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United States
The best of the Crabtree & Evelyn line, Sienna, with its spices and leather sits nicely alongside Z-14 and Trumper's Curzon. It--to me--is less about Sienna and all it represents (the Palio, panforte, etc.), and more about Jermyn Street and a gentlemanly English vibe. Despite its spices, this is no oriental--it is a medium-dry leathery chypre-like fragrance with great lasting power and subtle sillage. The lemon gives it some freshness while the oakmoss and patchouli in the base give it depth and warmth. Imagine Giancarlo Giannini on a trip to London, wearing a bespoke suit, strolling down St. James'on his way to some assignation (His tailor? A mistress? His priest? Just looking for an enoteca?)--that is what Sienna evokes for me.
19th November, 2015
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is/was my favourite scent out of the men's range at C&E. Sad to hear it has been discontinued. I've tried the eau de toilette and soap - both were superb. Very masculine...woody, earthy, leathery, herby and powdery. If I could set a scene to match this fragrance it would be like walking into Penhaligon's at St. James Street, London. Sort of traditional, old world vibe, gentlemen with mustaches and monocles wearing top hats; coach and horses out front...
01st July, 2015
Wonderful fragrance for men... sadly discontinued.

Sienna by Crabtree & Evelyn is a wonderful, traditional masculine combination of citrus, herbs and soft leather. The lemon is fresh, and the herbs such as rosemary, basil and clary sage give a nice feel and touch to the smooth leather note underneath, all resting on a nice base of oakmoss and patchouli. I use the shaving soap for this (in addition to the Eau de Toilette) and it smells amazing!

It's sad that this one was discontinued recently because it really smelt more expensive than it was. Like a very expensive, clean luxurious soap with herbs, leather and spices. Wonderful stuff. This was made to smell like medieval Italy (the city of Sienna), but actually it smells like really expensive soap... in fact the best! I am a little sad that Crabtree & Evelyn discontinued this one (as they did with so many of their "better" fragrances. Mais c'est la vie!
08th November, 2014
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I found a bottle of eau de carven in my late grandpa's cupboard dated around 50s.
Sienna reminds me of that... Its really amazing, not necessarily to be called old man's stuff.
Though I wonder whats " hint of fire "
04th December, 2013
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Sienna is another viable option for fans of classic masculine structures. To paraphrase another firm's ads, "if you love Halston Z-14 (or Tuscany or Santos), you'll love Sienna." Sienna is of the kitchen-sink school, ladling in spices, leather, patchouli, perhaps some basil. For a substantial bottle the price is quite a bargain and anyone near a mall will probably be able to access it, although there's talk of the line being discontinued.
29th March, 2013 (last edited: 27th December, 2014)
Crabtree&Evelyn Sienna is an example of what a real masterpiece in the artistic parfumery concretely  means. Sienna, a masterwork of green, spicy, aromatic, woody, boise' subtleness with the traditional english landmark, ending up as a superb leathery-beeswax (i agree with the others) cologne of unbelievable class and refinement.  If you like the powerful and bold new generation ambery-patchouli and oudh scents, well, forget it. Sienna is an archetype of discreet, velvety and straight-forward  english traditional  smell, a finally smooth and balanced aroma, the whiff of a very refined english man that smells at once softly spicy, hesperidic, green and delicately leathery-mossy, soapy and ambery. Lovely packaging.
31st May, 2012
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Really like this one, will be going FB on it.

Slightly sweet and spicy leather fragrance which is a ridiculous steal at the price point. I smelled this first and let it dry down before going back to see how much it was.

It smells much MUCH more expensive than it actually costs and would suit anyone looking for a fairly powerful fragrance which can be worn in formal or smart casual situations very comfortably.

27th October, 2010
This is intially very nice, warm spice with a firm supporting structure of leather. Within about fifteen minutes, however, it starts to descend into a very animalic region. Another five, and I might as well have just rolled around in a stable yard. After a little more time it regains its balance, heading back to the intial combination of notes but with the positions reversed - now the leather is on top and the spice supporting.

I really enjoy the start and the end of this, but don't much appreciate the journey between.
16th October, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Sienna is a good spicy leather scent, sort of like a less concentrated version of Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil. What makes Sienna unique is the way the leather is treated: in most leather-heavy fragrances, leather has a sort of shiny, mildly oily smell, but in Sienna, the leather is pungent and smells almost like animal hide.

The only thing I don't like about Sienna is that the notes that give the leather its pungency smell very synthetic, and its syntheticness stands out like a sore thumb for a while. On top of the base leather I smell some bitter, almost harsh, citrus and wood notes, which smell to me like lime and vetiver. I don't find this to be a sweet fragrance at all, but rather a heavy and rough scent.

Sienna is not smooth at all, but rather is spicy and rough. It is dark and a bit crude, but its crudeness actually appeals to me. It's not a great scent by any means, but sometimes I just want to wear a rough n' ready fragrance that brooks no nonsense. Sienna is one of those fragrances, and I like that.

02nd August, 2010
I received SIENNA as a gift some years ago. I found it distinctively masculine then, very much in the style of Aramis, with notes of green citrus and spices over leather. While it is not as well-executed as some of the other designer takes on the same genre, it does smell far more expensive than it actually sells for, making this one of the better releases from Crabtree & Evelyn.
21st December, 2009
A very very nice winter scent

A peppery warmth with a touch of sweetness

It is in the league of the Classics - Retro - Vintage scents - so not 2010 that it fits right in !!

