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Negative Reviews of Sienna by Crabtree & Evelyn

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I came to C & E’s Sienna with very high expectations, and came away disappointed. I agree with the elements identified in the reviews below, but differ in my assessment of them. “Sweet beeswax” – definitely; for me it is oppressive, cloying, and ruins the other components. “Leather” - absolutely. I like well-made and balanced leathery scents such as the excellent Hermes Equipage or the superb Chevalier D’Orsay. Those are true classics of that style. However, I find that Sienna has a ponderous, almost coconut-leathery aspect that quickly becomes very, very irritating. “Spices” are there but are nothing remarkable. Every once in a while I get a sense of lovely things, things I could enjoy if the focus of this scent wasn’t so strong and its style so muddled. I want to like it but can’t. I admire the eloquent comments below far more than the product they describe!
22nd March, 2007