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Pleasant but unremarkable for someone like myself who prefers rich woody ambers, tobaccos and leathers. Your view will vary if you like fresh scents and have a nuanced nose that can appreaciate the subtleti s of silver mountain water. This seems much like a traditional cologne but enhanced by a light touch of tea and blackcurrant. Neroli is seemingly avoided in an effort to break the link to its cologne backbone. This is something I consider worthy of a decant but not a full bottle. My wife does love it though, so that tips it over to a thumbs up.
18th December, 2016
Starts out promising, dries down to Sunday School Lady.
07th December, 2016
This is one of those where I disagree with my wife. She likes this one on me but its just too cloying with the heavy florals for me. I've worn SMW multiple times as well as the clones, trying to understand the hype. Guess its just not for me.
01st November, 2016
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Another one tried off my "Everyone talks about it" Try List...
Yes to black currants in perfume! Especially when they don't smell like cat urine. This one doesn't. My own attempts at combining cassis and bergamot didn't turn out so well. But this one is lovely. It is a true-to-form cup of earl grey with genuine-smelling black currants.. here come the petitgrain/wood notes. Moving between green leaves and young branches, with a sweet, musky undercurrent, they too smell "real" and linger on. I detected then faintly still about 6 hours into the wear.
A sure fire compliment-getting fragrance that seems well worth the attention it gets. I wonder if I'll change my mind...
06th October, 2016 (last edited: 05th October, 2016)
Not good with descriptions of notes and such, only know what's good and what's not etc. This scent is average in my opinion and not too found of the inky note. Not worth the money. Save your cash and get an alternative like Al-Rehab Silver pretty much the same especially the dry down in my opinion.
14th May, 2016
I haven't been on this site for months because SMW stopped me right in my tracks in my quest for a signature scent. I live in SoCal - it's mild/hot most of the year, and I already have a gourmand that I like to wear when its cold, so I was looking for something light to serve as my go-to.

SMW fits the bill perfectly. It's clean without being soapy, sweet without being cloying, and fresh without screaming deodorant. I'm also not above admitting that I appreciate the number of compliments it garners.

I notice that there are a lot of strong opinions about whether this one leans masculine or feminine, which I actually think is evidence of how truly unisex it is. When I wear it, a friend describes it as "strong, but definitely feminine," but I could easily see it being worn by a man and giving off the opposite impression. Then again, I don't put much stock in the gendering of scents, so YMMV.

As always, individual body chemistry is likely to be a big factor. This one just gets me. I don't pick up any harsh metallic notes, soap, or shampoo. On me it's a citrus-dominant fruity scent with just the right amount of musky woodiness to keep it in perfect balance.

Definitely also worth noting that after months of wearing, this has not once triggered a headache, which I don't think I can say for anything else I've ever worn.

5/5 for the scent; 3.5/5 for longevity; 5/5 for sillage (with the caveat that I apply liberally)
08th April, 2016
An interesting blend of fruits and tinfoil. Not my cup of tea, though.
12th December, 2015
Masterpiece. Boiling green tea on a snow covered swiss mountainside on a sunny day. Organic CK One made from nature not chemicals.
04th December, 2015
Silver Mountain Water is one of my favorite Creed fragrances. Citrus top over tea notes, woods and musk. Super clean and easy to wear. Could be a good office fragrance, or even a signature scent that's better for day wear than an evening out. By far more masculine than unisex. Good longevity and average silage. Can't go wrong with it.
09th October, 2015
Silver Mountain Water achieves a great freshness without ever leaning toward a fake "icy" deodorant smell. Bergamot and orange form a nice standard opening pairing, the but the main star of the fragrance is the green tea, a note that I would have never previously guessed would help provide a muted freshness that makes the fragrance so easy to wear. The musk helps round out the subtle base, as the fragrance becomes even more neutral s it dries down.

As with most of the fresh Creeds, longevity is not tremendous, but the projection is outstanding for the first couple of hours, and then fades to a more modest (but not skin scent) for the next 6 to 8 or so.

One my favorite fresh Creeds, along with Aventus and Himalaya. It should surely be tried by men and women alike, as I see this having strong unisex appeal. SMW also has high marks in terms of versatility, as while it is not targeted for formal occasions, dates, or work, it nonetheless is very comfortable to wear in all situations, casual or formal. And while it lends itself to warm weather wear, it's a fragrance that can be appreciated year-round.

8 out of 10
13th August, 2015

Every collectionar needs a CREED.why?because this brand is special.this cologne is one of my favorite (in my top 5).

