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Negative Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Sequoia by Comme des Garçons

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This one smelled so fantastic on a card I couldn't wait to get it on my skin. Sequoia doesn't just offer a forest notes, it brings all the details of a huge redwood tree. I agree with dynendal's review; it really does an excellent job of capturing the essence and smell of the redwood.

...until it hits your skin. Within 5 minutes it became the most horrible, medicinal smell. I couldn't stomach it, I had to wash it off immediately! So much potential from the bottle, so horrible on skin. I liked CdG Kyoto, and it worked well on me. But this one was horrific, smelled like floor cleaner once applied.

29th April, 2011
I don't really know what sequoia smells like but this has a definite resinous, coniferous quality. It smells fine but I do not feel that it is a smell to be worn as a personal scent. It has no warmth or personality, and is one dimensional. It also lasts on clothes 24 hours or more, but wears short on the nose, i.e. I got tired of smelling it quickly. Whatever else is in this adds sweetness and depth, but no real personality. It is one-dimensional and does not evolve.
27th March, 2011
An average woody/forest scent that does not have much sillage. You will forget you are wearing it and even up close, I found it hard to tell if I liked it because I could barely smell it.
16th July, 2008
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Just as I was gingerly coming out of my citrus/floral comfort zone, Sequoia whacked me back in with wooden bat! I've recently begun exploring the Comme des Garcons line and fell in love with Ourzazate and deeply admire Jaisalmer so I thought Sequoia would be a piece of cake. Well, it is not.

Sequoia is evidently meant to appeal to a small, artsy sector of Perfumistas that want to smell unusual and different. In fact, Sequoia would be a perfect accompaniment to Comme des Garcon's austere clothes. It is definitely not a fragrance I would ever want to wear. The fragrance has an odd high-pitched, almost metallic smell that could be headache inducing if the juice were liberally applied. The woody "sequoia" note is present in what I think of as a vinegary note. In fact, I get that same spicy vinegary smell in Diptyque's Eau Lente. Lastly, given its heavy, woody qualities, Sequoia is probably more suitable for men than women.

Here are the notes, per The Perfumed Court: red rum, opoponax, kara-karounde from Guinea, Chinese agarwood and mahogany.
19th June, 2008