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Neutral Reviews of Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

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Spanish Leather opens with lavender, bergamot, light aldehydes and a nice leather accord, soft, dense, tasty, played on a blend of oak moss, woods, cloves, perhaps sandalwood and some flowers (carnation?). I appreciate the effort to use an "old-school" approach to recreate leather instead of the infamous 2-3 aromachemical delivering nowadays' trendy dry-rubbery straightforward leather note. A simple and noble scent indeed, refined and bright, a bit close to Equipage at the very beginning, but more light, more soapy and also a bit more metallic. Sadly however the leather accord vanishes soon, leaving only the soapy-clean accord with a slight green-earthy base. Basically a normal (and even a bit plain and slightly artificial) "eau de cologne" formula. Decent but a bit disappointing.

20th June, 2014
A discreet, decently executed but "fragile" take on leather. This fragrance was finally a disappontment for me and a lost occasion. After a promising strongly leathery/smoky, aromatic and seasoned beginning indeed, Spanish Leather morphs in to a vague soapy rose-geranium (more geranium than rose in my opinion) and in to a more conventional, slightly barber-shop and powdery mossy-musky chypre with just a vague reminiscence of the true realistic leather. The note of patchouli stands at centrum of the stage, especially at the beginning which is strongly centered over an heady and masculine leather/patchouli accord. As well as it happens with the other scents of the brand (at least with those i personally tested) the aroma has a short durability even close to the skin.
25th January, 2013 (last edited: 13th June, 2014)
I purchased the gorgeous splash bottle trio of this, plus Eucris and Ajaccio Violets.

Spanish Leather: not what I expected, no leather, no churchy-barbershoppy vibe, but still very nice nonetheless. Just not what I expected, but that doesn't detract from its obvious quality and suitability for other people who, well, are not me.

I like it, but don't love it. It reminds me precisely of Imperial Leather soap (by Cussons), and smells far more like it that does the horrible Imperial Leather aftershave lotion available cheaply at supermarkets (it and the equally reprehensible Imperial Leather deo spray are huge disappointments).

Though, like Imperial Leather soap (which I remember as child was much, much, much creamier in lather and gentler on the skin, with a richer, stronger, more lingering fragrance), it lacks the character it had even a few years ago. It goes on just as strong, and in much the same way as Lagerfeld Classic (no connection), quickly (very) peters down to a mere imitation of its former, superior self.
20th July, 2012
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Leather here is slightly sweet, nothing rough and presents a light animalic tone at the background (perhaps someone can see here a certain air of habit rouge ).
I see a slight hint floral, some say to rose , but I see it more on the side of the lavender, which gives it a touch of clean, well groomed, in the barbershop style that gives the anis-lavender accord of Azzaro pour homme.
I feel it close to skin, very restrained and with a soapy evolution, from well early.
I think this is a good idea but no sot good execution.
18th January, 2012