to something a little sweeter and more complex, but stopped short. Not bad though overall.
22nd June, 2007