SMW is very original,different,fresh and elegant for younger man (between 20/30 years old) but for teen boys it doesent fit.

The people around me feel it and like it asking me what perfume i use?i wear more often during the spring/summer days in ofiice.

Anyway very lovely scent from the begining until it end.not simple in my opinion this is elaborate and harmonic composition of notes.the longevity is amazing on my word i adore it.

Thank you CREED.

09th June, 2015
Silver Mountain Water is a real beauty; a bright, cool, airy blast of citrus and aldehydes, freshly laundered (comparisons to Chrome are not unfounded) with a semi-tart punctuation rising from the blackcurrant, only slightly fruity and sans any ammoniac edge. It sort of feels like a crisp clean breeze is blowing evenly over a calm liquid accord of green tea currants. There's also the vague hint of some unidentified industrial bonding agent. It's a curious feature, but subtile and one that adds a deft quirkiness to the mix. All of this rests nicely on the lovely (if lean) standard ambergris/musk foundation. An altogether "easy" yet very interesting presentation.
The catch for me, like many apparently, is that the enjoyment plays out over an astonishingly brief timespan. After liberal application it becomes a skin scent within 45 minutes and has literally all but disappeared on me by the two hour mark. It's confounding that a fragrance with this kind of performance (at designer price points, let alone the lofty retail tag) could command so much attention. That SMW is offered in 500ml vats (granted, as are others in the line) is also an amusing irony. I'm left wondering if this particular combination of ingredients somehow induces specific anosmia in some, while other lucky folks can actually smell this stuff for an extended period of time. Either that or Creed has managed to pull off one of the great olfactive/marketing illusions in perfume history:
Now you smell you don't!!

17th May, 2015 (last edited: 19th May, 2015)
Silver Mountain Water from Creed is an interesting fresh fragrances. In the beginning there is an icy cool blast of citrus with an underlying blackcurrant note. It smells fresh, refreshing but also very different from many others in its olfactory group. The citrus fades but the blackcurrant note persists in the heart. The green tea note comes out slowly and mixes with the blackcurrant. The overall effect is what many have been referring to as the inky note. I only a faint resemblance of the smell of ink (or ink toner). On the contrary it is quite green, somewhat astringent, fresh and perhaps even a little smoky. It is not at all soapy, herbal or powdery. Rather it retains it has this sheen, at times almost metallic. The base is soft and woody, with a hint of sweetness.

This is one of those fragrances that I disliked at first, but it won me over. I find it more interesting than either Millesime Imperial or Virgin Island Water. I get decent projection and longevity. If you are in the market looking for a different take on a fresh fragrance, and willing to pay a premium, check this one out. Perfect for daytime wearings in spring and summer. Perfectly unisex.
11th May, 2015
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Another superb blend by Oliver Creed. I opened my sample up and got an instant hit of I know this smell and I wish I can put my finger on when or where i've smelt this before. That being said a frangrance this good must have had a lasting impression on me if I had smelt it before or stimulated something pretty awesome in my mind if I haven't smelt it before. Either way its very alluring. The notes mix together very well to give me an initial blast of a gin kind of hit, this dries down revealing the fruit pallet, currents, citrus with some underlying woods. very appealing.
14th March, 2015
Silver Mountain Water was suggested to me by a Creed Rep, based on the fact I already own Aventus. Apparently, most people who have Aventus, also like SMW. I tried it out on my skin, and initially was not overly impressed. However, after around 30 minutes, it had dried down a little, and i was pleasantly impressed. The smell reminded me of coming out of a long shower, that feeling of absolute freshness! The citrus notes are fantastic, as is the Sandalwood. Its not an overpowering fragrance, and would be great for work, or casual use. I like to use it more as a daytime scent
31st December, 2014
The very first sniff is a nice whiff of fruit and citrus, but after that it quickly turns into shampoo. Not the cheapest shampoo on the shelf, something Bath and Body Works would make if they were a shampoo brand, but it's still shampoo. After a few hours the Creed ambergris starts coming through and things start to get a bit better but by that time I feel like I shouldn't spend so much money on a fragrance that just makes me smell like I washed my hair.
21st December, 2014

This is a cold, almost-icy tea based fragrance with a sparkling metallic sheen. One example where the name and bottle design are completely evocative of the scent itself, Silver Mountain Water very accurately portrays what it suggests. Between the tea, black currant, mandarin orange, and white musk, you get an inky-sweet, tangy aroma that is reminiscent of chilly, windy air in high, snow-capped altitudes. I get the 'ink' note. It's a combination of the tea and black currant that creates an odd, sort of chemically sweet smell, but it doesn't remind me of toner cartridges, more like ink from a pen or well. I also find this accord pleasant and unique, and it can be interpreted in various ways. Do you prefer ink, or black currants coated in frost on an early spring morning? How about industrial stainless steel, or the glassy, crystalline surface of a river in January? It can go either way, and that's what's sort of interesting about Silver Mountain Water. I picture a white, snow-covered mountain with an ultraviolet stream passing through it. In other words, I get a little bit of both--nature, as interpreted through a synthesized, futuristic chemical process. And it works.

