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Negative Reviews of Silvestre by Victor

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I was determined to sample this; it sounded like the "holy grail" of pine scents...boy was it to be disappointed...

Cheap, sneeze-inducing, and very "household cleaner-like".

Aqua di Selva is far superior, even though I would personally award AdS nothing more than a neutral, and considering it's lack of lasting power, almost bordline with a thumbs-down.

On the other hand, I think the pervasive lasting of Silvestre was part of its downfall.

Spruce, Sandalwood, Cistus and Galbanum, a bit of Basil,and perhaps some Marjoram and Mint, with less Pine, could have balanced this perfume out more effectively.

Even if I this was marketed by Chanel, in classic Chanel bottle, with $170 put on the price tag, I would have declared loudly, to all in the perfumes department of David Jones, "This is abhorent, and smells cheap!"
06th December, 2007