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Neutral Reviews of Shaal Nur by Etro

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Etro SHAAL NUR opens with citrus but soon becomes a strong and dark incense perfume with big sillage and excellent longevity. This thick and warm oriental composition is best suited for cold weather, worn under sweaters, and could be worn by both women and men, although I find it more masculine than feminine and would be surprised if it were not being consumed primarily by men.

I do not find SHAAL NUR very subtle or complex and layered, but the strength of these sorts of perfumes lies in their sheer insistence, given the quality of the notes. This woody oriental reminds me somehow of a log cabin in a dense forest of evergreen trees high up in the Rocky mountains.
02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 09th July, 2011)
Notes: ctrus, florals (rose, narcissus, karo karounde, jonquil), incense, spices (coriander, rosemary), vanilla and amber
The name suggests an oriental, and that’s exactly what this is. It is a typical oriental, with spices on an ambery-vanilla base. I wish the spices were better developed, the florals more prominent – and the amber-vanilla greatly reduced. The amber announces itself immediately, retreats for a while, and then returns in strength. In the middle, the incense and spice are excellent: dark, smoky and exotic. But the sweet amber and vanilla are too strong for me. Others may like it, but I can only give it a sideways rating.
31st March, 2009
A nice warm oriental not unlike Sandalo. It has more notes going on and is more perfumey though, not quite as warm and rounded. I like the herbs and spices but something in the drydown feels a bit more generic and less oriental than Sandalo.
14th August, 2006
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Yet another Etro that didn't work on my skin, developing a strange synthetic note that annoyed me. A blend of vanille and lemon (think Shalimar Light) that worked very well on paper, just sadly, not on my skin.
15th January, 2006