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Neutral Reviews of Séxual pour Homme by Michel Germain

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Been wearing this for a couple hours, and after the initial disappointment from the lack of projection, it's starting to come on now. Maybe its my body heat activating the oils finally but I'm getting that comfortable, casual Eternity vibe. Kinda soft and romantic. I don't believe this will be a compliment magnet but could be a a nice surprise for someone who wants to get close.
16th June, 2016
This is a confusing mess of herbs and spices, with all of them screaming for attention at once. This is a very strange frag indeed. Be very careful when a sniff you think this will be soft and subtle sweetness, but this one seems to get stronger and more aggressive as it develops on your skin. Projection is pretty potent; I know if I can smell it on myself, other people surely can!
08th December, 2014
It smells like CK's Escape, without the longevity! Is good if you get it for cheap!
22nd October, 2010
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This stuff is suppose to have pheromones in it, for HER sexual stimulation but the scent in general is very light and leave alot to be desired. Its an OK scent for me but nothing crazy... and I haven't noticed much of a more intense sexual response from the opposite sex than I already get (lol) with this stuff.
26th August, 2010
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
not sexy at all. very weak drydown. more of a 90's fougere/green scent in the same realms as bob amber drydown that i detected. a decent tuesday-thursday scent. sort of like your who cares/whatever attitude fragrance.
20th November, 2009
Man, with all the talk of spices, I expected something much more oriental (something like a hybrid between Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur and Jaipur Homme ; perhaps Obsession by CK??). This is far from a classy oriental, and I'm not entirely sure that I would describe it as sexy. Some of the comparisons that have been made to this scent are somewhat misleading. I would say that this comes off smelling most similar to CK's Eternity but more fresh, and Paco's XS but less floral. In fact, it smells just like Faconnable for Men (slightly green juice in the frosted glass bottle).

Sexual is aromatic, fresh, and slightly sweet with the prototypical, amber dry down of the 90s fougeres. In that regard, it may be marginally reminiscent of D&G PH but not really. All in all, I think its good as an everyday fragrance. Its not especially unique, but its better than the other fragrances its been compared to because it has nothing off-putting. Avoid it if you want something special and original; try it if you just want to smell good. And if you want something more unique or outstanding, go for Jivago 24K which is similar.
11th October, 2009 (last edited: 13th October, 2009)
It's ok. At first I thought of it as a more potent version of Very Sexy for Him. Wrong--even that stuff lasts longer than Germain's creation. My girl hasn't noticed it when I wear it and she has the nose of a bloodhound. I get citrus and nutmeg, some spices, and then zilch.

My biggest complaint, however, remains that it does not last. I carry the "travel" spray that was included w/ the bottle (as it damn well should have been at that price!) with me if I have some important shindig to attend while wearing this creation that is essentially pathetic...and is most probably still in production only because we men are suckers for marketing scams that promise "success" with the ladies. (Sorry, I'll stick with Spark from Claiborne if I want success inspired by pheromones.)

I think the only reason I keep it is because I like the bottle...and how it sits smugly on my bathroom counter as it silently mocks my other cold weather scents.
29th November, 2008
With a name like Sexual, I expected a musky scent. Yup, it's a musk scent. It's very simple.
26th October, 2008
To me, sexual is a very generic scent, it's what first comes to your mind when you think of a guys cologne. Its not bad, you can see why they call it sexual. The comment underneath mine says that it spells similar to Pi by givenchy, not even. These are two totally different smells if you ask me. I would not wear this personally, like I said it smells like just.... cologne.
15th December, 2007