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    Once upon a time there was a perfume named "Silvestre"

    The very "Silvestre" by Victor, Milano - oh, how I would like to get a flask of it !

    For the first time I smelt it in 1965 - a present from my gay friends in Berlin...

    Although I'm a woman, it's green scent accompagnied me from that moment on until 1992.

    Unfortunately, Victor stopped it's production and I never found an equivalent.

    This fragrance was like a poem for me which I'll never forget: strong and tender, wild and smooth...

    jj in the South of France

    13 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Often, Silvestre is compared to Pino Silvestre BUT, Silvestre was definitely richer smelling. This was launched by the house of Victor of Milano (Acqua di Selva, Fresca, and Victor). I used this way back in the 60's when I was still living in Milano. It was one of my favorites. To this day, I can still remember its wonderful scent in my head. Unfortunately, the house of Victor was taken over by another company and they have definitely "watered down" the original formulas. In actuality, when companies do this they are eventually going to "water down' their own profits, too. Never change a good thing !!

    04 May, 2009

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    In my quest for noble pine scents I treated myself to a discontinued treasure: Silvestre by Victor (aka G. Visconti di Modrone). I was not disappointed in my purchase, and consider this to be a highlight of my collection. I suspect that I’ve acquired a “vintage” bottle (from days gone by) the contents of which, although in fine condition, may have lost the bloom of youth. Like vintage wine, it may be that some of the lighter notes have retreated and the more solid and earthy notes have developed. So be it. What we have here is a big, woody scent – but a classy one. Pine and cedar notes, gratifyingly persistent, provide a very nice counterpoint to the rich musk and vetiver base. This is not floral at all, and projects a mature masculine austerity. It is a serious, deep fragrance; dark but not saturnine. This can be a powerhouse due to the incense and musk. If applied sparingly, it is an absolute winner in my opinion. So here’s my daydream as I wear it: I’m Marcello, dressed in a casually elegant suit. Having applied Silvestre, I drive my Bugatti to meet Sophia for lunch at a charming Roman cafe. There, we discuss our latest film project with Frederico. All that from a spritz of fragrance!

    21st February, 2007

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    This definitely lives in the same forest camp, if not exactly in the same tent, as those other sylvan soldiers Acqua di Selva, Pino Silvestre and Agua Brava. My provisional ranking: Acqua di Selva: Captain Calm; Victor's Silvestre: Lieutenant Worthy; Agua Brava: Sergeant Strange; Pino Silvestre: Private Dull but Brave.

    25 February, 2006

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    One of my all time favorites, a classical scent... hard to find ...

    09 March, 2005

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