Great life on the skin

I think this one should be kept secret as we all like something unusual and personal.

Formal/evening summers only - but a big bold wintery scent

Thumb thumb thumb ups
16th October, 2009 (last edited: 08th November, 2009)
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
There is too much lavender in this for me. It reminds me of Tuscany by Aramis more than anything else. It's good but nothing special. I suggest Dorall's Mustang or Z-14 if you are on a budget. If not, there are plenty more things I'd prefer, even if I didn't mind lavender as much as I do, such as M7 or Michael for men (not that they are similar, but that they are also "heavy-duty masculine" fragrances.

My old "newbie" review:

I wonder if Dorall's Mustang is a copy of this. The differences are very subtle. I haven't investigated thoroughly (comparing side by side) because I don't like either one much. They are musky, with what seems to be mostly a cumin/soft leather accord dominating all the way through (after the top notes are gone, which I try to avoid). I don't get any clear wood note. It's the kind of fragrance you will probably really like or will hardly ever want to wear, though it's not nasty in any way. The top notes seem to suggest this will go in a different direction, but in any case, the longevity and sillage are very good to excellent. I'll give it a neutral because it doesn't have the dynamism I seek, not because I don't really like the scent all that much.
27th February, 2009 (last edited: 22nd December, 2009)
I bought it for my husband as an intro to wearing scent everyday. He's not as nose-y as I am, so I thought this would be a nice easy push to get him into fragrance. It's working well. The sweetness blends into his chemistry really well, and the smoky, leathery spices give his macho-ness some refinement. He's getting a lot more attention than usual from women. He likes it. So do I.
07th May, 2008
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Sienna , is the most leathery of the bunch (of the C&E's men scents), it's got very much the spirit of older times, but whenever i smell it it feels more like a druid's scent (think a celtic druid observance or a rural reunion or practice to an earth god) with lots of herbal and woodsy tones.
I am not a huge fun of spices as they tend to be either too peppery or sharp on my skin but here the combo is smooth. It's sweet also, (but not too sweet) and that gives it a good twist.
The drydown is superb. Smells expensive.
11th June, 2007
I came to C & E’s Sienna with very high expectations, and came away disappointed. I agree with the elements identified in the reviews below, but differ in my assessment of them. “Sweet beeswax” – definitely; for me it is oppressive, cloying, and ruins the other components. “Leather” - absolutely. I like well-made and balanced leathery scents such as the excellent Hermes Equipage or the superb Chevalier D’Orsay. Those are true classics of that style. However, I find that Sienna has a ponderous, almost coconut-leathery aspect that quickly becomes very, very irritating. “Spices” are there but are nothing remarkable. Every once in a while I get a sense of lovely things, things I could enjoy if the focus of this scent wasn’t so strong and its style so muddled. I want to like it but can’t. I admire the eloquent comments below far more than the product they describe!
22nd March, 2007
Sienna by C&E reminds me a more sophisticated, refined Italian cousin of Devin by Aramis. Where Devin is astringent and borderline caustic, this is subtle, herbal and spicy and thankfully not sweet. It is a lighter, more aromatic version of Devin, and for that reason is worthy of attention. It is calm and rich, very wearable and I would not hesitate to buy this, and may yet do so, but I find I am more drawn to the Villoresi fragrances which I feel capture the essence of the Italian ambiance more accurately, at a far more problematic exchange rate however!
20th February, 2007
Herbal and spicy opening, addictive, moderately bitter-sweet, almost beeswax- smelling, yet warm, intoxicating dry-down. Still, overall one of the most classy scents around, especially among those who come at a more affordable cost. Old world luxury promised fulfilled- this is most likely the way truly Sienna or any other powerful Renaissance city from Italy must have smelled during its economic and cultural heyday, or at least its most respected aristocratic citizens- not concealing luxury with discretion, but overtly and majestically displaying it yet failing to look tasteless or offensive with that. Almost similar to Bois de Portugal and Halston Z-14, tough less multi-layered than BDP and with a sweeter and less leathery dry-down and far less citrus and its refined acidity too, less spices as in Z-14, much more restrained in its display of fragrance notes. Nevertheless, an outstanding high-profile creation.
03rd December, 2006 (last edited: 25th November, 2017)
Very nice -- possibly C&E's best yet. Bakhmet's right, though -- not a summery scent at all.
08th September, 2006
Sienna is a herbal, leathery melange that leaves a calorific trail. It sports much more character than it's sibling Sienna. Beautiful presentation like always with Crabtree. The new design can be viewed here: .
Spicy, warm juice, but strict as well, ideal under a white shirt and bespoke suit.
29th September, 2005
This is something of a favourite of mine - something to wear when it is colder out because it is so warm. I've definitely had compliments on this one. Not spicy, but more on the sweet side (but not sickenly sweet like L'eau Issey for men). Actually, smells like a good old bar of soap - clean, not too overpowering. Generally lasts the whole day on me. The packaging has improved (they changed from the splash to the spray a few months ago) and that makes application so much less messy, enables you some control. Should you choose between the aftershave or cologne, I would chose the cologne, it has more staying power.
19th August, 2005
Very aromatic. If taken to task I'd submit to you that it is somewhat reminiscent of Giorgio for Men. This is strictly from memory of a passing sniff 6 months ago. I may even return to their outlet someday and purchase.
07th January, 2003