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United States
Heavenly Bliss

I love it. It has the M7 thing going on but amped up. very boozy/woody scent.Agarwood but not just agarwood (Chinese) gives it a real kicker. also some mahogany added for a fuller,longer lasting scent. Oud is not mentioned but I believe it's in here.. Too bad I only have a decant.. better for cooler weather ..

Pros: One of a kind
Cons: strange"

27th August, 2013
I'm getting a lot of booze in the top notes of this one, like a straight, peaty scotch just for a minute or two. Soon the actual notes arrive, and initially it's smooth, sweet wood. Not the usual woods + vanilla masculine oriental type, and not the CdG harsh, dry woods with a blast of smoke, but somewhere nicely in the middle. There's just enough resinous sap to remind you of a real conifer tree, but it's not like some scents where a bully at summer camp shoves your face into the side of a pine tree. Unless I'm fatigued from too much reviewing, there's surprisingly little here. It's not that strong, but it doesn't need to be because it's just a big tree, not a stick of incense burning in a monastery that demands your full spiritual contemplation. There's some sweetness, but not too much; it's still well within the territory of mainstream masculine wood scents, like Rocabar decided to lay off the sugary christmas cookies. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that there are a lot of things that Sequoia *isn't*, because it's just a pretty tree in the woods. The simplicity of sweet wood is somewhat of a relief before I try and conquer their Incense series, and now I understand why this was put in the Red series: because like Palisander, it's about quiet, happy warmth.
04th April, 2013
A light, non-intrusive woody composition that shows the CDG's fingerprints all over. A sligh boozy accord of rum and woods (mainly cedar) joined by spices and some patchouli (?). Hints of oud somewhere, incense and other resinous notes with just a tad of sweetness. The cedarwood is just perfect, never sharp or overdone. Overall Sequoia has a consistent body but avoids the typical heaviness of other conpositions in the same vein and it's a perfect candidate for anyone who's looking for an easy-wear with a good amount of character. Moderate lasting power.

Sequoia is pretty linear but masterfully executed. Thoroughly enjoyable and most of all, immediately recognizable.
07th December, 2011
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JonB Show all reviews
United States
In order of impact: Boozy, sweet, spicy, woodsy/resinous. Nothing overdone.Very nice. Good longevity. Lays fairly close to the skin, though I can smell it all day. Comes in a big bottle; way more than I will ever use.
08th September, 2009
Wow....what a sharp, fresh blast of pine and cedar! Very foresty...I like to put a little on before bed, and then sleep with a breeze from the's like camping, but without the bugs and dirt and with a comfy bed and indoor plumbing! A win! Great smelling fragrance for people who aren't fans of "perfumey" fragrance, as it's very natural and organic smelling.
31st May, 2009
Oh wow, completely blown away by this! I really love the smell of cedar and wood, and CdG has two EXCEPTIONALLY strong fragrances in the "pure wood" category - Monocle: Hinoki, and this, Sequoia. Between the two, though, I choose Sequoia. Why?

To begin with, envision a boozed-up red-plaid-clad lumberjack in the Great Redwood Forests of California, standing in front of the oldest and tallest tree he can find. He takes one last swig of his syrupy Rum, buckles down, and whacks the tree over with his axe in one fell swoop. Imagine the smell emanating from the freshly-cut Redwood Giant. THIS is what Sequoia is - the top notes are slightly sweet and alcoholic but you are hit with wood VERY quickly after. The metaphorical boozed-up lumberjack has basically handed you a log from the middle of this giant redwood and you will be carrying this smelly delight around all day.

The very interesting aspect of this fragrance, however, is that it smells different but STILL like Redwoods no matter where you apply it. If you apply it at the top of your wrists it will be like walking through a forest of freshly-cut Redwood. Apply it to your pulse point on your wrists, though, and you will be treated to an olfactory experience that VERY closely resembles a warm, cozy fireplace burning cedar logs. I don't know if they planned this or not, but I love using it to my advantage.

The bottle is incredibly endearing and feels very well-planned even though the design is simplistic.

As for Hinoki, the experience is like getting hit in the head with a giant wood block, but that's NOT a bad thing! The "wood" quotient is a lot higher in it, but I think in the long run that affects wearability (even though the sillage and longevity are staggering). This is where Sequoia shines. Sequoia was very much made to be worn by wood-lovers yet still produces great sillage and longevity.

All in all, this is now one of my signature scents. I've been searching for something like this for so long, and now I've found it.
26th November, 2008
Now, I've been looking for a frag with heavy dose of agarwood (aloeswood, jinko, oudh) and this has the most natural elements of most - usually jinko is used in distilled oil-form in perfumery and that actually distorts the actual 'sound' of jinko that's being burned.
Having heavy pepperminty pine/vetiver tones right on top support well the somewhat mossy, soily jinko-notes that ooze up after some 20-30 mins.
So this is my chosen one for everyday use, i want to be identified with this frag!
As said above this scent has little or nothing to do with the beautiful Montale ouds - whole different approach. What comes near is CdG Tea; smoky, resiny forest fire residue.
06th November, 2008
Unlike other reviewers, I get lots of wood. In fact I get Sequoiadendron Giganteum, the California Giant Redwood! So much so that I fell like I'm planted down right in the middle of John Muir State Park when I sniff this, surrounded by a Giant Redwood grove. Yes, there are some rotting wood notes (what grove would be complete without some fallen giants?) and some fermented boozy and concentrated resinous notes. But this is all part of the forest. Just great! I think this should be the official California State Fragrance! (Oooh that give me an idea for a thread!)
21st August, 2008
On my skin, this is extremely boozy (sweet rum), slightly woody, and with just the right amount of spices. This isn't "redwood," but instead bits of wood that is sprinkled on an exotic red cocktail of rum and spices.

