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A sexy, masculine scent from Michel Germain. From the nicely sculpted bottle to the amazing elixir within, this fragrance entices with the fresh mélange of florals, citrus and spices. It isn't loud, but it definitely gets attention.

There seems to be a ton of flankers of this one, but I will ever enjoy Michel Germain's original, sensual masterpiece.
04th March, 2017
Been wearing this for a couple hours, and after the initial disappointment from the lack of projection, it's starting to come on now. Maybe its my body heat activating the oils finally but I'm getting that comfortable, casual Eternity vibe. Kinda soft and romantic. I don't believe this will be a compliment magnet but could be a a nice surprise for someone who wants to get close.
16th June, 2016
This is a confusing mess of herbs and spices, with all of them screaming for attention at once. This is a very strange frag indeed. Be very careful when a sniff you think this will be soft and subtle sweetness, but this one seems to get stronger and more aggressive as it develops on your skin. Projection is pretty potent; I know if I can smell it on myself, other people surely can!
08th December, 2014
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Good knock-off of Eternity for Men

Séx?al pour Homme is a knock-off of Eternity for Men (as is Very Sexy for Men by Victoria's Secret). I've compared all three, on skin, side-by-side.

Séx?al pour Homme has the best longevity, though it's hardly what I would hope for. Very Sexy has almost no longevity at all; it feels as though it's gone in ten minutes. Eternity for Men falls somewhere between those extremes.

Plus Séx?al pour Homme holds a bit more spice and sweet bite in the drydown than either.

So, though it's not all that well-known, I rely on Séx?al pour Homme for every day usage. Meanwhile, I keep a bottle of Very Sexy displayed on the vanity for the ladies to admire ... as well as for refreshing Séx?al pour Homme while at home. I leave the lame Coty reformulation of Eternity for Men to gullible shoppers in the mall.

And I keep an eBay search on for vintage Eternity for Men juice ... though I am more likely to find a live unicorn for sale first.

Pros: Longevity

12th July, 2013
Pretty good frag. Purchased this one going to get another frag. Oriental scent done right. One to check out.
11th October, 2012
VERY under-rated fragrance.
it doesnt have the best longetivity but projection is fine, especially during the first 3 hours.
it smells a bit like Eternity that is true, but less spicy, a little cooler.

it is a pretty subtle fragrance in my opinion, I am 20 and I would wear it to school and grocery shopping and all other nformatl situations.

this fragrance would work great for summer and spring.
29th October, 2011
It smells like CK's Escape, without the longevity! Is good if you get it for cheap!
22nd October, 2010
This stuff is suppose to have pheromones in it, for HER sexual stimulation but the scent in general is very light and leave alot to be desired. Its an OK scent for me but nothing crazy... and I haven't noticed much of a more intense sexual response from the opposite sex than I already get (lol) with this stuff.
26th August, 2010
A great fragrance but I'm just too young for it. It developes into this crazy sexy aroma that draws people into you. In 10 years maybe this will be my cologne of choice.
18th July, 2010
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United States
I'm with foetidus on this one, in that there is a combination of notes that adds up to crudeness, with no "redeeming qualities." I also don't understand the name. I would name this one "cologne guy," not "sexy guy," that's for sure. I can't imagine not being able to find a better fragrance than this one, even if you like the general idea of it. And it doesn't sell for very low prices. Strike three, and this batter is out !
20th January, 2010
I disliked this from the first sniff – it smells too much like Eternity, which I dislike. “Sexual” is not what I was expecting at all. This is blunt and unsubtle with aggressively generic accords that makes even Eternity seem subtle. The opening of Sexual presents the top and the heart levels of the fragrance all at once. This opening combination is just plain horrid: Basil, citrus, petitgrain, and lavender make for an opening of excessively heavy clumsiness. The melon and gardenia that are claimed to be there might have mitigated the abrupt crudeness of the opening, but they are overwhelmed by the generic lavender. That lavender also extends into the base where it mixes with the vanilla and tonka to form another unpleasant accord.

With its name, Sexual should have something signaling some sort of sensuality or passion… nothing of the sort.

19th January, 2010 (last edited: 15th January, 2011)
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United States
not sexy at all. very weak drydown. more of a 90's fougere/green scent in the same realms as bob amber drydown that i detected. a decent tuesday-thursday scent. sort of like your who cares/whatever attitude fragrance.
20th November, 2009
Man, with all the talk of spices, I expected something much more oriental (something like a hybrid between Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur and Jaipur Homme ; perhaps Obsession by CK??). This is far from a classy oriental, and I'm not entirely sure that I would describe it as sexy. Some of the comparisons that have been made to this scent are somewhat misleading. I would say that this comes off smelling most similar to CK's Eternity but more fresh, and Paco's XS but less floral. In fact, it smells just like Faconnable for Men (slightly green juice in the frosted glass bottle).

Sexual is aromatic, fresh, and slightly sweet with the prototypical, amber dry down of the 90s fougeres. In that regard, it may be marginally reminiscent of D&G PH but not really. All in all, I think its good as an everyday fragrance. Its not especially unique, but its better than the other fragrances its been compared to because it has nothing off-putting. Avoid it if you want something special and original; try it if you just want to smell good. And if you want something more unique or outstanding, go for Jivago 24K which is similar.
11th October, 2009 (last edited: 13th October, 2009)
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Wow I can't believe that some finds this has light and not long lasting - ?