Practically speaking, this is best suited for spring and summer as it's quite cooling and fresh. Projection is strong and it can be sneaky, and longevity is very good. I get about 8 hours plus. SMW feels most appropriate for daily wear as it might be a little high-pitched for the evening. Though I really enjoy this and think it was composed with an intelligent, clever hand, I can't guarantee this as a safe blind buy. While it has plenty of fans, Silver Mountain Water also has plenty of detractors, and that's why it's best that you sample it first.
21st November, 2014
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United Kingdom
I quite liked it then I read this review:

Luca Turin : "Silver Mountain Water (Creed) ★ fresh metallic - An unpleasant, hissy-metallic “fresh” fragrance with a strange note of wood glue amid the din."

So in the interests of science I dug out a bottle of polyvinyl acetate from the garden shed, and I'm afraid to say that, yeah, it smells of glue. Shame, really.

31st August, 2014
Genre: Aquatic

A very nice summer daytime scent: light and breezy, yet also possessed of some earthy mystery and a distinctive edge.

Silver Mountain Water opens up with a well balanced currant and tea accord, spiked with a touch of the aquatic and a twist of citrus. As the heart exposes itself, the tea and violet contribute an herbal, soil-like undercurrent that enriches a scent that might otherwise be too much of a lightweight.

Another distinctive feature is a hard-edged "industrial," or perhaps "stony" note (robyogi's "inkjet toner?") which for me lifts the whole composition onto a new plane. The element of subtle dissonance this note injects keeps me coming back for another sniff.

The drydown is very rapid on me, and reveals an accord familiar to anyone who's worn Millésime Imperial or Green Irish Tweed. In the case of Silver Moutain Water there is also a persistent echo of the current/tea accord that adds a little zest to the end stage. This is one of those scents that seem to disappear after a couple of hours, only to re-emerge unexpectedly from time to time. Intriguing, and very well worth trying, regardless of gender.
03rd July, 2014
It's Millesime Imperiale with fizzy grape soda pop thrown over the top. Works surprisingly well. Somehow invokes images of its namesake, similar to the way Himalaya pulls off the evocative name trick. Overall, another impressive Creed release.

Worried about SMW's supposed feminine connotations? Well don't be a baby about stuff like that. Come along for the sparkling, good clean fun. Sure, it does wear a little feminine. But I get compliments from women when I wear it, so who cares? Maybe not right if your intention is to smell masculine to other men. Goes without saying that it would smell great on women, too.

Creed is great at mixing some unexpected masterpieces into their extensive collection. SMW is another one. You have to give them credit for coming up with quirky stuff like this. Bravo. SMW is a fine addition to any collection. You might not wear it often, but it's likely you won't have much else like it in your collection. Really hits the spot when you're in the right mood for it.
11th March, 2014
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United States
elegant, nice, pleasant. As a 16 year old, I enjoy the fragrance immensely. Although a Masculine scent, I think of it as unisex. No complaints from my girlfriend, only compliments. It also is able to remain on my skin and has a sweet dry down, not as in gourmand, but as said, pleasant. However, I don't bill it as a formal fragrance and although nice smelling , not something that I would wear to my Prom.
04th March, 2014
As much as I love the smell of this as it is quite gorgeous ,I just cant give it a thumbs up just based on the fact that even though its marketed as a unisex and more so towards men it smells like straight up perfume to me. When ive worn this out people have actually asked me what my girlfriends perfume is that got on me ... Which even though is meant as a compliment is quite embarassing.

I mean for what it is its very nice. It has a very fresh,airy smell that will get attention but its very perfumy so if your a manly man or a man that doesnt like unisex or perfumy colognes stay clear of this 1.

Longevity and projection:lasted me 8-10 hours with good projection for 4 hours and then becomes very close to the skin.