This is going straight to my wishlist. Despite being named Sequoia, note that wood does not take the spotlight, so if you're expecting a good ol' woody-wood fragrance -- you're in for a disappointment.

Overall, it is a very addicting and magnetic scent with loads of character.

Bottleworthy? Yes please. =)
05th June, 2008
that is one big holy cedar you got there
deep rich
sweet dry liquorous
warm n spicy
H-U-G-E patchouli C-E-D-A-R
perfect balance with big round dry red cedar-like wood-patchouli and the boosy amber (oppoponax/red rum)
meanwhile, I don't realy get the aoud or agar wood at all
perhaps somewear in the support notes of the red wood...or something something
kaka karoundé, where are you, what do you look like
I dont know, I got lost in the woods
in a forest of giant trees and got drunk with my bottle of capt'n morgan spicy rum

I tried the 1ml sample I got and emptied the half of it on my chest, arms and neck the other day just to see the developement and how it reacts to me.
BIG, I mean Huge surprise.
I did'nt know what to expect from the fragrance from liquorous boosy oppening that drag you in something deep and mesmerizing not much later. the following simply blew me away
as soon as you reach the heart notes (as far as i'm concerned) you are envelopped in a vibrant aura of deep amber and big round red cedar and patchouli
the balance is just perfect (from what i've experienced)
as a rule, i'm not a fan of amber, but this one is just pure delight
lasted a whole day on me even with a good dose of street hockey
good silliage too
this is so suprising since pretty much nothing lasts on my dry and pale skin
by the way, if you like ultra weird/funky/unique smelling comme des garcon's, you may be deceived
but, if you like big deep round earthy woods, boosy amber and bittersweetness you have to try this one
althought this is not quite relevant, I just could not see a feminine woman wear this, it sceams masculinity a little too loud imo
stiil perfect for a cold winter of cool autumn day or evenings all year long.
even if the notes listed calls for something very deep and capiteux if I might say, it is very wearable and somehow very pleasent and satisfying, although it took me a little while to be able to enjoy it on me if I can speak as a personal experience.
still, you don't have to be a perfume addict to be able to enjoy it.
well well, that is pretty much all I had to say
31st May, 2008
markc Show all reviews
United States
I like it (hence the thumbs up), but wish it projected more, and wish I got more wood out of it. It is very sweet as some have mentioned. I really don't think it is named very well. I would love to have something that evokes the redwood forest among the giant sequoias but this one just isn't it.
21st November, 2007
Similar in tone with Kyoto, fresh and woodsy, but a tad richer. There's a hay like note with what smells like a certain middle grade of oudh. Its Zen like simplicity is what gives this scent character. Average longevity on me which was a letdown considering what you pay for a CDG fragrance.
21st October, 2007
I already love Palisander, so I was bound to love Sequoia too. It's sweeter than Palisander, I could swear there's honey in it, but at the same time cooler. Cool like freshly cut, moist logs outdoors and coolly sweet like trickling tree sap. A little boozy too, but that could be the strong, intoxicating scent of fresh wood and tree resin and sap. It has hints of sawdust too, I'm definitely thinking of a sawmill rather than a forest. I know none of the exotic woods in it but to me it might just as well be a Swedish sawmill with pine, fir and birch. Lovely!
05th October, 2006
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The long lost grandson of Santa Maria Novella's Peau D'Espagna.
24th May, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
Medicinal, boozy, clean, resinous, coniferous, woody, and all these things add up to not only a fun fragrance but to a wearable one. The main—almost linear—note is an addictive coniferous accord that effervesces with energy. A great fragrance because of the excellence of the aroma, its projection, its longevity, and its vibrancy. What’s not to love?
12th May, 2006
Sequoia begins a bit tart and spicy. A bit like candy apple. A leafy green flits around in the red. In the topnotes, you can really pick up the rum note- kind of a mouthwatering, intoxicating quality. Then you start to get the mulchy red wood smells. There is a nice Agarwood note in there too and it reminds me of an incense I like to burn. This scent has some similarities with Palisander, But while Palisander is a palpable plank of wood across the nose (in a good way), Sequoia is more of an ambient headspace of the aura of a forest. Very wearable. It smells very relaxed, like napping in a log cabin or lying back in a canoe in the middle of a quiet lake on a sunny day.

It's like summer camp in a bottle!
15th January, 2006
Deep wood that reminds me of the fragrance of a hot sauna - very cleansing but is sweetened by the red rum bottom notes. Always has positive comments from others. This is one of the several CDG masterpiece fragrances and could have easily been included in the incense category because of its cleansing woods.
13th January, 2006
leopoldo Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Delightfully medicinal - I feel like one spray of this could sort out any knotted muscle. It does take me back to driving thru redwoods in Northern California and Oregon (though the frequent eucalyptus accord of that trip is missing). It's a wonderful, resinous woody scent that has nuances worth sniffing out.
14th December, 2005
everything I had hoped for in a wood-based scent- clean, multilayered, drying down to a soft, slightly more sweet scent. I get compliments every time I wear it
17th October, 2005
The top notes on this fragrance are everything I have dreamed they would be, intoxicating brandy and resinous cedars- not for the faint of heart! It was the leather interior of a gentlemans car, warm and inviting without being "comfy" or casual. It veered towards steak marinade to mossy, to cinnamon apple, eventually settling down into a strong cinnamon/cedar smell. Unfortunately the heart just doesnt live up to the top notes, and becomes a little one dimensional, though still very heady and lovely while remaining masculine. For some reason it makes me think of sunny days on a motor boat rather than a secluded pine forest. Oh well. Probably wont purchase it, but Im really glad I got to try it.
07th August, 2005