My problem is that it has too much longevity and too much sillage to the point that it becomes very sweet and cloying. The scent reminds me of a rip off on Eternity and Jivago 24K with a sweet dash of Animale for men. The problem with Sexual like Eternity is that wears become very immune to the scent and get this crazy idea this it not on their skin any more so they put more and more - and poor people around get a HEADACHE!

I have to give it a thumbs up for it longevity - but be careful with the sprays!
28th September, 2009
It's ok. At first I thought of it as a more potent version of Very Sexy for Him. Wrong--even that stuff lasts longer than Germain's creation. My girl hasn't noticed it when I wear it and she has the nose of a bloodhound. I get citrus and nutmeg, some spices, and then zilch.

My biggest complaint, however, remains that it does not last. I carry the "travel" spray that was included w/ the bottle (as it damn well should have been at that price!) with me if I have some important shindig to attend while wearing this creation that is essentially pathetic...and is most probably still in production only because we men are suckers for marketing scams that promise "success" with the ladies. (Sorry, I'll stick with Spark from Claiborne if I want success inspired by pheromones.)

I think the only reason I keep it is because I like the bottle...and how it sits smugly on my bathroom counter as it silently mocks my other cold weather scents.
29th November, 2008
With a name like Sexual, I expected a musky scent. Yup, it's a musk scent. It's very simple.
26th October, 2008
To me, sexual is a very generic scent, it's what first comes to your mind when you think of a guys cologne. Its not bad, you can see why they call it sexual. The comment underneath mine says that it spells similar to Pi by givenchy, not even. These are two totally different smells if you ask me. I would not wear this personally, like I said it smells like just.... cologne.
15th December, 2007
I purchased this online, I received it today and I'm very pleased. It does smell sexy, classy and playful at the same time. I will be purchasing more of this juice once I finish my 4.2 oz bottle. It's not the same as paco rabanne xs, may be similar the first 3 minutes but then turns a different direction.
05th December, 2007
This stuff is seductive. No question. It is very long lasting. I think there are better, sexier scents - third man, antaeus, santos, joop, ungaro III, are just a few - but this stuff is big time scent. This stuff really surprised me, it is powerful juice that is better than Pi by givenchy, similar scents somewhat.
06th November, 2007
I can't remember the last time I got this many female compliments -- this stuff MUST have pheromones in it!

Goes on smelling very like Eternity (NOT my favorite!), but dries down to a sexy, musky base that's almost transparent.

Incredible longevity and monster sillage -- do NOT over-apply this Canadian edt.
12th October, 2007
I've admired this one for quite some time but never took the plunge until I saw a gift set on sale for $40. I've always laughed to myself about the name - Sexual? That's asking for trouble. It does take aim for the loins, but the question is whose loins is it going after? This is the one your mother warned you about.

This potion has an intoxicating opening. Heavy, deep and spicy. But not too spicy. I've yet to find the scent pyramid for this bad boy but Germain's website says it contains basil, sage and sandlewood in that order. All "Indian", as in Eastern Indian. Could this be the start of a new genre? Forget Oriental, this is Indian! I also detect tobacco, musk, and tonka bean. Whether they're from India is anyone's guess.

As the scent progresses, the spices stick around a long time before it turns slightly sweet and woody. Some have compared this to D&G Homme's drydown which I can see but Séxual's tobacco is more in the background.

Now back to those "aphrodisiac" qualities. I wore it out on a Saturday night with the girlfriend thinking if this doesn't light her fire, then what will? As the night progressed, her reaction was muted indifference. However, my reaction was of sensual bliss, and I could not stop smelling myself! Then it struck me, this potion does possess aphrodisiacs. Too bad it's you instead of those around you that fall under its spell.
23rd March, 2007
Interesting oriental fragrance - very unique.
What I have been told is that it contains pheromones.
Initially found it to be similar to D&G homme, but after a while seemed to show its character.
Very long lasting and becomes sweeter with time.
Originally thought of it as a "special occassions" type of fragrance but now has turned into my "daily"!

Something new & unique....definately captivating for the moment!
12th November, 2006
A very nice, soft, sweet and highly seductive fragrance from this unknown designer. The good thing about this fragrance is that almost no one wears it. It's perfect for the romantic, sexy and sophisticated man and reminds me a bit like Dunhill's Desire but maybe not as long lasting.
06th February, 2006
Sexual is an awful, sleazy fragrance. It lacks depth, and taste. The market campaign really compounds this; they market it as an aphrodisiac that is made to mimic sexual elixirs used ages ago. What a joke!!!!
29th September, 2005
Sexual is a fragrance I use but not often. It's definitely not an everyday scent but rather for special use. It's that unique though it does remind me of Salvador Dali's Fragrance: incensy, heady, intense, overpowering if used too profusely.
15th January, 2005
I was walking around Bloomingdales and the sales lady sprayed this on me. I have to say I was amazed and bought it right away! I am not disappointed. I own about 10 very good colognes and this one isby far my favorite. Very unique, very long lasting. I can't stop sniffing myself when I weat this. I can still smell it on me the next day when I take a shower. Best of all everyone else isn't wearing this so you won't smell like everyone else.
24th May, 2004
Same as Paco Rabanne XS.
06th May, 2004
A very interesting oriental type fragrance,which was inspired by romantic elixirs of old times. It is like a combination of a lot of other scents out there all into one. I find it similar to D&G Homme but with added incense notes. I think it is supposed to have pheromones in it also but am unsure. Quite light for a spicy scent and long lasting. It is great in the first hour or so but lacks depth in the drydown. Worth a try though!
26th November, 2002