Season and occasion: Spring/Summer as far as season.... And Id only use this for casual use
08th February, 2014
I'm a huge fan of Creed, but I have to analyze this objectively with the Creed goggles off. For a good while, it was one of my favorite fragrances, though I do see it's flaws, which is why I'm marking this nuetral in terms of how I recommend it to people. It's a mixture of both beauty and ugliness, though it is worth noting that the good outweighs the bad.

It's a dichotomy. There are people who passionately love this fragrance and people who don't like it at all. Even though, I lean more toward the positive side, I totally recognize the complaints about it too. One person described this to me as water running down a silver mountain top. Another person described this to me as smelling like the sweat behind one's ears. I would say that they are both right, in a sense.

Creed SMW isn't a consistent scent, nor a simple one (despite being labeled an aquatic). It's many things and your experience it will vary; not just batch-to-batch, but from one wearing to another. This can depend on your skin, the weather, your nose, or your mood.

It's many things. It has aquatic elements. It has a rocky mineral aspect to it. It can be peppery. It can smell like a lemon tart. It can be floral. It can be musky. It can be clean. It can be dirty. It can be metallic and acetic. It can be warm and gentle. It depends entirely on your wearing. I've both loved it and found it to be mildly unpleasant.

The expensive price can be an issue for many people, but it's more of a personal decision than an objective one. It's a matter if you like it or not (try it first). Don't blind buy this, and to be honest, it's probably not one of Creed's safest buys, despite being labeled an aquatic. Well worth it for some; not for others.

This is not a nuetral review saying "this is okay-at-best. don't buy it". It's more of a "you'll love or hate it or find it somewhere in between". Ideally, you'll love this and buy it. But recognize both sides before you purchase.

07th February, 2014
This is billed as a masculine fragrance, although it smells more unisex to me. However, I think the basenotes do tilt it slightly in the direction of a more masculine “eau” fragrance. I like it, but for a long time there is a smell I can only describe as “peppery” which makes it far too “spicy” for me. I like pepper in fragrances, but I think in this perfume it was an attempt to make it more “masculine.” Very nice, very clear, clean fragrance. Would smell lovely on a man. However, I prefer other tea fragrances.
14th January, 2014
This smells really good, for a woman. I do not see this being a male scent at ALL. Smells like melon from bath and body works and dries down to a 100% woman's perfume smell. After one spray I will be returning.
19th December, 2013
Ethereal fresh air. Millisime Imperial the remix
14th December, 2013
Elegant and refined - no longevity at all on me

This is an elegant and inoffensive scent - perfect for office wear. But it disappears on me after a couple of hours. I got a 10 ml decant of this, and I'm glad I did. But at the price I expect more.

Pros: Elegant and refined
Cons: Disappears after 2 hours"

26th October, 2013
Another Creed Masterpiece

I beg to differ, radically differ, from all the "nay"-sayers here. How anyone could find this fragrance in any way objectionable is beyond me. Creed's Silver Mountain Water is a stupendous MASTERPIECE! One of the freshest, coolest, most appealing scents out there - a wonderful creation that evokes images of the coolest, purest mountain streams on a hot summer's day. Distinctively different and thoroughly sophisticated. Great work again Creed!

Pros: Stupendously FRESH
Cons: Longevity could be better "

30th September, 2013
True story...

One day, while working for FedEx, I was walking through the hall in a building and could hear what sounded like someone running in high heels. The sound came closer and closer and finally stopped right behind me.

"Excuse me..."

I turned around to see a young, professional looking woman standing next to me.

"...I just needed to do this..." She continued.

She grabbed me by the shoulders, buried her face in my chest and inhaled deeply.

This was a woman I had never met in my life. From that moment on, I knew this fragrance was a keeper. I constantly receive compliments on this bad boy. It lasts all day and makes me feel extremely confident. A smell that I can only describe as a suit of armor filled with fruit salad(silly, I know). This is my wife's personal favorite on me; but since I told her the story of the high-heeled woman, I can only wear it when she is present as a chaperone. This does not do much to deter compliments and it drives her nuts. Cracks me up.

Bottom line: A must have fragrance.

Pros: Projection monster, longevity, compliment magnet
Cons: Kind of a little brother to Imperial"

07th September, 2013
My review of smw

Bought a sample just to see what all the hype was about all the fragrances from the house of creed, the top notes smells like printer ink and is harsh but mellows out after about 10minutes. I loved the smell of this fragrance but due to its poor longevity and projection I decided not to buy a full bottle.

Pros: Fresh
Cons: Expensive, Terrible longevity

30th June, 2013